Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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And Now You Die

The jerkoffs just spent $6 billion on their stupid elections, pitting half the country against the other in order to self aggrandize themselves with perks from their ‘special interests’ to get rich.

Meanwhile, back in the first city of America, New York, 366,000 hard working tax payers, citizens of this shit-bucket of a country, are freezing to death due to lack of warmth, without electricity, as the winter storm bears down on them. Over in New Jersey, more than 550,000 people are without electricity, leaving them fully exposed to the elements–despite all the ‘help’ Obama has supplied thus far.

What can we do?

Oh, I don’t know. Let me think. How about setting up giant generators, or giving people generators with adequate supplies of gasoline, SO THEY CAN STAY ALIVE? You cocksucker, motherfuckers. You spend all of this money, on the dumbest shit in the world, at the behest of your asshole friends–but you can’t go the extra mile to keep a million people from NY/NJ warm during this storm, subjecting children to abysmal living conditions?

May the Gods of Karma (GOK) cut your dicks off.

Once again, fuck this country and fuck your taxes. Oh, and thanks for “keeping us safe” by dropping 10,000 pound bombs on crazy arabs in the middle east, as we freeze to death here.


But the government is doing a fucking GREAT JOB helping out, right Governor Christie, you fat fuck!

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  1. TraderRenn

    Very sad !

  2. ScroogeMcDuck

    preach on fly, preach on

  3. UncleBuccs

    The rage is real…and justified. People are going to needlessly die.

  4. Gravestonedoji

    We’ve been told Obama and Christie fixed this all already with photo OPS and cheeseburgers.. Next issue.

    (prediction: 0bama, NY&NJ’s favorite BTW, will get in 18 holes before he sets foot in storm affected areas of the east coast again). (Bonus prediction: Christie will be his Caddy).

    • Hannibal

      don’t worry, if worse comes to worst you can always eat Chris Christie and it will supply enough food for everyone

  5. TheHarper

    Ivory Towers are quite warm I hear

  6. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Most politicians in a crises like this resort to nothing but finger pointing, so why would anyone depend on them for help?
    However, it is interesting watching how the nanny state reacts to this unfolding problem.

  7. Flux Capacitor

    Fuck them. They should have thought about that when they were electing idiots and incompetents.

    • The Fly

      Fuck them? You say that to a two year old holed up in a fucking freezer, you stupid shit?

      • The Eye-Talian Stallion
        The Eye-Talian Stallion

        There is only one govt entity that is rigged to be proactive and that is the Coast Guard. The reason being is that they do not have to wait for orders or directions in order to seek out and save folks lives, it is their primary mission.

        On the other hand FEMA is a joke. And where the hell is Big Sis?

    • Narwahl

      Flux, dress yourself as a seal and jump in an or a tank.

  8. buylo

    why can’t they all be just civil to one another and those folks who have a home, electricity, warmth., etc. invite those who do not, to stay over their house? (after checking out first if they are Democrats or Republicans, of course) The Red Cross could help to coordinate the whole thing. This is like Mr. Fly’s neighbor would do, wouldn’t he? Where is dat guy anyways?

    • The Fly

      Because whole areas are without electricity. Who’s house are you going to sleep in when everyone is living in a fucking water drenched freezer?

      • Metalleg

        On Long Island with no heat and power since last Monday afternoon. LIPA doesn’t give a fuck. Cuomo doesn’t give a fuck. Obama doesn’t give a fuck. People are much worse off than me and no one gives a fuck about them either. I can freeze to death and it won’t fucking matter. This country is done and it’s really time to think about getting the fuck out.

        A little snow tonight and the LIRR broke the fuck down too. They want to raise fares again. The system is collapsing in slow motion and when people look back, then they’ll realize how easily they were fooled. Trader Dan has a good write up tonight if anyone is interested.



    Not so fun times. The history books will remember this time as a low point in humanity.

  10. juice

    soo true, flea … tell it like it is

  11. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    In the end, when the earth takes over, we are all on our own.

    Life is suffering, and much more of it is coming. The latter half of the 20th century will come to be known as an outlier in the history of human hardships. Sort of a “good life” bubble, if you will.

  12. MX2101

    My view- This kind of suffering would be widespread and ongoing, during a financial end game. This is what happens to millions if/when the economic scheme of the US goverment unravels.

    Having said that, I feel bad for those in pain today. Very sad, and a failure by goverment.

