Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Futures Are Doing Fantastic This Morning

Nasdaq futures are up almost 20 this morning–very exciting. Citibank reported better than expected earnings, PANW was upgraded, and YELP defended for being the bastion of organic growth that it is. What can go wrong?

I am looking forward towards a fun filled day of profit, without any sell offs or “profit taking.”

To celebrate this event, I’ve ordered a single waffle this morning for breakfast, alongside my usual protein rich Greek yogurt.

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  1. xxxHuggieBearxxx D.P.M
    xxxHuggieBearxxx D.P.M

    Sure, what could possibly go wrong?

  2. The Fly

    Don’t tell anyone that Friday’s PPT oversold signal might prove to be profitable again. It might upset the trolls.

  3. Badduck

    Sick bounce in FEYE so far up 2.5%. Cmon bears, pound this thing, fair value is .05

  4. jose mann

    all in – fucking FireEye !!!

  5. TraderCaddy

    Hope it wasn’t an Eggo.
    If it was frozen go with Van’s 8 Whole Grains Multigrain.
    By the by, they now make cream cheese made from Greek yogurt to go with your Brooklyn style bagel (less fat and 4x the protein).

    • Bill


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  6. jules

    So $FEYE is now Blackeye. Nice one Jimbo!

  7. Bad moon rising

    All going to end in tears again …

  8. Juice

    love the pic .. great movie, great actor

  9. Curious

    Fly, have your losses exceeded 50% yet, gotta be close

  10. FryGuy

    Only a waffle and a greeked yogurt? Did you start cutting?

  11. No One

    All up from here
    S&P to 2500
    Naz to 5000

  12. Curious

    Fly, how much are you down ytd, its gotta be a huge number considering your top picks

  13. TheHarper

    the Jew Hunter! How I adore his antics.

  14. Rong Xu


    I woke up to visions of YELP at 67 by the afternoon. Blessed are the ones who buy YELP.


    Rong Xu

  15. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    Oh my YELP

  16. Jeremy

    SPLK really holding strong today. If we are lucky, it could be 63.75 by this Friday.

  17. KRUSH

    The market has bequeathed upon you a very dire and sterne warning sir. Be wary, you are wandering into open manholes

  18. Curious

    Fly, even with todays action you have lost a lot of money this year, im sure if you had any real clients (which we all know u dont) they have moved their money elsewhere when they found out what you were buying with it

  19. J Livermore

    I thought my computers froze until I realized it was just today’s price action.

  20. Curious

    fly, how much do you bench, i bet its under 150

  21. The Fly

    Jermey sounds like a little bitch that needs to get his ass beat by the likes of me

  22. Las Vegas John Taffer
    Las Vegas John Taffer

    Hello gentlemen, its time for a little chat

  23. fuckboy

    hey fly, why u such a little fuck boy

  24. Halfbloodpope

    I am curious as to what makes you so curious?

  25. Curious

    Im curious why you have a vagina and not a dick

  26. Jennifer

    alright boys, time to get these yams clappin, who wants to glaze dem thangs wit dat sauce

  27. longview


    We’re now (some) comparing/bragging/lying about how much we bench press?

    Let’s get it over with and just go straight to penis size. Mine’s no python…but you’d guessed that.

  28. Jennifer

    ive got ten solid inches