Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Fly Buy: $VHC

I added to my already huge VHC position.

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  1. jobu doll

    is there an options play that you like for vhc?

  2. john

    I couldn’t find anything on the royalties – do you have a source?

  3. Tpain


    Are you holding TC into earnings?


  4. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Pull the trigger on RGR already.

  5. TeahouseOnTheTracks

    OEW Recap Tues:

    “Should the SPX break through the recent highs, reaching the OEW 1440 pivot, the pullback is not likely to occur. Should the market roll over from today’s high, or a bit higher tomorrow, then the downtrend is likely to bottom in the next few days. Either way, the next uptrend should be underway soon.

    Short term support is at SPX 1422/27 and 1413/16, witth resistance at the 1440 pivot and SPX 1463/64. Short term momentum hit quite overbought today, then tailed off some. The short term OEW charts turned positive right after the open, with the swing level now around SPX 1422. ”

    We may have bottomed today at 1388 … Buy the blood!

  6. Martin

    I lightened my position in VHC a bit this morning, but will be adding back on dips.

  7. Bill

    I am holding on to 20 percent of initial position.


    Are you in NAK or its gone from your list.

  8. jimmy_two_times

    Saw a piece in IV on royalties. At 0.5% royalty assume 3.40 EPS and then 14x based on AAPL gives price floor. After that let your imagination run wild with roylaty stream, which still doesnt include CSCO et al.

  9. joe

    The real people of this great nation have spoken:
    These cocsuckers are fucked!
    This is what the O wanted to do from get go till cocksucker brown came along in 2010. Warren is in now and its time for CRIMINALS TO PAY!

  10. joe

    Fake cocksucker…BLOW ME!

  11. Dumbass

    I suck I sold vhc yesterday

  12. figesmalls

    If AAPL loses, how badly do THEY suffer? Fly, can you project?

    • Lisa

      Does this sound familiar or make any sense?: “They are talking about 1%_of all iPhone, iPod, iPad sales going forward”

  13. Mr.Partridge

    I didn’t buy anything today, this tape is too murderous for me….
    Opportunities will surface in time….

  14. Rick

    There is something that concerns me about your post on VHC. On Tuesday you indicated you would be liquidating your entire position on VHC and you indicated a detailed position why.

    The stock trades with plenty of liquidity so it would not of been a problem to liquidate when you said you were.

    Now on Wedn when the stock gaps up 25% you indicate you were not able to liquidate????? And its your biggest position.

    I have been following you for some time now….and must say this is a real disappointment that you would take credit for a huge gap up based upon your original analysis despite the fact you liquidated the day before the gap up.