Saturday, December 10, 2016
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We Are Going to Squeeze You

Judge Davis ruled that AAPL and VHC must meet by 12/14 to mediate a settlement. This will include royalties and such, paving the way for a path of extreme winship, for myself and others of my ilk– into X-mas. Now with this looming over the heads of the shorts, the fate of their pathetic lives are in the hands of a judge who has ruled in VHC’s favour, not once–but twice! I surmise it’s going to be a very bloody Thanksgiving and Christmas for them.

The streets of Wall will be strewn with their large intestines, blood staining the limestone buildings because some find it to be decorative.

This is not “Fly being Fly.” This is going to happen, small people from the interwebs.

Aside from that, the market is in trouble of vomiting up a few percent, thanks to AAPL. It must hold these levels, else all is lost.

Nevertheless, being that I find myself merrily long just EXK, VHC and a few old men stocks (55% cash), I started a new position in SWHC–despite the run up. Both RGR and SWHC will continue to make new highs, as the south secedes from the Union. We are no longer able to hold this stupid country together. It’s best that we get it on already and divorce one another, for the sake of all that is good and sanctimonious.

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  1. BottleRocket

    The people in the south need guns because they are too fat to run after people. Let them secede, those are the most boring states in the union anyways. How many tourists visit Missouri a year?

    • Fly Leech

      People are also fat in the north, east, and west. This is one fat fuck country. Being a fat fuck is all the rage.

      • Lisa

        This market is so inflated by obesity that it could take months to correct itself. A faster leaner meaner market on the rise, sponsored by a new breed of finance indicators — bulls and bears will be ruled by a hybrid.

      • BottleRocket

        It’s called “suffering” from obesity. These poor people. Minding their own business walking down the street when all of a sudden a big mac attacks their faces. What can they do but bite back?

    • republicat

      McDonald’s $MCD sales down -2% in US.:
      The Michelle Obama diet – Democrats are listening

  2. buylo

    where is da Trumpf when we need him? I thought he was gonna start the Revolution? He’s was probably in NY thinkin WTF and decided to be gone to Trumpf Tower in Honolulu. Can any Republican blame him?

  3. Lisa

    I thought it was 12/20? Judge squeezed that date to 12/14??

  4. Lisa

    Why in the heck did the U.S. unionize behind the iPhone in the first place??

  5. Raul3

    Latch on and feed, the host is strong and we sustain our nutritional needs for years. Add on dips, don’t scale on rips.

  6. juice

    SWHC may do better in a full-on civil war rather than a civil divorce.

  7. The Plumbers Crack
    The Plumbers Crack

    VHC hitting AAPL with their plunger.

  8. Sponge

    Only began visiting ibankcoin very recently but bought VHC and APKT on your most excellent advice. Many thanks, Sir Fly.

  9. the n8 one

    only trade ive made in the last 6 wks is sxl @ 48 n change, holdin gld, 80% cash.

  10. TMoe

    LNKD down you go

  11. Trading_Nymph

    FWIW, 37.50ish is a resistance point for gas to take over that point imho in the Very Short term.

  12. Gappingandyapping

    The south will soon rise again as Woodshedder and I stockpile massive amounts of moonshine and artillery that will later be unleashed on the infidels.

  13. Heaterman

    Buy F on dips. They will be on an even keel in Euroland within 2 years. That is, unless the entire damn continent implodes.

    500MM in cost savings from shutting down a few plants there to get back to demand driven levels of supply/inventory.