Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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The Apple Trump Card

This morning’s housing data was good, but not good enough. Moreover, the vagrants over at TOL missed earnings. The result is a broad pullback in housing related stocks, contributing to my demise.

I’m enjoying losses, across the board–most readily abundant in USG and BZH. To add insult to injury, the stupid farmer genre has gone rogue and ran over yours truly with a tractor. Shares of MOS are sharply lower, off the stupid CF numbers.

As you can see, I am on “vacation”, enjoying the day with large capital losses. Of course I will make back all of the losses and more. I’ve done my homework and feel confident that it is a mathematical impossibility to lose money until after tax collection day. Therefore, there isn’t any cause for concern, only plots and schemes to take more money from short sellers.

Unbelievably, NFLX is about to break $200. Everyone counted them for dead, save Carl’d Icahn. Now Zombie NFLX has gone haywire on short sellers, eating their principal without pause.

One thing for you to acknowledge is this market is at new highs, despite AAPL being down 25% from its highs. This would’ve been unthinkable last year. Since 2009, every single crisis set bears up for a massive short squeeze. I see no reason to believe the crisis in AAPL won’t resolve itself, trapping all of the people who are shorting it now, as well as derivative plays CY, CRUS and ZAGG.

When APPL recovers, just like FB and NFLX, the nasdaq is going to rip higher, sending tech stocks to new, unbelievable, heights.

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  1. The Pirate

    Argggggh (says the Pirate), crappier then the SS.(Sh-t Ship) Triumph this shipwreck is matey… Are ye gonna abandon ship with $MOS or stay on board and hpe the shorts walk the plank?

  2. The Fly

    Not sure yet

  3. bobbin4apples

    CCL breaking it’s $36.00 support is fun to watch.

  4. MFalke

    Speaking of tech squeezes, RSH has been setting up a mighty fine squeeze on that 34% short interest.

  5. ruggyup

    The market does what the market does. So, blind eyes and paralyzed vocal cords ignore the ChiCom doing what they do better than we do. They are beating our cyber asses to a pulp for farmers to use a stock feed and further ding our ag stocks. Stuff that in your Chinese cyber man purse.

  6. juice

    looks like VHC slowly tightening the screws up on the shorties

  7. clegger_2000

    LL word to the mother.

  8. The Child Of God

    Sir Fly,

    Yesterday I was rudely accused of recommending an investment in silver. If I am to buy a metallic based “asset” it will be the finest of metals. Preferably Platinum or Rhodium (also known as the gentleman metal) .

    If you follow the link provided at the top of this comment you will see that I was commenting on Maxwell Technologies. At the time of the comment the stock price was $8.20. Last trade $10.26.

    I see the stock going to $14.

    I appreciate the blog and wish you the best of luck with your hugeballsian leveraged portfolio.

  9. flyaway18

    I’m still holding RIG and DECK, ELLI and picked up CY after seeing an insider buy in the high $9s. My grampa stock, GE, has been awesome and I see Keith McCullough has been waiting to buy it; wonder what his entry point might be…

  10. Freddy Fishsticks

    Isn’t the short interest on AAPL like 3%?

  11. Cascadian

    Don’t wait to buy.

  12. Cascadian

    Buying VOD on this dip. I’m gonna go Euro– their austerity is a better long term program than is our profligate stimulus Weimar Republicanism.

  13. Raise taxes, Raise spending
    Raise taxes, Raise spending

    FB, NFLX are service companies, APPL is a hardware company. Completely different industries.
    APPL needs to find another home run product but there doesn’t seem to be one on the horizon.