Saturday, December 3, 2016
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60% Cash

I sold out of most of my positions this morning, in order to regroup. I was able to do this thanks to the large spike in VHC, which is a 23% position. Aside from VHC, EXK is my only meaningful position.

I am looking to buy the blood and find myself, yet again, in an optimal position to do so, with FFIV and DECK recovering almost half of my losses.

I will buy more VHC, without a doubt. And, I am eyeballing SWHC and RGR. This is not an election result that will endear the good folks at the NRA. People will run out and stockpile guns, for fear that they will be banned over the next 4 years. It may sound crazy–because crazy people think this way.

My favorite gun plays are CAB, RGR and SWHC.

Patience is the name of this game. This too shall pass. Ben is still in charge.

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  1. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Gun shows across the country will be a madhouse this weekend.

  2. lol

    Yoku is holding up real well today

  3. OG

    Hov and Nflx has been very strong lately as well. Wish I had more $ to buy the blood.

  4. Leo

    so your southern clients of valor who said to get to cash… pretty correct

  5. The Pirate

    The ‘goat fu_kers’ are PISSED, Athens looks AWFUL rt now…

  6. Mr.Partridge

    Highest cash since 2008 for me….. horseshit market

  7. Gobama

    The only change in gun laws over the past 4 years is to allow you to now carry them in national parks.

    But don’t let facts get in the way.

  8. Cascadian

    The gun issue is more perception than reality. But people with bad perception will be buying guns.

  9. Jakegint


    Guns are being purchased not because people fear O will attempt to ban them (he’s got zero support for that on either aisle), but because people are concerned about the fabric of society wearing at the edges.

    People see Greece, and Italy, look at our current financial state and say “time to buy some insurance.”

    There are people in the wealthiest county in the country (and therefore, ostensibly, the globe) who have been without power now for ten days.

    “Hope,” anyone?


  10. MX2101

    Re: Guns- people desire greater security, not just from rioting citizens, but also against the government, if it comes down to that.

    Internet, cellphones, ATM machines, etc can now, or will soon be able to be turned off within minutes by the government. Your tweets and facebook organizing will not work.

    People need something to fight back with, even if it is likely to be overpowered. Remember the farmer in New England who decided to address overhanded police action by crushing nearly every police car at the station with his tractor?

    • traderconfessions

      yes.. gov’t officials are plotting at this very moment to deprive you of Facebook and all of your electronic devices. I suggest you hurry on down to the local John Deere dealer to get yourself some personal protection. And people wonder why Romney lost the election?

      • MX2101

        btw- I am not promoting or a true believer of that view. Yet, I have no doubt the government would shut down the Internet, cell phones, etc. if they felt it was necessary to insure their power.