    • The Fly

      I was saying the exact same thing to my wife. If the 2008 crisis was allowed to take place, everything would stop, but there would be no easy fix, like sending man up a pole to change a transformer.

      • Metalleg

        If the 2008 crisis were allowed to take place, a lot of losers would have lost and others would have bought assets at pennies on the dollar. We’d be 4 years into a real recovery now but instead, the shit has still yet to hit the fan it when it does, it will be worse than if they just let it go n 2008. My opinion of course.

    • Lisa

      Which failure was worse? Katrina or this? — or does the tie go to the political estab?

      • The Fly

        I believe this is worse, because it affected way more people and the govt has not responded quickly enough as the cold sets in.

        • Lisa

          At least we can see that it is the same, old, gov’t in place by the similitude of response, though different parties seem to appear to hold the responsibility card.

        • jo

          The problem is no one is self reliant anymore and we have been lulled into a state of dependency. In the 20s and 30s people had enough food supplies to last them months, or at least a large percentage of people did.

          On the other hand, the government has a responsibility to PROMOTE the general welfare. They should issue statements that they need the american people to send in donations and they should use the press to run a 24 hour telethon on every channel.

          I do not see a problem with them also in some situations providing capital to multiple private charitable organizations as well. And if that isn’t anticipated to work even using emergency relief public programs. But in business–even charitable non profit businesses–you have to be competent to survive… in government you only need to have the government continue to fund you.

        • jo

          (no political discussion)

  13. @gravestonedoji

    Portable generators are an interesting idea but too many small ones, to power up individual homes, would be needed to be practical. And who would hook them up? The people that are repairing the system? 99% of homeowners couldn’t figure it out. Even if you bot a million small gensets (and a lot of cable, connectors, switches, breakers, etc.), they’d be in storage for long periods of time. Most gens probably wouldn’t work after that long in storage (without a maintenance program)….and that’s not practical for that many generators. Plus you’d need techs that knew what the hell they were doing, not FEMA social workers. Larger generators that could power entire neighborhoods maybe a better idea but also of limited value when the poles/lines are damaged in the area being served.

    Utilities don’t have enough people to deal with these infrequent large scale events. Hiring more staff – just in case – would drive already high rates up higher. State PSC’s thats regulate Utilities would never approve it because the ratepayer would have to pay for it (or Gov’t). Same idea with keeping an excessive amt of spare equipment in storage due to tax considerations. Though a lot of spares are maintained. Extra personnel and hardware support is brought in from other utilities anyway for major outages.

    Nobody wants to hear this but It takes time to repair a system that is heavily damaged and over a wide area, especially doing it following OSHA safety requirements. It’s not as easy as plugging a toaster back in the wall, which is the technical capability of 99% of the population.

    A bunch of FEMA workers couldn’t fix a damn piece of electrical infrastructure BUT they surely could have a better plan for powering up gas stations and arranging for transport of fuel to the area, debris removal etc. Govt emerg plans look good on paper but practical details are hand waved.

    This is in part why I don’t live near major urban areas.

    • xxxHuggieBearxxx

      Smart talk sir.

      Better be damned prepared to take care of you and your own.

    • 'merica

      How about you set up a gal damn refuge center where people can go to? Give the people who need it a roof over their head while they work to pull things together?

      It doesn’t have to be the damn Superdome. Jesus, the army has the ability to set up makeshift housing within hours why can’t they do that on our own soil?

      • inandout

        My 70 year old dad is in Babylon Long Island right on the water, has one 4000 watt generator running two 1500 watt space heaters in his living room with 7 neighbors camping out since Sandy hit, . they have managed to get enough gas out of all their boats to last a while. One Generator keeping three households warm. I think they pay one of the highest taxes in NY and still took a week for help to arrive in any form. You don’t need to hook up your whole house to keep warm in a emergency especially if gas is hard to come by. I lived right on the beach in Florida 2003-2006 been used to going a couple weeks without power, but when it’s cold it can get real dangerous for some. Small indoor propane heaters $50-$250 each and 5 dollars a day for propane, generators , small solar charging packs, portable solar/wind generators, could have all been delivered to all those in need by now if the ones on top demanded it.

  14. Full Retard

    If only we had some ANR coal to burn in our fireplaces to keep warm.

  15. Randomness

    I recall 2 back to back ice storms here in NC where millions were without power (including my family) in 17 degree weather. Each time a week long in subfreezing temperatures. There was no FEMA, there were no generators, there was no help of any kind. All one could do is wait on the power companies.

