Friday, April 29, 2016
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The market is never going down again. You can watch all you like, waiting for a pull back–but rest assured–it shall never happen. And more, you will dissolve into nothing–reduced to your beginning–a singular, fast swimming, sperm cell. Everyone is laughing at you for missing out on this this grandiloquent affair, even the men with tweed coats and monocles.

Your neighbours whisper secrets about you behind your back–because you’re stupid.

So many sectors did well today, especially large cap. Small capped stocks have broken out of their insane asylums and are now knifing their way higher.

Ten bucks says JMBA breaks $3.

My old man stocks are surging, especially PEP and KMB. This doesn’t have to be hard  and you do not need to be smart–just show up.

My play is Japan, asset managers and home construction. Your play might be marijuana, solar and chinese burrito stocks–THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE A GOD DAMNED VAGABOND without a home or purpose in life.

“The Fly” is self financing the first ever Orbital Space Cannon (OSC) to be used for offensive purposes, represented by the upper echelon civilian in the United States–an echelon that intends to vaporize whole cities by pressing a small, round, button.

Enough about me. What are you interested in financing (just kidding, I am not interested at all, not in the least).

For the day, I was down (0.22%). You  might be over there, smoking cancer from a menthol cigarette, wondering “how can a man, such as this Fly, speak to me in this bold manner whilst losing money?” The answer is simple: “The Fly” is in a constant state of winship. Therefore, down days are nothing more than vacations. Gratuitous loss of capital is good for my karmic balance. It helps to put things into perspective that when the wins re-accelerate to the upside, there can be nothing put in my path to derail or stop me from what is rightfully mine.

I dare you to try to take it from me.


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  1. Fly I thought the OSC program was on hold?

  2. Reduce your exposure dawg. I did my scan of 200 stocks and the only thing holding this market up is madness like NFLX LNKD and some other financials like GS.

    Everything else looks tired. Bulls are pressing their luck from this point on. Wouldn’t want to be overly long for another 20 S&P points to be caught in a down 2% day. Once we go down, we going down hard.

    The bigger they come the harder they fall.


  4. We will never go down again.

  5. It’s a bull market you know.

  6. may I ask what happened to lead you marginally lower today?

  7. LOL you teflon bulls will get your nuts on a cutting board and smashed with crab hammers

  8. Like your video today.
    I know it’s the second time you have posted it over the years.
    Lil’ TC made an appearance at about the 3:10 mark and I do believe that may have been Grandpa Fly at around 4:15 shoveling snow.

  9. Your play might be marijuana, solar and chinese burrito stocks–THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE A GOD DAMNED VAGABOND without a home or purpose in life.

    LOL. that’s pretty good.

  10. I want a horsy

    • Had one of those rocking horseys as a kid and would put it up against the couch and pretend to play NBA games with a basketball (2 pts if I could trap it between the horsey and the couch).
      Would announce my own games and recall Dave DeBusschere and Bill Russell shooting lights out (literally did knock a lamp and break it- no jello that night).

  11. the recent cold front that has visited my subtropic home is a plot portrayed by canadian terroist, given away by the sent of maple, driving our obese adolecsents bat shit at the mere thought of there favorite vegtable,(bacon). it got down damn near 50. so… mr. p cut it out.

  12. mxwl

  13. P.S. sold 1/2 bx today.

  14. The Plumber's Crack

    The market will only go down for 1 day after we take the old high on the
    DOW, which will happen this week.
    Then it’s off to the land of new heights.

  15. Dr. Fly says….
    “The market is never going down again. You can watch all you like, waiting for a pull back–but rest assured–it shall never happen.”

    Dr. Clock says….
    They said that in 2000 and in 2007 too

    • Dr who?

    • Dr. Clock need to be be not such a strict interpretationalist and work on he sense of humor

      • bears don’t have a sense of humour, come to think of it they don’t have a sense of anything : they have been numb since 2009

      • “The disconnect between weak economic fundamentals, ebullient investor sentiment and elevated stock prices form an unhealthy and potentially toxic cocktail,” said Doug Kass, head of Seabreeze Partners. ” I am as bearish on stocks as I have been in some time.” 😀

  16. What about a week frrom Friday when all the auto budget cuts happen? The market will go down hard the last few days till they reach some kind of agreement. Thoughts on this?

  17. Obama vs. the Coke Bros – almost as fun to watch as A v. I.

  18. Ben is the best magician I have ever seen.

    We remain in an outright depression but it doesn’t matter when he is dropping money from helicopters.

    Had a great day portfolio wise but I don’t believe logically in what is happening.

    Things are bad and getting worse but I’m sure not going to try and ruin it.

    • I completely agree. I TRADE stocks like TRP and PLM but it still makes me a bit sick. Of course, I also will not hesitate to short those bit**** when appropriate.

  19. Pickas for mature investors only .. form my investment portfolio… multi year hold:

  20. BRK-B is a great old man stock.

  21. Alright

    Go ahead and gut me. I haven’t written a lot lately but I had quite a nice following back in the day.