Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Ladies and Gentlemen, This is America

From storming the beaches of Normandy to storming Walmart for 15% discounts. This is America now.

No discount is worth being herded like an upright walking pig.

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  1. Obummer gonna win


  2. Gravestonedoji

    Fucking Savages. Civil society hangs by a thread. $RGR

  3. zookini

    Took me a while to realize that was indoors lol

  4. klaus

    wow, wait till things get really bad, it reminds me of a momo stock with all the dummies jumping in like a frenzy, then bam it drops like a rock

  5. Steak

    Out of curiosity, what was the item on sale, and how much had it been discounted? Insane.

  6. Nid

    In 24-36 months, that will be for Bread and Gas in the city centers

  7. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    The New Ruling Class, freeloaders and illegals.

  8. charlie

    Society’s intelligent capacity consistently diminishes while the population increases exponentially. Critical mass looms.

    Objectively, the 2 most likely conclusions to this state of affairs are either cleansing or enslavement, on a large scale. Very sad.

    • Highsurf

      Cleansing? As in “ethnic”?

      • charlie

        No, America is the melting pot of the world. Such an event would not discriminate based on race, only class.

        Don’t think this is plausible? Look to the 20th century. China hit critical mass. 50 million dead.

        • Heaterman

          Historically that has always been the cycle of societies. This time will be no different. The morality and values that hold back and inhibit such behavior are being stripped away at an ever quickening pace.
          The fiscal cliff should be the least of worries. Teetering in the precipice of human decency is coming more sharply into focus with each passing year the way it seems.

  9. JTU

    It’s scary how primitive we really are!

  10. DaveyNC

    Basest instincts on display. Embarrassing to the country.

  11. JTU

    On the bright side, thanks to all of these crazy shoppers, the Market should continue to see gains next week. It seems that Black Friday sales are up substantially at stores and on line. Expect retailers and APPL especially to benefit.

  12. noodle

    this would be more entertaining if a southern gentleman fired off a couple rounds via SWHC, dispersing the crowd, in order to get clearer access to a few of those discount cellular phones.

  13. KCTrader

    You think Walmart might have bribed a fire marshal not to show up on Black Friday?

  14. Earl

    Take note: No top hats anywhere to be seen.

  15. MX2101

    Some are championing the election as an affirmation of the new America, who we are now, etc. What is omitted from this, is if this is an America we should be.

    I am speaking not to ethnicity, but to stupidity.

  16. unclehar

    the third world is no longer separated by an ocean…

  17. en1gma

    Watched Collapse with Michael Rupert on NFLX last night. He starts crying because we are so fucked.

    Made me want to move to a farm!

  18. MX2101

    A critical mass of the population (and now the voters) represent behavior and attitudes seen in the video.

    People complain about WalMart being evil to employees, yet they continue to shop there.

    So many say “we need jobs”. I say “create value”.

  19. unclehar

    Super competitive energy price of natural gas, and now hopefully oil, will drive the economy…together with low interest rates and low inflation. A powerful tonic no?

  20. MX2101

    One more comment- people say big corporations and the wealthy rule, etc. Sure, that is true, but nowhere near as much as average people believe.

    The middle and lower class have tremendous collective power in their consumer spending. All that crap people buy adds up.

    Ignorance, poor decision making, and the pursuit of instant gratification has brought self-inflicted economic pain on millions.

    If folks declined to spend into the Black Friday hype/con job, big business would absolutely freak.

  21. flicker

    What a bunch of fucking morons. I guess they would have used knives and guns if the discounts were fatter. Scary.

  22. Clock

    90% of people are fucking animals.
    What surprised me was that almost half didn’t vote for Obama.

  23. Heaterman

    47% ?
    I’m guessing that the percentage made it over 50% in this last election. We will reap what we have sown.

  24. Cheesefries

    We were in Normandy, 2 months ago. I’m a veteran of OEF, and visiting both Omaha and Utah beach was a moving experience. We stood in a former Nazi bunker in a spot known as Point Du Hoc and looked out over the cliff at the ocean. This position looked to be so secure that I cannot imagine even attempting to overtake it. As I looked out over the formerly secure German position I imagined what it must have been like for the US soldiers below on the beach. I imagine that several “fuck you, I’m not climbing up there” were said.

    But slowly a few “que ball sized balls” soldiers said, ” we can climb up there”. As soon as the soldiers on the beach saw balls of steel Joey make it, the rest followed. Because of their actions and unrelenting Country first bravery we are “free” today.

    We need a few more guys like that today.

    Read the book by Major Dick Winters.

    This shit today is shameful, speak up about it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Fly

    • flyaway18

      Yep, I knew a man named Tom Niland who fought on the beaches of Normandy and many years later went back there. Our country’s morals have definitely deteriorated, I see it in our schools, the lack of civility. It’s scary.

      • GetReal1

        I know that the greatest generation went through so much hell, with many growing up during the depression and then having to fight in WWII, they felt like they wanted their kids to have everything in life they didn’t. It’s a shame that the baby boomer generation turned out to be such a waste of sperm and eggs.

  25. Cascadian

    Who gives a shit? Everybody needs an activity.

  26. Angry Bird

    You drop $5 waffle makers on the beach and look out Nazi bitches!

  27. Narwahl

    What do you think the highest annual income was of a single person in that crowd?

  28. buylo

    Folks in T-shirts and short sleeves in late November? There is no doubt this must have been a WalMart in one of the southern states that Romney won in a landslide!

  29. Raise taxes, Raise spending
    Raise taxes, Raise spending

    Shopping. The lowest form of entertainment.