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Back to Trading Again; Nothing Will Ever Stop Me

Not even death. I’ve built Exodus and soon to be Stocklabs to survive my demise. It will trade long after I am dead. I’ve even made arrangements to replace myself, “The Fly”, with a successor who will carry the mantle of Le Fly 30-50 years after I am dead, to bring fruitful commentary and trades to a new generation of degenerate speculators.

As soon as I penned my last post, talking about how I would not buy stocks today, I bought stocks. So far, so good.

A few trades here, some there — all in the spirit of the times. I do believe, rather emphatically, we are living in end of days for markets. It won’t be long now until the wheels spin right the fuck off this chuck wagon and all of the participants crash neck first into the crevasse.

NASDAQ is +115. “The Fly” has work to do.


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  1. teslawasright

    Kill it Fly – sell the Benz and get a TRD Pro 4Runner + hammock Warbonnet black bird deluxe

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  2. charliehorse

    Glad we got through the first correction of this new bull market

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