    • Lisa

      Maybe they should donate all of the electricity and gas that fuels the media toward powering houses to save two-year-old children, and other innocent children, from dying a fearful, horrendous death? I mean, if the media is just burying their stories alive, why waste the energy reserves on it? (Just trying to make some sense out of a senseless situation.)

      • The Fly

        You can’t donate electricity.

        FUCKING A, am I in the Twilight Zone here or have you people lost 50 points of IQ?

        • Lisa

          Does it take a high IQ to see that the media doesn’t really deserve its power or its airwaves?

        • dericDarko

          When the power lines are toppled by ice-covered trees, no amount of “donated electricity” could help anyone…

        • Lisa

          Well, according to the media, you should donate private funds to lowering the U.S. debt. Just call it a tax loophole? Sponsored by President Obama.

  16. Full Retard

    I wasn’t joking. I seriously wish I had some coal. I’m freezing my cojones off. Didn’t think burning my end table would burn so quick. Cheap particle board.

  17. Bozo on a bus

    Power in our development (central NJ) was out until Saturday evening, although the two closest developments had theirs back on Tuesday. The township kept asking PSEG when it would get fixed. They couldn’t answer because they didn’t know where our power was fed from. No drawings of the system exist. I worked for a power company years ago, and not having basic documentation would have been unthinkable.

    I’ll add that my SIL in Morristown is still without power, and gas lines up there are hours long, while here there are no lines at all. I just see zero coordination. The government doesn’t even have a list of which stations have gas and which don’t, or of which roads are open or closed. It’s being done privately on Twitter.

    BTW, it’s like this after every storm; you’d think we would learn.

  18. @gravestonedoji

    I want to hook up 115 kV to the gonads of politicians criticizing utility restoration when the emergency response that they are responsible for is invariablely so deficient.

    And just you people remember how Bloomberg spent more public time addressing that godam Marathon than unchecked Looting that was going on. Keep voting in these people. Hell, Detroit just voted in an 8 time convicted criminal to some shitbox office. NYC shouldn’t stand for being upstaged like this. Paging Charlie Rangel, white courtesy phone…

  19. Mogulhound

    They used the superdome in N O surely they could open up an arena or 2 for these folks…don’t know area … may be not

  20. Raise Taxes, Raise Spending
    Raise Taxes, Raise Spending

    I live in Canada and our newscasts have shown linemen with bucket trucks coming from Toronto to Vancouver and heading to NJ to help hook things back up, often as volunteers. There must be a ton of people and trucks there trying to get everything back up.

    As for that 6 billion. What a huge revenue boost for the networks. Perhaps a year before the next election would be a good time to load up on communications stock.

    • HelplessMammal

      I remember you canuks coming to help us in Fl 2004. Your linemen were awesome. Very dangerous work.

  21. The Fly

    That’s why I am having my electrician set up a 12,500 watt natural gas powered permanent backup generator.

    It will be the best 10k I ever spent.

    • Lisa

      No emergency plan is fail-proof, but no emergency plan is no accident. Kind of like how they let the last NY disaster happen, but that was a different target demographic. And not a natural phenomena. However, media response was much different in that there were foreign and pre-emptive ground wars to promote.

    • JTU

      Please, make sure that you buy it from GNRC.

    • inandout

      May I suggest adding a 2,500 watt Solar/wind portable generator, enough to power one room well in case gas gets hard to come by for a long period of time.

    • muktukchuck

      Make sure you use fuel stabilizer otherwise you might be unpleasantly surprised if you try to start after fuel has been in the tank for a year or so.

      • The Plumbers Crack
        The Plumbers Crack

        Sir Fly is hooking a nat gas unit for power…no stabil required.
        I do believe that the IQ level here has dropped by 50 points.

        Fly, I’ve had a 17 KW GNRC for over a year now…best investment ever, as the electric here (south joosey) has been off 3 times in that year for a week at a time.

  22. Taco

    Oh fuck NYC already. Who the fuck cares? Really?

    Go to rural Mexico and see this shit all over the place. No one fucking cares about that either.

    • The Fly

      And I will never give a shit about rural Mexico. Fuck off you taco shit.

    • The Eye-Talian Stallion
      The Eye-Talian Stallion

      I’ve seen stuff in the interior that would make the most studly man break down. When people bitch about America I have a few stories to tell them..,

    • lol

      Mexico is supposed to be bad so hombres want to come to the US and work 3 jobs and trabajar mucho.

