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Focused on Asset Managers

I know Joe Terranova might not be the ideal role model in the investment community, but how about his god damned employers, VRTS?

$14 to $160 without a soul talking about it.

We all gallivant (some gallivant more than others) around town, looking for the next AAPL. But while we juggle pinless hand grenades, the asset managers steadily progress higher. In my opinion, this is a no-brainer, low risk trade, in a bull market. You might be a horrendous stock broker; but there are highly successful people in the field of asset management.

Feel free to suck from their tits (female) and ingest their milk (no cow).

As assets increase in value, fees increase. Moreover, as the market advertises itself by making new highs, more money is tossed into the market, further enhancing the fees our beloved money managers procure.

Here are the top 25 performers, over the past 6 months, in the asset management space.

No. Ticker 6-month Return Industry
1 VRTS 89.67 Asset Management
2 PJC 88.85 Asset Management
3 AB 74.20 Asset Management
4 APO 73.08 Asset Management
5 EVR 62.61 Asset Management
6 WDR 46.22 Asset Management
7 EV 44.62 Asset Management
8 BLK 39.56 Asset Management
9 BX 38.25 Asset Management
10 LAZ 36.56 Asset Management
11 FIG 36.27 Asset Management
12 OAK 35.95 Asset Management
13 PZN 35.60 Asset Management
14 SEIC 33.25 Asset Management
15 CG 32.72 Asset Management
16 WETF 32.01 Asset Management
17 KKR 30.36 Asset Management
18 FII 30.31 Asset Management
19 JNS 29.52 Asset Management
20 REXI 26.62 Asset Management
21 MN 26.05 Asset Management
22 TCAP 26.01 Asset Management
23 OZM 25.87 Asset Management
24 AMG 25.51 Asset Management
25 BK 24.49 Asset Management

I am long BX until $21.

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  1. JTU

    Was that you that drove up the price on WEFT today?
    Selling increments of 100 shares at a time until it peaked at $9.74?

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  2. Scott Bleier

    OUR NATIONS BLOOD & TREASURE for financial companies.

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  3. stockcats

    I see the scam here – most have average daily volume just low enough to keep themselves off my radar

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  4. DaveyNC

    Ahhhh, Inshallah, the cursing is back!

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  5. JTU

    I hate earnings season, for the most part. I had two big losers today in RVBD and JE! I knew I was going to lose pretty big on those two. What could I do?
    I was watching Cramer discussing LNKD and how it had blow out earnings last night and he recommended at the open to “BUY,BUY,BUY”!
    And so I did, and I recaptured more than half of my losses.
    Better than nothing!

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    • theedge111

      JE killed me too.


      OUCH!. Bad time to announce a poison pill at the same time you cut your divvy.

      That being said I think it’ll stabilize here in the mid 8’s.

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  6. JTU

    WETF – Inflows into ETFS
    2012 – 4,732,211,635
    2013 includes up to Feb. 7, 2013
    At this pace WEFT should match last year’s entire inflows within 2 weeks!

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