Thursday, December 8, 2016
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Stuck in Place

Stop with the cynicism, with regards to the recent terrorist event. Turning it into some sort of inscrutable ruse to strip away freedoms for political purposes makes you look like a slack-jawed ape– with your mouth wide open and your eyes as empty and dumb as a set of testicles.

I made a small amount of money today, because I am mostly cash and HDGE. I own KMB, WM, PEP and CHD, which did great, but they’re such a small part of my holdings, I’d be remiss to brag about them.

My “core holdings” are FRO and GTAT. It’s truly funny that those words were just written by me. I cannot trace back to the time when I thought to myself “Fly, that’s exactly what you should do. Make FRO and GTAT your core holdings.” My position is one of disbelief; but I must carry on, for the sake of the people and the extravagant living mannerisms of a one Mrs. Fly.

If it was up to me, I’d probably live in the woods somewhere, grow a thick beard and do pull ups off a tree all day, in between breaks where I’d murder animals and eat their flesh.

I have a lot of stocks that I am willing to buy, none of which come with instructions to buy on a sleepy Friday afternoon when the entire city of Boston is under martial law because a crazy 19 year old terrorist in on the loose.

I’ll wait for better prices.

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  1. Agatsu Mike

    If you did live (squat) in the woods, grew a thick beard, did pull ups on branches, and eat animal flesh… you’d probably have a wolf-dog companion. Unless the cops already nabbed your dog after he mauled some stranger’s pet upon straying into your camp. Then you’d be really sad. I’d see it in your eyes each time we’d pass…

  2. tm

    I can’t believe that they haven’t found this kid yet. One theory is that he took a bullet or two, and eventually bled out while hiding in an idle storm drain.

    On a side note, who looks at JNJ/PEP/VZ and says, goddamn, what a great time to buy! Their charts look rediculoso maximo.

  3. ottnott

    I disagree, Fly. This bombing incident is the final straw. We need to start profiling and pull the dangerous segment of people out of the general population.

    They’ll probably have to enlarge Guantanamo a little to accommodate all U.S. males between 14 and 70, but security demands it.

    • The Fly

      Har har har

    • Ohthe BOMB

      Oh bullshit. 30,000 killed every year with guns, and we have a shit hemorrhage over 3 dead from “terrorism”.

      Lock down that fuckin’ fertilizer factory where management killed 11.

      And get those Boston Keystone Cops off overtime.

    • The Eye-Talian Stallion
      The Eye-Talian Stallion

      Put all non-white males between the age of 15 and 35 in jail and the murder rate will instantly drop by 86%. And as 0bama likes to say, if it just saves one life, it’s worth it.

  4. Belly of the Beast
    Belly of the Beast

    Billions of Chinese; not a single one blowing up over here ……. Bilions of Indians; not a single one popping …….. Billions of British; not a single one with a vest ……… Billions of

  5. Walter Zimmerman
    Walter Zimmerman

    I started some FXP……I am down 6.5%. However, I am not easily discouraged – I shall hang on and on until I have victory. China is a freak’n’ house of cards.

  6. WilyMike

    Lord Fly, this is a time for you and all Great Leaders to save the People. For there is a plague defiling our nation, which few are brave enough to address. It has not escaped my attention that the perpetrators of the latest bombings are caucasions, white men if I may be so bold. Which is what they have in common with other mass murderers in our fine country. They are also obviously dorks. It is time for the federal government to be petitioned, we should demand a solution be found to the scourge of violent dorkism in our United States. As a white man, it pains me to ask the following questions: Are dorks limited to the white race, men in particular, and,if not, why are the dorks of other races comparatively non-violent? At the minimum, these people should pass background checks before they are allowed to purchase bomb making materials, as well as an outright ban on certain bomb materials, if efforts to improve thier mental health should fail. God help us, violent dorkism and its white enablers must be brought to task.

    • DaveyNC



      • WilyMike

        Urkel, though a fictional character, would be an excellant example for at-risk school age children. Non-whites could be encouraged to “come out of the closet” and express any latent dorkish behavior, and young white kids could see that living like a dork need not end in violence. Though dorkism is not for me, I see nothing “wrong” with it, but I fear misunderstandings by other races could push white men to the margins of society. Internment camps and confiscation of sportsman’s legitimate bomb-making materials could quickly follow.

    • Po Pimp

      Seung-Hui Cho would say hi if he wasn’t dead.

      • WilyMike

        I’m sorry to hear that, I didn’t realise that he had passed, or that he had lived. My condolences to your family.

        • Po Pimp

          Ever heard of Virginia Tech, dumbass? Use the google machine if you still don’t get it.

        • WilyMike

          Sir, surely, you do not expect the world to keep up with your family tree. I am shocked and saddened that you would be related to one so harsh but I simply have not the time to keep up with names of mass murderers and other such tripe, preferring to spend it in more important ways befitting a cultured man of my status. I did not wish to be rude. Good day.

  7. Ohthe BOMB

    The public is actually PAYING FOR these thousands of Keystone Cops falling all over themselves?

    I can’t wait to see the cop with a 12-foot two-by-four swinging it around and cold-cocking a few of Boston’s finest.

  8. buylo

    isn’t Fly like a Chechen name?

  9. fake amish

    All is well. Someone picked up a fucking telephone and alerted the thousands of officials that the scumbag was in the backyard. Thanks to the thousands of officials the call was taken on time. After recieving the call a few of the thousands of officials did the job.

  10. asteroids

    By all rights today should have been a down day, but $4B in free money will levitate the dead. I bet next Tues will be harsh. Boston will be forgotten by then. Europe or some other shit will blow up.

  11. WilyMike

    BTW Lord Fly, I have a house in the woods as well as a thick beard, and I very much enjoy the hunting of woodland animals and the eating of thier hickory-smoked flesh. It is good for the soul, a metaphoric expression of my activities in the markets, where the punishment I inflict on those who would bet against my judgement goes unseen. My activities thereof are often curtailed by need for income as well as a lack of high speed internet.

  12. shipwrecked&alone

    “If it was up to me, I’d probably live in the woods somewhere, grow a thick beard and do pull ups off a tree all day, in between breaks where I’d murder animals and eat their flesh.”
    Mr. Fly, are you spying on me?

  13. Testicules

    Just to be clear:

    White Women emerging from teen-hood often become social misfits and act out upon Society as well…. Easily identified by “Official” uniforms worn resembling overalls and work boots.
    We call them The Lesbian Horde and they protest publicly baring hairy armpits and unshaven mustaches waiving discarded (recycled) Pizza Boxes with messages of Hate scrawled in crayon/ eye shadow/lipstick finger paints

  14. WilyMike

    My good Testicules, certainly, these young women are merely frustrated by the lack of acceptable men. The smoothness of a refined Gentelman’s touch is what they crave, which I will happily provide, along with well-intentioned spankings and razors.

  15. h grummond

    Good Grief Wilymike
    Blanche on Golden Girls coined these phrases in the 80’s

  16. Mr. President

    ya bish