  23. Trading_Nymph

    Fly, You still can move to California..we are not so bad. Prayers to all on the East Coast, the waste of money on worthless stuff like elections and QE makes me so pissed off…which BTW BoE and ECB meeting tonight, looks like nothing out of them.

  24. Cascadian

    W had a great chance to do something about it but the dumb fucks went ahead and voted for Bronco Bama.

    And I doubt Chris Christie will come over and help New Yorkers.

  25. Cascadian

    $6 Bil is peanuts. We spent $8 Bil on Halloween.

  26. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    “The market plunge today was on pace for the fifth-worst day-after-election drop since 1900. The worst, a 5 percent slide, came in 2008, after voters awarded Obama his first term in office”

  27. bobbin4apples

    Sometimes I wish people would ask… what can I do for my country instead of what my country can do for me. But then I realize, thinking about the past and how it used to be, is a waste of time, when the people around you can’t remember Katrina, and how the government was taking everyone’s guns away instead of really helping them.

    15 trillion is not a number that I can really rap my head around so I just call it bankruptcy.

    In other news VHC is the boss sauce.

    Southern Succession! The South will rise again! Sounds better every day that goes by.


  28. Lisa

    IF the fly were here it’d ban this “And Now you Die” post to the lowest depths of hell.

  29. dean

    Bet most those NY and NJ fucksticks voted for Obama too…

    Save me magic negro, save me!

  30. The Pirate

    Don’t worry, VP BIden we’ll keep “Ya’ll” out of chains… just in the dark, freezing cold and without fuel.

    The coming ‘communism’ in Anerica – The Savage Nation:


  31. The Pirate

    MSNBC’s Matthews: ‘I’m So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week’
    “I am so proud of the country. To reelect this president and overcoming — not because of the partisanship or even the policies. Here’s an African-American guy with an unusual background — part immigrant background, part African-American background — with all this assault on him from day one. From Mitch McConnell, from the clowns out there that will never be elected, never will be to anything.

    And the way he took it, as someone said, with coolness and charm and dignity and took it and took it and kept moving forward and doing his job. And the American people, and I know we look at these percentage, 40% of white vote. Fine. That’s about right among Democrats in the last couple cycles, three cycles or four. Good work for them. Good work for him. A good day for America.

    I’m so glad we had that storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things. No, politically I should say. Not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.”

    -the leftist media IS the enemy

    • Lisa

      ..the “leftist” media is a prison camp, coming out of the woodwork periodically on the Fourth of July, or election daze, or more like every 12 to 58 hours…. It is like the F-Shift taking over for the A-Shift. And, it too, passes.

      • Lisa

        So, it depends on which shift is running the media, and the hospitals, and the power companies and the infrastructure at the time of disaster. I spend a good part of each day wondering which shift will be “on” if I am in need of emergency services.

        • Lisa

          ..Like, which shift will be “on” the day the emergency hits and then, which shift will be “on” the next day.

        • Lisa

          the problem with disasters these days is that usually the F-Shift locks-on post-election, post-disaster, or post-attack while the oscillation of shifts prior to said shock therapy confuses the masses into thinking their side has lost or taken control of the situation depending on how the disaster hit them, or the effects of it, and other pre-programmed belief systems. These pre-programmed belief systems will also affect the way the situation is judged and scripted by the viewing public, the non-local jury and/or peanut gallery, which the media represents.

        • tm

          Reply to yourself one more time, you may have the record! And that’s saying something here!

        • Lisa

          Sorry to disappoint, but, ATT stole it from me. I mapped out the rest of the thought and scenario of disaster management, and they gave me a database error message in return, keeping the record comment for themselves!

        • Lisa

          Oh, nevermind, it’s still there. Upsies!

  32. fake amish

    The Jersey Shore can not catch a break. Fucked situation. Hopefully the peeps have some emergency supplies. The generator is key Senor Fly. Water food and weapons also.

    • fake amish

      Disasters natural or not so much do expose the limited chain of supply available to the peeps in need in the current system. Unfortunately the stripping of the fat has led to a one break in the chain implosion in most situations. It is all good until something goes wrong.

  33. ottnott

    Thank you, @gravestonedoji, for offering informed and sensible commentary on the problem, hitting 2 very important points:

    1) You can’t just start distributing or setting up a bunch of generators.

    2) The scale of the problems caused by a major natural disaster, especially one that hits a dense urban area, is such that it is not practical to maintain adequate standby capacity of materials and equipment and absolutely impossible to maintain or quickly gather adequate skilled personnel for evaluation and repair.

