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The Fly Takes a Siesta Day

My trading account is only populated with one stock and its an evil one: TZA. I am betting against America with 5% of my account and there is nothing you or any of your stupid friends can do about it. I actually just strolled into work now — almost 12pm. Can you believe it? I didn’t feel like working today, so I didn’t. Typically, under different conditions, I might force myself to “work hard” and be industrious. But today I felt like exercising and then eating an Acai bowl, enjoy the North Carolinian weather — while you northern monsters froze to death in front of computers — attempting to enrich yourselves by trading poorly.

Now that I am back in the saddle, I’ll get back to trading again — making it great. My Quant, which is fully invested, is higher by 1.5%. And, as you know, TZA is moderately higher. I chose TZA yesterday because I saw a major divergence between large and small caps. Small caps are lower by more than 1% today and I suspect, if I’m being perfectly honest with you, that I will eventually get FUCKED AGAIN on TZA if I don’t sell it soon. Betting against this farce of a market has been a fool’s errand.

I have no big revelations or galaxy thoughts now. We have a moderate market today and the only outlier is silver, off by 3.9%.

Back to work.

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