Crackberry Alert: SuperBowl 3rd Quarter




Just a head’s up to you American football fans.  My brother, sometimes seen here as “#6” has produced a commerical running this Superbowl, for the new Crackberry Q10 product.  If there are any subsequent spikes in the stock price, we take all credit here.  It goes without saying that we disavow any subsequent tankage, to the point of denying ancillary patrimony.

Please feel free to place all reviews here.  If there are any other commercials you favor, you may comment about them as well.

For you non-American football fans, please repair to your usual quiche and Belgian ale consumption.

Best to you.

PS — 49ers 24, Ravens 13.



5 Responses to “Crackberry Alert: SuperBowl 3rd Quarter”

  1. Oy, Baltimore already has one more point than I thought they’d get.

    Ninerz defense disappointment thus far, here.

    Almost as bad as the Budweiser Black ads.

    But not quite there.


  2. Yikes, no power…

  3. Amatuer hour.


  4. How much do we miss Paul Harvey?

    Out of all the vile commercials, Chrysler delivers huge.

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