Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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If you run a blog and want some honest, often brutal, feedback– what’s working (or not) about your style– post a link to your cesspool in the comments section.

Attention readers:

If you really, really like a new blog (or old one), post the link and I will be grading it shortly.

I’ve done this before and it was a lot of fun. I’m not doing this to simply make fun of my peers who write poorly, bad syntax and grammatical sins, but to expand my own library of links. Throughout the day I am too busy managing money and polishing these halls to notice any new bloggers out there.

Don’t be bashful. There’s a good chance I’ll be “hiring” a few new bloggers soon, so fire away.

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  1. IClickButtons

    I would start a blog about the shit I go through as well as trading if I knew it had a shot to be hired by Le Fly.

  2. The Once and Future Rhino
    The Once and Future Rhino

    Can you shed mine to pieces? I feel as though I’ve reached a plateau.

  3. Eradke

  4. The Fly

    I will publish reviews tomorrow night.

  5. Zach Ringer

    My comments aren’t posting, so I apologize if you receive 3 others.

    I started my blog a few weeks ago on my market analysis/commentary to help me network and get a job after I graduate in May. I’d love some brutally honest feedback.

    The post titled “Wait…Normal Markets Really Exist?!” was included in the Reformed Broker’s daily linkfest the day it was published. Thanks!


    Feel free to review my blog

    Just be aware I haven’t posted in Feb because I was on a very extended vacation in the tropics that ends tomorrow.

  7. charlie

    Only a few trading blogs joined my daily reads feed in 2012. bclund is one of them. Also, you’re on his blogroll.

  8. Phileo99

    not my blog, but one that I have started following recently. Harder to find quality blogs about market sentiment these days.

  9. theedge111

    Alrighty Fly

    Free reign to take shots. Don’t post much but I had a lot of traffic back in the day.

  10. Marc David

    I’d be honored to receive some honest feedback from the Blog Father.

  11. JTU

    DECK-UPDATE: Wedbush Downgrades Deckers Outdoor (DECK) to Neutral Ahead of Q4 Results (Fuckers!)

  12. Mitchell Brown

    Please rate our blog. Thanks

  13. Mitchell Brown

    Please rate our blog Thank you

  14. Chris C

    Even though it is not finance and I have just started, would love (at least welcome) candid feedback on

  15. T-Bird

    Not finance either. My running/workout music blog:

  16. Romeo Fayette

    Because I have a freakin job and mouths to feed, I post only when I have something to say. I use my Twitter/Stock Twits feed in the bottom right of the site to add additional comments (mostly single stock notes, as opposed to broad market) that don’t warrant full form articles.

    I’d love Le Fly’s feedback–it’s like asking Ozzie Guillen for his honest opinion (when he was good at what he did… and before he got fat).


  17. Rick

    Please review my blog. Sports betting and market swing trades


  18. MUNCHmarketsbarandgrill

    This is a trap!

  19. The Sax

    I’ve been following this blog for the pure comedic “train wreck” factor. I have often imagined the great many ways Le Fly would rip this blog. Now that Fly abstains from foul language, I wonder if it’s even possible to give this blog the full review it so richly deserves? Please look closely, because the great many ways this blog is terrible are not immediately obvious (hint: look at the favicon for a glimpse at what I mean). I humbly request the full force of “The Fly” be brought to bear on:

  20. Thewife
    Just started. Thanks for taking the time.

  21. AB
    Time for the fly to bend over…

  22. i Bergamot

    I’m shaking in my boots.
    Fly himself on my blog? Buckwheats…

    Why Bergamot?
    iBergamot takes the goodness of a small yellow fruit into digital fields of 21st Century. Thru rigorous genetic engineering and regiment of contrast showers, i-Bergamot treats gambling fever, computer worms, over-trading anxiety and depression caused by disregarding stop-losses.
    More tea Vicar

    Thank you

  23. I Seek Alpha

    Will you please rate the bubble that is Financial Blogging?

  24. Jerod McDaniel

    Can’t wait to hear what you think, thanks.

  25. Nyctrader

  26. sovatrades — transitioning to iBC for small/micro cap bankage.

  27. Destiny

    Up for a review,….just not sure if I can take it.