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Avoiding the Chop — EXODUS CHAT IS DOWN, Due to Mystery

Innumerable stocks I owned yesterday are roaring higher today, as I am left with my dick in my hand and some TZA. Markets are gently lower, which means they will soon rise up and flame broil shorts. I do not think I will make a single trade today — plus StockLabs and Exodus are down today — and my IT is AWOL — no idea where he is in Germany now. Perhaps he’s eating some schnitzel and having a large frothy beer? I’d like to believe that. Why slave over a computer when you could be eating something greasy and getting drunk?

Parts of Exodus appears to be open, except the chat room where all of you trouble makers plot and scheme to bring down elections. Maybe it’s a good thing for you too. Get out there and smell the autumn skies and enjoy this Friday as a gift.

I, on the other hand, will keep busy — presently listening to Bach… was listening to Beethoven earlier.

My morning routine is somewhat unremarkable — coffee, croissant, maybe a phone call or two, and then classical music. I find voices to annoy me in the morning and there’s a reason why Bach and the greats are still listened to for centuries.

My hopes and dreams entail me resuming my trading greatness. Yesterday’s debacle kept me in bad spirits all day long into the night. Markets, as I can see, are already whipsawing around. This is caused by sell stops and HFTs fucking retail with their digital dick chopping guillotines. Truthfully, it’s best to avoid this chop and I only say that because I failed yesterday. Had I not failed, I’d be THE CHOP MASTER today, telling the world about my greatness.

The Dow is -55, NADAQ +15. No fucking idea where we head next.

I’ll get Pelican room back up as soon as Ze Germans materialize.

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  1. ericbakerbruce

    Message for Richard Weiner: Please update us on the Alf debacle.

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  2. snoozer

    my guess is we go higher today. Barring a tweet or news event.

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