Friday, December 9, 2016
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From Dust to Dust We Go

One constant in my life has been the ability to win, all the time, even when things look dreadfully dire. Readers of iBankCoin have come to expect the unexpected, wins shooting out from my ass at times when it makes no sense, such as YELP doubling when the sector was being dismantled.

VHC is no different.

While its true, I depend on a network of people and information, at times, to help me along. But in this business of professional, high grade, asset management, you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

Case in point: my programmer, VINCENZO ILLUMINATI, will only code from the decadency of a 18th century, Victorian desk, listening to “drawing room” music, wearing a powdered white wig. Some might think his ritual is odd, almost psychotic; however, he’s the best programmer that I know. Therefore, by extension, he’s the best programmer in the world.

The people that I know are the very best, you’d know this only if you were me. But you’re not, so fuck off.

I stretched higher by almost 3% today, almost matching yesterday’s 5.5% extravaganza. I’ve recaptured almost 10 percent this week, putting me back to +28% for the year, also known as much better than you and your stupid fucking friends.

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  1. bobbin4apples


  2. clegger_2000

    How do you do it man?

    1) SHOMP

    2) Urinal shadows

    3) Space Alien Magicians

    4) OSC program

    I gots to know! 🙂

  3. TraderCaddy

    As VINCENZO programs in the bowels of dark and cold Minnesota, does he put sauce on his Lutefisk?

  4. Rick

    There is something that concerns me about your post on VHC. On Tuesday you indicated you would be liquidating your entire position on VHC and you indicated a detailed position why.
    The stock trades with plenty of liquidity so it would not of been a problem to liquidate when you said you were.
    Now on Wedn when the stock gaps up 25% you indicate you were not able to liquidate????? And its your biggest position.
    I have been following you for some time now….and must say this is a real disappointment that you would take credit for a huge gap up based upon your original analysis despite the fact you liquidated the day before the gap up.

    • 200ma

      I think you should read that post again. As a matter of fact he bought more.

    • The Fly

      Okay, instead of lying about what I said, why not look at what I actually said?

      It was a decent day for the market, with exception to my positions. My largest holding, VHC, continues to bleed out–day in and day out. I am down just 1% on the stock, so I started to liquidate. I understand the trial is going well, and that’s all fine and good. But if the longs (listen to me) can’t hold their ground here, with 38% of the shares sold short, I’m afraid this stock is destined for the trash heap of society.
      I’m entitled to change my mind about things, aren’t I? Why aren’t the shorts covering into the verdict? Moreover, why aren’t the longs defending their baby?
      Answer: the shareholder base is fickle, like a woman in a fucking shoe store. You can expect me to liquidate more of my position, but not all, during the week.


      The truth is my positions size is much greater than the size you are used to. I could not sell 100’s of thousands of shares before trial because the bid/offer was spread 15 cents and every time I sold I knocked it down 50 cents. Had I sold then, I’d knock it to $20.

      I ended up liquidating 25% of my position before the trial, because I was nervous. After the trial, I did a post confessing to be a believer, finally. I disclosed that I bought more yesterday, when it was +5 and now my position is bigger than ever.

      Can I be any more transparent?

  5. unclehar

    While… But…

    i know, stfu

  6. _srd4_

    “”While its true, I depend on a network of people and information, at times, to help me along.””

    hrmm – so “you didn’t build this”?

    lol – your posts are leaning towards socialism today – first the request for government assistance, now claiming that you depend on others? WOW!

  7. illuminated1.

    Bullish divergences…

  8. Sierra Water

    Unreal Fly.. Nice work this past week.

  9. DaveyNC

    Loves me some VHC, thanks Fly for the sharing of winship!

  10. noodleboy

    Fly do you have any source to read about how NJ is fairing right now. As it appears, everything on the net is at least 3 days old.

  11. Trader 401

    “While its true, I depend on a network of people and information, at times, to help me along. But in this business of professional, high grade, asset management, you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” AMEN

  12. francesco

    “The people that I know are the very best, you’d know this only if you were me. But you’re not, so fuck off”

    kind of rap

  13. Dubz

    That VHC move is incredible, well played iBC.

  14. flyaway18

    I’m not understanding The PPT today. We start the day at 2.52 and end at 2.56. I know when we get to the 2.30 area or below we are flagging oversold territory. However, not sure why we moved up when the market went down.

    • flyaway18

      Congrats on VHC btw. I was in the chat room on and off when Chuck talked about the $22-24 range as being support. Nice job sticking with your thesis. Meanwhile, I’m thinking Jake had to pull the trigger on gold earlier this week as it is looking pretty darn good in the face of a correction.

    • The Fly

      Go read my end of day summary please.

  15. _srd4_

    I appreciate your views on sentiment fly – so, do you think now the $VHC base isn’t as “fickle” as before? I have learned that your “Devil” friend is quite astute on calling trial outcomes? What do you think the future holds in store for such a person? Sometimes the seething maelstrom of chaos gets to them….sadly.

  16. fake amish

    No one worry. This is strictly a eurotard dump out in the tape. It is not like anything changed a couple days ago in the USA. Be happy.

    • Lisa

      I have trouble understanding your meaning, sometimes, and I start asking myself things like, who is the eurotard? what is a eurotard?, who is worried?, and who are you?

      • fake amish

        No one gives a shit who anyone is in the hallowed halls. It is about clarity and following the Senor Fly and the other contributors through the minefield of making money in the markets right fucking now. Full endorsement of the PPT and 12631. The eurotard is the socialism of europe. That fucker just loves to crash tapes whether worthy of the honor or not.

        • fake amish

          Welcome to Ibankcoin the best financial or trader or whatever you want to call it site on the fucking web. You can trust this place.

        • fake amish

          Just to be perfectly clear. The contributors are the tabbed bloggers. RC Chess JakeGint Wood Cain Scott. The Comment makers like my dumbass or not. And not like it matters but i was fucking around about being happy. A jab at the peeps who got what they wanted.

        • fake amish

          *are not.

    • Lisa

      What is Walmart’s policy on willfully destroying iPads? Honestly, I support this sort of artistic expression… I mean, God-forbid these yungstas lose their jobs over this video!

  17. Parasailsam

    Out of respect for my love of money, I cordially invite you to cease and desist talking about politics. Anyone who declines my invitation will be BANNED and sent to the lowest depths of hell.
    Le Fly yesterday….

  18. Heaterman

    WETF seems to have cleared their legal issues up and could be worth a look. GS called them a buy last week or so.

  19. Mogulhound

    Made some lunch money today thks ….subscribed…. like the screens… was looking for some LUV