    To elaborate further on the generators, Fly’s suggestion would lead to fires, electrocutions, carbon monoxide poisoning, and, quite possibly, theft and related violence.

    There is just too much damaged wiring and equipment, and too many water-soaked conduits to allow widescale use of temporary generating equipment. In most cases, it makes sense to let the electric utility companies handle the problem of restoring power. It might take longer to get it going, but, when it does start coming back, it comes back to tens of thousands of homes at a time.

    I’m not trying to minimize the awful conditions many people face in the storm area, but I have to say that, if you think that the experienced professionals are overlooking a very simple solution to a big problem, you probably have a poor understanding of the problem.

    • fake amish

      Decent points ott. But maybe the city slickers are not completely retarded. Out in coastal Cali the peeps know how a generator works. Is it really rocket science on the Jersey Shore?

      • heaterman

        Taking the services provided by “modern technology” for granted is a recipe for disaster anywhere. Where I live you are considered foolish at best if you do not have a backup for your primary heat source.
        Rather than buy the latest gadgets from LG Apple or Samsung people should maybe think about the what if situations that arise and address those.

        Individual responsibility is a term and concept you don’t hear much about any more and this is what results when it’s neglected.

      • Lisa

        What good is a generator after the house one lives in has been gutted by flood waters?

        • heaterman

          Seashore living is nice but come with it’s own set of built in catastrophic possibilities. Housing should be built with flooding in mind. A friend with several rental properties on the beach in North Carolina lost two of them (old grade level cottages) to Hugo when that blew through. The replacements are built with the bottom floor 17′ above mean high tide level.

          If a person chooses to ignore the “what if’s” they should have a plan to deal with the consequences. Mother Nature ALWAYS wins and you just have to deal with it.

          That being said, I find it appallingly typical that the government agencies there seem to have no emergency plan in place to deal with an event like this. Shelter and food for displaced persons is in my mind one of the primary responsibilities of local governments. Our little township, (pop.953) has a plan and facilities in place for 200 people in the event of something unforeseen. And we don’t have to deal with floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or anything else of that magnitude. The occasional 2-3 day blizzard or F-1 tornado is about it. If we can do it on our limited resources (total operating budget of $210,000 for FY2012) a municipality such as what is found on the east coast should surely be able to have something in place with the resources available there.

          Major FAIL.

    • tm

      Kindly stop injecting reality to the situation. Its fun to rant from the sidelines.

    • Mad_Scientist

      “2) The scale of the problems caused by a major natural disaster, especially one that hits a dense urban area, is such that it is not practical to maintain adequate standby capacity of materials and equipment and absolutely impossible to maintain or quickly gather adequate skilled personnel for evaluation and repair.”

      Oh yeah and I’m sure you said this about katrina too, right?

  34. MX2101

    Where it gets cold, a fireplace or wood stove is an excellent way of maintaining survival warmth during power failures.

    The reason is because burning fuel to directly make heat is more efficient than making heat by the complete electric generation-space heater process.

    Ideally, a house with a yard would have a back up electric generator (using fuel that can be stored for a while) AND have a fireplace or wood stove. Modern wood stoves are quite good, creating heat, yet safely venting exhaust gases outside

  35. traderconfessions

    The same people who want government out of their lives now want government take care of them. How many here have dipped into their own pockets in a meaningful way to help their suffering neighbors?

  36. JTU

    Get ready for it!
    Draghi is about to talk to the media this morning.
    Usually when he speaks, Markets tank!

  37. Cascadian

    Carbon tax will end all bad storms.

  38. Gobama

    Those who preach against relying on government sure are coming out of the woodwork begging for government assistance now. Maybe your bootstraps can keep you warm.

    The question is: What are YOU doing to help these people, other than asking for government handouts?

  39. anecdotal

    there’s always a line a the local sherriff’s office for carry permits. (carrying concealed hand guns thta is) Several staffers work full time on this. This began months ago.

    ps Gov Christie contemplates the devastation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXH_12QWWg8

  40. Jannai

    America is the root of all terror. America invaded sixty countries since world war 2. America invaded Iraq in 2003 and America killed 1,000,000+ innocent Iraqi people.

    • no

      America didn’t do that, special interest groups and corporate lawyers for defense contractors and such combined with a small group of policy makers and propaganda did that.

  41. TMoe

    TMoe Shorting more LNKD here

  42. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    RGR to 60….

  43. insensative b

    Does the the “blood on the street” Rockefeller rule apply?