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Andrew Left from Citron Research has ruined a perfectly fine day, shattering the hopes and dreams of millions of $NFLX shareholders. The stock is lower because he decided to shit on the shares. The stock is lower because Andrew Left is an evil man.

How does one deal with such adversity? One preservers. I feel for NFLX shareholders today, rangled and mangled to the tune of 3.8%, all the while its peers in the FAANG (pronounced FAAAAAAANG like in a goat’s accent) is cheerily lifting to all time record highs. Year to date, shares of NFLX are only higher by 66% — but I am told there are many reasons to keep the faith and HODL for more upside.

The Dow is off by 147, but that index is filled with old man stocks — companies that no one needs. As my teenage children like to tell me, ‘Dad, no one cares about that anymore.’ All we should care about is Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Facebook, and Google. But we do not really ‘care’ about Facebook, do we? Of course not. We merely tolerate it and really only care about their subsidiary Instagram, “The Gram” are they like to call it. The same could be said about Google. No one really appreciates Google, we merely take it for granted and instead enjoy its subsidiary YouTube.

It is a wondrous world and I’d advise you to steer clear of men like Andrew Left. He must be upset over a childhood incident. Perhaps someone forced him to eat a lemon for lunch one day and has been trying to return the favor ever since.

I know what many of you are thinking. The market is up a whole bunch over the past week and there are so many mixed signals leveling into a tape that has so many divergences. My Quant strategy is higher by a cheerful 0.4% today, invested alongside great American industry, while my SQQQ hedge in my trading account is lower by another 1.4%. That is tangible proof that to bet against the Nasdaq is to literally toss money, idly, into a sewer cap without regard for one’s family or personal well being.

Stop throwing money into sewer caps and stop following Citron Research on Twitter. Unfollow them right now!

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  1. it is showtime

    So much for your overnighyt orgy

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  2. numbersgame

    It’s now FAANNG.

    Like Netflix, crypto-proxy Nvidia usually trades at higher money-volume than Google, Microsoft, or Facebook even though it is actually a much smaller company by all measures.

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