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  1. Scott Bleier

    How have I gotten this lecherous reputation???!!!

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  2. Rhino

    All I know is what the hell is EM? And, Wood for that matter?

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  3. JTU

    WETF – Inflows into ETFS
    2012 – 4,732,211,635
    2013 includes up to Feb. 7, 2013
    At this pace WETF should match last year’s entire inflows within 2 weeks!

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  4. ruggyup

    From across the pond..
    People from northern Norway has always had a little fresher expressions, and say them out lond, situation normal. they nearly all have fishery background and it’s not the Laplanders.

    A chap up norse got mad at a police officer and called him a Horse cock (quite a compliment for a man, as far as I can see) The Stupid officer went to court, but the court ruled it was ok, since northerners are ”known” and always have been known for their fresh language and vocabulary.

    He he, now there must be a Precedent in all of Norway to name an officer that, the law is, well by law, to treat All the Same way.

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  5. JTU

    Japan’s David Tepper all but guarantees NIKKEI to be up 17% by March!!!


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