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Markets Set to Surge

We’re halfway through June and I’ve got to say, this isn’t half bad. While the political scene is a chaotic fucking mess, the markets have a mind of their own. For veterans out here trading equities, this is a paradigm that takes getting used to. Markets have never been so docile. The lack of violence in the market is somewhat bewildering and humorous. Most curmudgeons simply smirk and say, ‘wait until this shit-show ends. All of these fucking kids will be on the streets broke, cracked in half by the inherent evilness of the market.’

Well, we haven’t had a ‘super cool’ pullback in more than a year. After Trump got elected, there was a brief moment of ecstasy, but that fell flat. You’re just gonna have to live in a world without pullbacks and deal with it. NOTHING can stop stocks from heading higher, generally speaking. On a more intimate level, there are a thousand ways till sunday to fuck up — such as buying into retails, oils or any dozen of the other murderholes hidden under the beautiful veneer of indices at ‘record highs.’

As of Friday, I sold out of all of my gold, added 5% to TLT and 5% to my equity exposure. I am 70% long equities, 10% TLT and 20% cash. My stocks are assured to trade higher in today’s tape, which is indicating +40 NASDAQS, because mathematical precision. I do not need to worry about outliers or having a bad day, because I’ve honed my skill set to the point that I literally know the future. Some of you pretend to know the future, but I fucking know it — you stupid shits.

Having said that, enjoy today’s early morning breeze. I hope your dogs didn’t shit all over your rugs again.

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