Sunday, December 4, 2016
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I went long ANFI, a dubai based producer of rice and other such luxuries. It’s still below its ipo price and it’s based out of Dubai. Meaning: those circle heads have zero interest in looking like jackasses. With 25% of the shares sold short and half the world starving, I like my chances here long.

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  1. sahib

    So you’re a coal and rice man

  2. spinner

    So you’re a HTCH man.

  3. Marc David

    How many dead-hang pullups can you do Fly?

  4. charles c

    heads up,if anyone wondering if option addict isnt greatness,,just sold ILMN bought at 49.15 sold 72

  5. Doug Kass

    NOW, the market has seen it’s highs for the year!

  6. Mr.Partridge

    I sold my Lulu and UA and Deck and M… My pretty ass portfolio is gone. I am sad now 🙁

  7. Mr.Partridge

    Nbg has an erection (no homo) Greek style

  8. fake amish

    Vice is about to expose the chinese ghost cities to the american citizen. Time to buy china and short the spy? The american ghost diplomas(trillion dollar wasteland) story must be a year or two away.

  9. Ohthe BOMB

    The world is DROWNING in grain. Corn prices are expected to have a $3 handle later this year, down from $9 last year.

    And India is using more and more high-yielding rice varieties as they are developed.

    Amira deals in expensive long-grain specialty rices, and may in fact be a good buy.

    But this has little to do with “world starvation”

    • Heaterman

      As the farmers around here always say, “You never know what you got til it’s in the barn”.
      120 days and then we know about 3 buck corn.

    • The Fly

      I know. It’s tongue in cheek. Don’t you know me by now?

  10. Testicules

    For the last DOZEN Years or so we keep seeing massive Floods, Typhoons,Tornados, Hurricanes, Sunamis, blights, droughts,Wild Fires, bugs and drowned Polar Bears

    In short?
    I have complete FAITH in Mother Nature’s Wrath to cleanse the Earth of all irritations

    I’ma BUYER of lows

  11. Merlin

    Dubai? The float is a huge 9 million shares…..what about your reluctance to enter such shallow waters? Personally, I am a steel driving man….steel driving man.

  12. TraderCaddy

    How about MOS as a “food” trade?
    I did get a positive signal today.
    I went to the Rays ball game today with my wife and the first 10,000 women got a Rays logo flower pot sponsored by MOS.
    Good as any other signal.