Saturday, December 10, 2016
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My Legacy Positions Are Almost Gone

I sold out of EXK, effectively winding down all of my old, legacy positions sans VHC, FB and a few olde manned positions. The month of December was a very dark period for me and I am glad to move past it. I’m not proud to keep booking losses, but it’s better to get done with them instead of letting them fester.

As of right now, my #1 thesis trade is long Japan. Of course I am looking for new ideas and have missed out on plenty of superb ideas that have run past me, such as the recent cocaine gorilla run in casinos.

It appears Mr. Loeb took down a 9% stake in HLF, despite Bill Ackman’s 300 page report–panning it as a ponzi scheme. I am sure we will all find great entertainment in watching two spoiled rotten billionaires battle it out over a nefariously run multi-level marketing company.

Homebuilders are running higher and I’m pissed off for booking a quick gain in BZH. I am reexamining my options in the space.

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  1. ceazar

    you cop A$AP’s newest yet?

  2. Cascadian

    Still have Honda?

  3. AJR

    Tory Burch IPO

  4. Mr. President

    Check how my TITN’s been doing…

  5. Vertigo

    LNN has become a monster

  6. The Child Of God
    The Child Of God

    Check out

    I believe this is a tech company with a product that will sell on a global scale.

    It also happens to look good when browsing the charts.