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Commodities Hammered; Stocks Rise

Markets had a superb day, rising nearly 90 NASDAQS, in spite of abject weakness in the commodity sector. I suppose the so called ‘reflation’ trade is on hold, as everything else melts higher?

Gold and silver were down 0.8% and 1.22%, respectively.

WTI was lower by 1.3% to $44.38.

Copper, being the sole outlier, was higher by 0.98%.

The action in stocks can only be construed as positive. Good news is good news. Bad news is good news. Until that changes, your allocation to the market should be long. More to that point, you shouldn’t bother with laggards, since markets are hitting new highs. Things in motion tend to stay in motion. New record highs beget more record highs.

Hence, and this goes without saying, pursuing an active portfolio that is based around ‘chasing alpha’ is the preferred and only viable allocation for a tape like this.

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  1. acehood

    Tech finna get smoked here

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  2. moonshot

    So you’re saying bet it all on 3X leveraged biotech ETFs?

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  3. it is showtime

    Gee, I think this rise is supposed to make bears uncomfortable. gee

    At this point?? At this level when +140 dow is just over Half a percent??

    It’s the dumbdown citizenry that should be uncomfortable. laugh-a-loud


    Thanks manipulators for revealing a complete bullshit monday

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  4. clock

    These markets are clearly being
    manipulated. Question is…by

    Expect a great recession within
    a year or so. o(^_^)o

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