Monday, December 5, 2016
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America Is High Off Marijuana Stocks

In a country where a vile Godaddy exists, marijuana is becoming so mainstream, it’s publicly traded. Post collapse, I fully expect the NYSE and NASDAQ to whore themselves by allowing heroin and cocaine stocks trade publicly, perhaps under ticker symbols such as PIPE, NEDL, SNRT, BLOW, CRAK, DRGS, HIGH and SNOW.

As the market struggles to hold value, degenerates dressed in clothes made from hemp are bidding up the shares of bastard companies, whose sole goal is to put a pipe filled with marijuana into the hands of your sons and daughters.


I suspect such stocks will do exceedingly well under an Obama second term. The official post election trade was to sell coal and get long marijuana.


NOTE: I am being extremely sarcastic and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that these stocks will collapse and crush investors who chase this trade.

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  1. dumlucks

    There’s also sideshow MDBX.

  2. Raul3

    High off the endo, people take to buying fake cows and corn on Farmville, sending ZNGA to a record quarter. #timestamp

  3. Cascadian

    It’s all about stimulation and feel good policies leading the markets higher!

  4. Razerbackjack

    I’m so high right now

  5. juice

    you forgot DOPE VEIN OD amoung others

  6. Sierra Water

    I’m long 100k shares of MJNA since .06 .. A buddy of mine gave me the suggestion over a year ago, and it has been sitting in my portfolio collecting dust until this past Christmas.. $1 target.

  7. Greg

    Pretty sure theres a $100 Billion black market industry there, but yea penny stocks… gotta check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  8. Frog

    Marijuana ought to be legalized but illegal to sell to kids– same as alcohol. It is less dangerous to the body & mind than alcohol. But cotton farmers (who can’t compete with hemp), pharmaceutical companies (who can’t compete with marijuana as a glaucoma cure, among other things), the oil/plastics industry, chemical companies etc. want marijuana/hemp to be illegal. Because hemp is even a more wondrous substance than medical marijuana is. The stuff has tons of uses.

    So it will take a concerted effort by the intererested public to get marijuana & hemp to become legal. Because, without big pushes by the public, lazy mega-corporations can legally bribe Congress, so that they get to have their way & to stay lazy & non-competitive.

  9. Frog

    I don’t think drugs are good for healthy people. However, marijuana is less bad than alcohol. Can you imagine if marijuana were legal and we taxed it? What budget deficit?

  10. Sooz

    I wonder how much GoDaddy paid Bar Refaeli for that kiss?

    From ((AHHhhh..nice)) Calvin, Matthew Terry Strips is one beautiful specimen of a man, to (((EWWwww…nasty))) GoDaddy.

  11. Blind Read Ant

    Where’s the V.King?

    $VK has a specialty in golden penny stocks.

    V.King with style. Always. 12:2012