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Happy Birthday From House Fly (Cleaning Hard and Good and Doing a Good Job Edition)

I woke up late today because I partied hard last night — being that today is my 43rd birthday and all. I scrubbed the floors good and hard, re-grouted them to look anew, and removed and replaced several drop down ceiling tiles in the basement. I was afforded the opportune to drink two beers while working, and I managed to cook some dinner on the grill. All was very acceptable.

Today there will be no time for slackers, nor persons of low productivity. First thing to do is to take heavy doses of allergy medicines and Dayquil — this way my body runs efficiently and cannot be interrupted by inconvenient bouts of sneezing. For every time that I sneeze, I could’ve accomplished one mop stroke across my floors.

After I am done with this blog and bowl of cereal, I will immediately wash the walls upstairs. I will wash them good and hard, dry them, and then wash them again — removing any semblance of browning that might exist. Then I will quickly wash the bathroom floors, the one’s that I re-grouted last night, making sure that there isn’t sand or hard pieces of grout left on the floor.

THIS JUST IN: The dogs smell horrible and need to be washed.

In case you’re wondering as to why I am doing these things, let alone on my birthday, it’s because I fired my cleaning crew and also because I’m selling my house.

There isn’t any time for slackers or persons of low productivity.


Off to scrub.

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  1. metalleg

    If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

    To celebrate your birthday, I too am busting my balls around my house. Never skim coated a wall before but today I’m a new man. In your honor of course.

    Have a very Happy Birthday.

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  2. goose20

    Happy birthday Fly!!

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