Friday, December 9, 2016
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The Light Shall Set You $CREE

Apple reports earnings after the bell. Despite the weakness in the stocks, I have to believe the company will surprise to the upside. My belief stems from the companies track record, not so much analyst chatter.

Coach is being decimated this morning to the tune of 16%. I can tell you that KORS is eating their lunch inside of America’s shopping malls; but people will probably sell KORS today as well. One thing is for certain, COH is just like DECK–old, legacy, semi-lux brand gone stupid.

My favorite earnings call was CREE. They poleaxed analyst estimates. I am telling you now, purely from an anecdotal standpoint, CREE is the future of lighting. Look what I did in my house. I discarded with the 60 watt incandescent hi-hats in exchange for a 9 watt lamps made by CREE. They emit the same or more lumens and last 30,000 hours aka  for “life.” I will never need to change them and they do not emit heat, which is a huge plus when you have 30 of them beaming down in your basement.

LED lighting is the future for any city looking to upgrade to a better, cleaner, more sustainable technology and CREE is the dominating company in the space. The company has had hiccups due to Chinese phantom city delays. But perhaps they’ve turned the corner for good, following such a superb quarter.

Other LED plays of note are AIXG, VECO, RBCN, POWR and lotto play LEDS. Frankly, there are a ton of companies that contribute a part here and a part there, but CREE is your pure play with momentum.

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  1. Raul3

    CREE was awesome agreud

  2. TraderCaddy

    Yes, but you live in Joisey.
    Very cold in the basement in the winter (I think-never had a basement).
    More heat, please.

  3. Half Blood Pope

    But I heat my home with light bulbs.

  4. UncleBuccs

    There is a growing interest in LED for indoor marijuana growing – heat is very bad for the plants, and higher energy usage is used as “probable cause” for search warrants. Among the “growers” that are trying it, CREE are ‘highly’ desired….

    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      Have drug dealers not heard of generators?

      Must be an urban thing.

      • UncleBuccs

        Ha ha! Totally urban – and not really “drug dealer”. These are the DIYers that don’t buy or sell – just “grow your own”. Do a google image search for “stealth grow” & you’ll see the application….


    Home Depot is another good LED play. They have a proprietary brand “EcoSmart”, which they actually teamed up with CREE and Philips to make.

  6. The_Real_Hmmm

    It’s a misconception that LEDs produce no heat. Look at the huge heat sink on top of the light. That’s to dissipate the heat from the electrical driver that powers the LED(s). When you install these in the ceiling they create heat in the space above the ceiling. Also, they are large and unwieldy and can take up valuable space above the ceiling while potentially adding to cooling costs for commercial (probably not residential) buildings. Eventually I think installers and designers will value flexible OLEDs because of their ability to fit LED-style light fixtures into areas that are tight on space and don’t require a driver and light combination in a singular combined location. Disclosure: long $PANL.

    • ottnott

      The large heat sink is there to keep the LED circuitry cool. The size reflects a need to quickly pull thermal energy away from the point source, not a need to transport a lot of energy.

      The incandescent bulbs put out much more heat than LEDs do for equal lighting and run much hotter than LEDs do, but they are made of materials that can tolerate high temperatures.

      Incandescants also need space above the ceiling (such as the high hats Fly mentioned) so that combustible materials aren’t exposed to the high temperature.

  7. ruggyup

    “Never” change a lightbulb is one helluva long time. That’s like forever and few of us will live forever to test the “never” thesis. Until proven wrong, I say never is bullshit.

    • TraderCaddy

      I have changed a couple of those “fancy” never go out overpriced flood lamps that only lasted a year or two.
      And then they say to get a HAZMAT team in to dispose of them (BS on that) because they contain mercury (tell that to the 3 eyed wild boars at the dump).
      LOL at the mercury.
      When we were kids we would take the mercury ball out of the thermometer and roll them like marbles.

  8. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    MCP finally got me. I am out.

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