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Fly Buy: $BX

I started a new position in BX.

Disclaimer: If you buy BX because of this post, your new pirate ship will take on water and sink to the bottom of the ocean. And, you may lose money.

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  1. Also in this space, KCAP has been a tremendous performer

  2. Also in this space, KCAP is worth a look

  3. couple days late there fly on that big q divy but BX should kill in the M&A area this yr. got lucky loaded the truck on bx just over 12 last nov.

  4. bot @ 14.60

  5. I bought CG and KKR about a week back; am happy with each thus far

  6. couldn’t stop myself from cashing in my CLMT today. What a ride. Lot of expanson news and earnings next week and a history of 2ndaries. But I’ll be back in on the next dip. Love that co.

  7. Winter is coming.

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