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CEO of Moviepass CNBC Interview Causes Feverish Rally in Stock

Here’s the CEO of Moviepass, Mutch Lowe, discussing the prospects of his business.

We’ve been all over the stock in the Pelican Room inside Exodus.

My basis for HMNY is $17.5 and I am in no rush to close out this position. I believe it’s either a 10 bagger or a zero — the ultimate lotto ticket. While this rally is fun and it’s nice to see new people learning about the stock, it’s still very early and we won’t know the true penetration levels until next quarter’s earnings. I’m guessing that if subscription levels surpass 1 million by year end, the stock will be double the present value.

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  1. sarcrilege

    I’ll wait for Cramer to chime in on this $HMNY cuz Cramer’s informed and solid. And not a pumper.

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  2. derp

    That used to be a nifty day trader trick. Find out who is going to be on CNBC or FNC, buy that stock then trade it on the rally after they get off the tube.

    But then again GE used to be blue chip.

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