Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Why I’m Super Bullish on $VHC

If Apple was going to appeal, they’d tell the good judge and VHC to fuck themselves and permit the judge to pass judgement. The whole holiday sales request is a bunch of horseshit. Why would the judge need updated sales figures from the largest company in the world, scheduled to report over $54 billion in sales THIS QUARTER?

He doesn’t.

This is simply a way to give Apple more time to agree to a settlement.

The judge would not have done this if he felt the Apple attorneys were insincere. He can only be doing this, granting them a stay of execution, because the good folks over at Apple have convinced him that they are serious about reaching a settlement agreement.

Mark my words, this is a watershed moment for VHC. After Apple settles, all other ducks will fall in line. From CSCO to Samsung, settlements and licensing deals will be snatched, like a gold chain in Harlem.

As for the trading in the stock: atrocious. I don’t like whining about manipulation because it makes you look crazy. But this stock is being walked down on 100 share orders all day long. There isn’t any real volume, all phantom.

I’ll be buying more tomorrow and on any dips. However, I’m fairly confident that after people get a chance to digest what just happened and what the implications might mean for VHC, this stock is heading back up again, right through its all-time highs.

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  1. TraderCaddy

    It’s actually good kharma (for you, not me as I don’t own it) that I saw a Seinfeld rerun last night on TBS (enriching my mind).
    It was the one where George pretended to be a NYC tourist working at a chicken factory in TYLER, TX which is the same city (town) where the Federal Ct. case is pending. The Judge probably raises chickens.
    Forum shopping by Plaintiff’s counsel, no doubt (sure wasn’t going to file in San Jose, Ca).

  2. No One

    Get to te Choppa. Before too late

  3. 4yoursuccess

    “cock and balls” chart may now commence.

  4. DanDynasty

    The same thing happened with VRNG. These patent lawsuits are tricky and can be drawn out a lot longer than people think.

  5. SBG

    I have NOT followed this. But doesn’t the judge need sales info for calculation of damages? To me, this seems like a positive, and they will not simply skip by this, even while arbitrating a settlement. Either way, seems like you will be a winner.

    • The Fly

      Sales figures for Apple?

      Come on.

      No way. Apple told the judge they will settle but needed more time to discuss with board.

      • SBG

        Having won a IP infringement case, that is exactly where we would start getting our “settlement” numbers. And if appl doesn’t break out the data, you need them to. As i said, i haven’t followed this, but have been in a lot of IP lawsuits.

        • The Fly

          They already won the suit and awarded $368 million.

          I am sure your IP wins weren’t anything like this. Comparing your experience to this is like comparing a housing tenement to the pyramids at Giza

        • SBG

          That wouldn’t be a good bet. I know the judgement, however I am confused on the reason to delay based on settlement. One last question. Are they trying to settle future claims?

          Mind you, I have been reading about this for 10 minutes. Just thought I might try to help.

        • SBG

          Ok, after 15 min of research. Apple appeal to 5th circuit. That is not friendly to overturning lower court rulings. Damages have not yet been awarded, so if VHC goes for TD, then apple might appeal. My bet is THE FLY is correct, they are negotiating, for final damages + future claims (royalty). I am out. Hope I helped.

        • TraderCaddy

          Not a patent attorney, but I believe there is a special Appellate Court in DC that was established about 30 years ago that has nationwide jurisdiction to hear patent appeals.
          Although the 5th Circuit Ct. of Appeals (I think still in NO,La.- I used to be a member before the 11th Circuit was formed in Atlanta) would normally hear appeals from The US Dist. Ct, in Tyler, Tx it could end up in DC. But I’m not sure.

        • SBG

          Good point. It might go to Federal Circuit, which is based on subject matter for the US, not geography. Either way, Apple is likely to settle and not appeal. my 2 c.

        • Trading_Nymph

          Not Patent either, Crim law..but I believe that VHC had already planned to file a new claim for devices not included..makes total sense, plus, I have dealt so many cases around the holidays..Judge and Attys saw an easy reason for a cont until 2013 so they can pass the matter until after the holidays.

  6. Drewdog12380


  7. TraderCaddy

    But you (Fly) have to stop calling the Judge in the case.
    “The case has received so much attention that Davis ordered the parties on Oct. 19 to tell their investors to stop calling the court. He said in a court filing that his office is receiving more than 10 calls a day.”
    I assume the case in front of the U.S. International Trade Commission in DC is still pending. And I see CSCO and Siemens trial is scheduled for March.

  8. Vinnie

    I don’t trust AAPL. I would ecpect AAPL to delay and delay and delay because lawyers are cheaper than paying settlements. AAPL doesn’t want to pay because they know that it will only encourage more lawsuits.

  9. No One

    I just heard the most ridiculous commentary:

    We are going to “BUNGEE JUMP” the fiscal cliff.

    Are you fucking kidding me. How much sugar coating can you do?

  10. pouncencapture

    Even though I don’t usually trade the same stocks or vehicles as The Fly, I’ve gotta admit that I always look forward to reading his posts, for his analysis as well as his colorful verbiage/commentary/descriptions

  11. nick

    3x average volume is not NO VOLUME or phantom its 3million plus shares traded

  12. fake amish

    The market seems to be front running a 0 fold on tax hikes. Or. Retail has finally bit and has been sold too at year end. Why is AAPL still such a pos?

    • fake amish

      The only question is how fucking lazy and retarded is the demokraut base? The foodstamps are secure. The sec 8 is secure. Is there really a mandate?

  13. No One

    “Plan B” falls on its face. What a joke. We sell-of tomorrow.
    Merry fucking Christmas. You were warned.

  14. No One

    Keep blogging about your bullshit VHC

  15. Mr. Partridge

    Go look at the futures everyone…
    Dr, I believe it’s time for you to say something about these spectacular fireworks..
    Mayan Gods has spoken 🙂

  16. TraderCaddy

    I guess Boehner pulled a boner and 0 is… still 0.
    This is what America voted for so let’s get it on.

  17. noodleboy

    It may produce a super rally.

  18. Mr. Partridge

    Any guesses on Fly’s next post
    Xmas has been canceled or …

  19. Testicules

    -220……on the bright side

    festivus is right around the corner?

  20. No One

    This is not a sell-off you buy into.
    Or joke about. This is very serious. You will get hurt. You noobs.

  21. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    We need a good old fashioned bloodbath to keep this bull going.

    And Mr. Magoo told me to go cash today so I took his advice. The guy didn’t get rich for no reason.

    • The Eye-Talian Stallion
      The Eye-Talian Stallion

      I can’t wait for the iBC headline:

      0bama, the magic man, escapes blame once again.

  22. theedge111

    Looks like my VXX calls will finally payoff. I figured these stupid fucks in DC would never get a deal done.

  23. Aaron Ashcraft

    Re. $VHC. Apple has $100 billion in the bank. It occurs to me $AAPL might just want to buy $VHC rather than paying huge penalty plus commission on every iPhone. Maybe better to buy $VHC and collect future patent revenue from google, Cisco, Samsung!