Monday, December 5, 2016
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The Laggards

In an effort to catch lightening in a bottle, I’ve been working–concocting almost–schemes to find laggards stocks in under owned industries, using screens inside of The PPT. It’s not so simple, as chaff regularly finds its way into the theatre–not so much different from some of my favorite broadway playhouses.

Without further delay, I’ve taken the liberties to post the chart of 15 laggards. Do with them as you like.
















Are you a buyer of any of these names?

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  1. chivo

    Fly must be off his rocker to consider a mining company or the VXX ..

  2. DaveyNC

    Watching EXK, but not buying yet. VMW, too.

  3. Mr. Partridge

    I am not a buyer of any of these, prefer to stick with 52 week high old man stocks… and there are so many out there.

    • The Fly

      I agree. These are long shots. But look at solar. I do regret not taking the leap of faith on some of those bastards.

      • Mr. Partridge

        yes, but I would have sold it already if I had it – too much too fast… regretfully I have missed solar trade completely ..
        hardest thing for me now is to hold, I try not to open a couple of my portfolio so I don’t sell in excitement..

  4. DJMarcus

    fte and vmw…. no? vmw looks attractive on growth, chart looks like death tho… fte has to be considered for that div, no?

  5. snoozemr

    VXX is always going to zero, cept when the XIV is going to zero. I’m waiting for some trigger loaded events and will at some point partake – although holding out for a few more signs from the gods, and perhaps a 4x reverse split?

  6. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    VMW – NO – Would a CFO rather pay $2500 per processor for VMW’s product or $0 for MSFT Hyper-V ?

    Miners – NO – The G8 has decided to devalue their currencies while debasing commodities. 2013’s inflation rate is projected at 1.8% while maintaining >=2.1% GDP. This is all a concerted effort to pump liqidity into the market, the rich get richer, trickle down economics.

    AAPL – NO. It’s a dog this year, let it scratch it’s fleas.

  7. Rhino

    EXK has beaten me over and over with an oar made of petrified pickled hearing.

  8. RaginCajun

    PBR interesting here, no?

  9. STAugustine

    MLNX looks the most interesting – thx for the list

  10. Jacked Rabbit

    Currently long MLNX, which means you should short the Baby Jesus out of it.

    Look for junior miners who have cash for the next 12-18 months. If they can make it through, they could go up 3 to 10 times. None of these small time miners, though, are gonna get cash without giving up their control, or diluting you. Guess which one they are gonna pick.