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S&P Futures Rise on Potential World War 3 Happenings

Happy Father’s Day lads. I hope many of you enjoyed your time with loved one and got BBQ and drink some cheap swill like all god fearing Americans.

Over the weekend we learned that Trump was playing 4d chess with the media, when he said he was under investigation. Apparently, that was fake news. He is not under investigation, so deal with it. Also, and for the first time ever, US forces shot down a Syrian fighter over the ISIS capitol of Raqqa — who was, allegedly, trying to kill off some ISIS dogs.

On news of this exciting new neocon development, S&P futures are rising, currently up 5.5 and Nasdaq futures are +22.

Asian markets are rising, led by the Hang Seng, +0.95%.

If only Russia would retaliate and draw some blood on our side, I am sure the neocon war machine will sweep right into WW3 mode, fucking wiping Moscow off the map. The possibility of these happenings have Wall Street circle jerking for more. The more war the better. The ultimate sacrifice, the blood of the working class man, is what’s needed to spread our brand of crony capitalism, ushering in an era of environmentally friendly dystopia — distorted through the faux lenses of democratic choice. Your optionality has been limited, my good plebs. Nevertheless, I look forward to overseeing this ordeal unfold of the coming months and years.

You’ve never had it so good. Prepare for something worse.

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  1. sarcrilege

    Right, WW3, …let the depopulation cycle commence. But wait! Who then will buy your stawks from you and make you rich….?

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  2. ironbird

    Orange God.

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  3. clock

    “”The Fed will buy them.””

    Yes; and with a cheaper dollar….and the Fed will
    buy (all stocks) with a lower per share price. o(^_^)o

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