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This era will be viewed upon on par with the Dark Ages — an era ruled by malevolent and evil corporations trying to turn everyone into docile, to fall in line with their new world order thru the promotion of wanton degeneracy. Brave men, such as Le Fly, stood up to their tyrannical ways and had their libraries burned down as a result. All of our treasures, our culture and knowledge, wiped clean during the SECOND BURNING OF LIBRARY ALEXANDRIA in 2018.

With more than 3,200 ancient scrolls deleted and 26,000 subscribers told to ‘fuck off’, Youtube did this website a great injury by purging our channel. However, thanks to the help of some ancient scroll keepers, I’ve been able to recover a decent amount of video content, including some of “The Fly’s” cartoon series.

If you or anyone else in your neighborhood has any iBC video content on their servers, please email them to me and I will see to it that your name lives forever, affixed to the acquired video content.

See below.

Our new channel is here. I had intended to use this channel as a backup to our larger one — but now I think I’ll just store the ancient scrolls there. Plus anyway, I don’t have time to dick around with video content anymore. “The Fly” is a busy man with plenty of irons in the fire, unlike you.

Email me your ancient scrolls at Flybroker at gmail.com.

Thanks, pal.

As for stocks, we’re indicating -120 and those two faggots who bought my SOXS stand to make some coin today. It’s not that I don’t want them to make any money, but I really not have to think about it. I am sure they’ll pollute these halls today with their genius, describing how stupid I was to buy when I did and sell when I thought necessary. One day someone will teach these lads hard lessons and dislocate their entire jawbones from their heads.

On the plus side, I still own some DUST and gold is getting obliterated down more than 1.2% now — thanks to King Cock’d Dollar, higher by 0.6%.

WTI is +1% and Bitcoins are soaring to the upside.

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  1. cancel19

    It’s an honor assisting in restoring some of the ancient scrolls. We can’t have financial and trading humanity set back centuries because of some modern Neanderthals.

    Cancel19 aka Dyestuffs

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