Saturday, April 30, 2016
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  1. Your erection gives me an erection.

  2. So, has RBCN gone homo?

  3. MCP there ya go

    • preferred As were a nice capture play in the a.m. with the 5/13 exdiv – 24% q – but 22.30s was where to get them. too risky at ths point.


    Wait for it

  5. Fly…your writing style never stops amazing me…Your “Devil” blog sounds just like him…Priceless dude…

  6. QRM if ya really want to play in the mud..this group alone can squeeze that turd up to 1.00

  7. lucked out with WCRX – bought a while back on valuation and the upcoming semi-annual dividend. Didn’t expect the buyout news. Up 15-20% today. But hell a buyout would be quite a bit higher? Any advice – hold or sell? Hate to be a pig but also hate to sell half or all if she may may got into the low 20s with a buyout. And the semi-annual divy is in a couple of weeks. Hmmm?

  8. also, as far as IPOs, accumulating Q at 42 and like NBCB if it drops to its IPO price of 24. May get there, thinking of buying some before the end of the day at 24.26 if that ends up being the line.

  9. WLT all in baby…big insider buying this month plus a nice div to wait for the fireworks to begin