Thursday, May 5, 2016
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Winship Has Never Tasted So Sweet

While all of you lost money, mostly in horrific fashion, Le Fly (as he is commonly known in France) made a fortune.

Quickly, he sold out of everything but EXK and VHC this morning, when the market was ‘garden variety’ lower. Then he applied the screws of hell to the short sellers of VHC, with the generous help from “The Devil” of course. With my close friend and confidant, “The Devil”, we intend to own many more hundreds of thousands of shares of VHC, in magnanimous fashion–for the explicit purposes of inflicting damage to those who are short, in addition to making a small bit of money for ourselves.

I want you to understand something. VHC only shares 25% from their litigation settlement with SAIC. And, they will share 0 of any royalties they receive, going forward. In time, everyone will ‘bend the knee’ to VHC and accept a licensing agreement of 1-2.5%.

What is VHC worth, potentially?

Well, aside from future settlements/licensing deals with Cisco, Lucent, Avaya, Google, HTC, Samsung, LG, Microsoft etc, let’s look at AAPL.

If they get a standard 1% licensing agreement from Apple (iPhone, Ipad, Ipod and Apple computers using new operating system), they stand to make upwards of $500 mill per annum off of it. At the standard 5x sales, which is very conservative for a company with big growth, you’re looking at a share price of anywhere from $55 to $75, based on 45 mill share count and flexibility for market conditions and cash on hand.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. VHC will own 4g-5g, just like QCOM.

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  1. skillz.

  2. I really liked your video today.
    Could it be that people were happier and saner (for the most part) back when times were simple?
    BTW, I think that was me on the Tilt A Whirl around the 4.00 mark.

  3. ’twas a sweet victory on this sunny fall morning, I thank you and your people.

  4. ” (as he is commonly known in France) ”

    umm Au Québec aussi on parle français, juste au cas ou vous ne le savez pas…. :/

  5. LMAO you guys called this in August. Nice work to the Devil.

  6. Thats right Fly, take a big bite outta that plum…let the juice trickle down your chin

  7. Brilliant trading, brilliant blog.

  8. So how did you know VHC would win? Hmmmmm….

  9. Haha very cool Senor Fly

  10. Senor Fly is the fiscal cliff considered politics? Along with the utopia blowing up in eurotardland these two seem an obvious market topic.

  11. Sublime musical selection.
    Bravo Fly, bravo……

  12. Reading yout blog since 08…you!re the only blogger/analyst worth a shit!! Keep up the first class insight. Very much appreciated!!

  13. FLY now really.. I gloat you gloat.. Now just reel it in a little. Me y’strdy with AOL etc. and thanks for the Barry Lyndon.. who knew Ryan O’Neill could bring it.

  14. Fake Amish… the sewer is calling. go back home now.

  15. Fake Amish…Poor bastard.. you got spit fucked and now your asshole is bleeding.

  16. and yet you come groveling around here like.. I dint say nothin..Now you da O dick sucker

  17. OK go ahead and ban me FLY.. but read Fake Amish this last year.. he meted it out and now I call him out.

  18. and really.. swear to God, i am cooking ribs right now and I got to go.

  19. FAKE AMISH IS A STINKIN PIECE OF HUMAN SEWERAGE.. ( not to put to fine a point on it)

  20. ‘Food stamps” maybe for you.. I was long these last 4 years…

  21. SPIT FUCKED.(no lube)

  22. Ha Ha Ha.. this is rich.. Fake Amish
    with huge colon penetration.. Hey… call Rove… he can lend you some butt chapstick..but he would probably fuck you too!!! Electoral College 4 ever!!

  23. Someone call housekeeping…

  24. Here is me manana.. GNRC. BGS.. STAG… MPW… TRS.. LEG.. TRS… AZZ.. OCN

    FUCK ME. I AM DONE (for one eve anyway.)

  25. As Always.. with Top Hat and Tails… thank you Tropicana..

  26. I just want to know if the ribs are wet or dry (no Memphis) and baby back,spare or St.Louis.

  27. LOCK will be the stock of 2013. Blowout earnings today.

  28. I confess, I am a complete asshole and have had deep seated issues since childhood.

  29. The euro is not ripping on Greece being saved again.