Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Late Night Warnings

You have approximately 30 years of quality, mature, living. Do not waste it by arguing about things that are beyond your control.

I am not asking you to do this: it is an order.

As you know, the good folks over at iBankCoin have all readers under surveillance. We are watching your every move. Violators will be punished by paralyzation, placed into wheeled chair, sent yonder over the cliff, directly into sewer pipe.

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  1. The Pirate

    Michael Savage lows the lid offf Boston incident:

  2. The Pirate

    sorry thats ‘blows’. Savage exposes the Boston incident and criticizes liberal America’s political correctness…

    • Ohthe BOMB

      “Our government” failed us by not inspecting and shutting down the Texas fertilizer company that killed 14.

      “Our government” failed us by not inspecting and closing down the ski resorts where 12 have dies in avalanches in ’13.

      “Our government” failed us by not inspecting and closing down hospitals where 100,000 die every year from infections.

      “Our government” fails us by allowing MORONS like Michael Savage to use public air ways.

      • FXTRADEX6

        Right. There’s this thing called having to commit an actual crime before you can be arrested. This guy points out the FBI interviewed such and such BEFORE they went and did something. They wern’t arrested because there was no evidence of a crime being committed. What a jackass.

        • Mad_Scientist

          savage is indeed mistaken, but the point he is missing and which he should be making is that the FBI should have been tracking people like nidal hassan and this guy tsarnaev. If the patriot act isn’t for that, then what is it for?

  3. charlie

    Enjoying Game of Thrones I see. He’s one of my favorite characters so far.

  4. charles c

    only 30 years huh?ok junior

  5. JV

    There’s a bull market in candlelight vigils.

  6. WilyMike

    There has been talk lately about slow growth/disinflation and while most reputable bloggers aren’t making predictions they have discussed the possibility in theoretical terms. A few things we might expect to see in that environment would be weakness in matierials, fx devaluations due to countries seeking a larger piece of a stagnant pie, yield chasing, and demand for securities in safe harbor countries. KOL FCX GLD SLX CAT show just this, with 3 year charts indicating serious concerns among investors. Japan’s actions will surely devalue the yen, and Australia’s govt is blaming its currency for for ite deficits. XLP is acting like a growth stock, and demand seems to be there for all things American, with the strengthening dollar and rising debt and equity markets. I also will not make a prediction, however , this is basically a template for my current portfolio. My holdings include YCS DXJ CLP XLP IBB, not because of future concerns but because they are working now. I am holding a good amount of cash out of respect for an apparent topping process, no guarantees there since demand for US stocks is intense, with any potential sellers realizing they will be forced to buy back in (Ben’s plan).

  7. TraderCaddy

    Do the 30 years start from birth or at some other age?
    I need to know where I stand in the quality of my life.
    PS Did anybody read the Barron’s article yesterday about gold mining companies? My Publix doesn’t sell it anymore so I can’t get my “free” read in the wine aisle and I bought some GDXJ last week (ave. about 11.92) because it’s now ridiculous and I expect mergers.

  8. WilyMike

    Forgot to mention my short position in FCX, more shorts may be added in that spot, and I am watching gold for another move lower.

  9. shipwrecked&alone

    References to standard ibankcoin membership hazing requirements: 1.taped to a wheelchair, set ablaze and rolled down a hilly street passing motorists or 2.crawl thru one mile of sewer pipe with a bag of yr belongings tied to yr leg.

  10. Blind Read Ant

    “To be the Man, you must be The Man.”

    V,King 12:12

  11. lackey

    Hey Fly

    eat shit

  12. lackey

    Go short more silver fuckwadd

  13. flyaway18

    Maybe you have never spoken to a 50-something female about life in the 50s, so I will clue you in on something. This decade should be among the best in you and your spouse’s lifespan. The kids are grown, and you and your spouse are free to re-discover each other so to speak. The minimum times per week people my age should be having sex is once a week. One other little tidbit, and trust me this works. I saw this about two years ago on Good Morning America when they had a segment on couples in their 50s and sex. Hug your partner for at least 60 seconds. Hugging is supposed to get the two of you back to feeling intimate with each other. I am telling you it works!

    • Po Pimp

      At 50 it’s time to trade in for a newer model. Actually at 30 it’s time to upgrade but I’m being generous here.

    • Mister Jinx

      Nobody wants to hear about you having sex with your mid-50s wife. I know I’ll be in that boat someday, but I just don’t want to pay it the slightest mind.

  14. Clock

    …a nice sing along 😀