Monday, December 5, 2016
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The Mohicans, the Last of Them

The only sector that hasn’t bounce yet are the shippers. Forget about the fundies for a minutes and acknowledge this is a ball busting tape–designed to punish and maim bears to the end.

The following shipping stocks should be looked upon, expected to climb in the face of horrific day rates.


Because they can.

TRMD already exploded.

FRO is my favorite and here are the others:







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  1. chivo

    I flew non-stop from Trenton to FLL on FRO. It was a nice flight.

    Oh wait

  2. Da Doctor

    I take it you dislike the whore GNK as you neglected to even mention its name.

  3. RaginCajun

    Education plays too #Mohicans

  4. mjolnir

    NNA – no whore

  5. Spud

    You forgot the F on VLCCF

  6. flicker

    This comes under the heading of NOW WHAT THE HELL DO THEY DO?

    Clearsign Combustion Corporation (Clearsign) designs, develops and markets technologies. Clearsign’s combustion technology includes Electrodynamic Combustion Control (ECC). Clearsign’s technology consists of four components: a computer, software delivering algorithms, a power amplifier (resident outside the combustion chamber) and electrode(s) (inside the combustion chamber). ClearSign’s Electrodynamic Combustion Control technology uses computer-controlled, high-voltage electric fields to manipulate the movement of electrically charged molecules (ions) that are a natural product of the combustion process. The Company has designed and/or built several prototype systems: a small bench-top configuration of 5,000 British thermal units/hour, and a larger system of 25,000 British thermal units/hour with optical access to give direct visual and infra-red observation of flame shape and heat transfer via calorimet

  7. Casey

    Did u read that Bloomberg article on the new mega ships coming from Asia. Bigger and better fuel standards
    They said rates will come down even more

  8. jbran

    If this list climbs then so will $SFL, which is also owned by Fredriksen. $SFL leases $FRO’s ships, and yields 9%.

  9. Omeizer

    Why isn’t NMM on the Tomahawk list?

  10. snoozemr

    i’m not rweady for the shippers yet, but stay away from DRYS – that f**ker always screws his shareholders. Always. Plenty of others there, ISH, TOO, TNP, SSW – hell they have a preferred C, TDW, NMM… wouln’t recommend any at this point as I haven’t studied the shippers much in a couple of years. Was once a great trade – will be again – think it is still a bit early. just stay away from dryship and natty dread. pernnial losers.