Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Obama the Oil Man

When Obama ran for President, he told us that oil was stupid. He promised to diversify us away from oil, in favour of grandiose alternative energies, like “clean coal”, natural gas, wind, nuclear, solar–even biofuels!

The ultimate barometer of the health of any business is its share price. Wouldn’t you agreed? Indeud.

Let us have a look at some returns of alternative energy names, over the past 3 years.

How’s the fucking solar sector doing?

Eek, that sucks.

Maybe the coal and nuclear sectors are doing better?

How about natural gas?

Ouch, that fucking sucks too.

I know. I bet biofuels have done well.


Just for fun, let’s have a look at oil.

Odd no?

In just three years, for whatever set of circumstances, Obama has accomplished what Cheney, and his evil band of Halliburton bloodsuckers, could have only dreamt of accomplishing in a lifetime. He has eliminated ALL competitors for big oil. Back in the Bush days, when he was out and about war mongering for oil, causing havoc and shit, there was a myriad of new players threatening to compete with big oil. Lo and behold, Mr. Super Fucking Liberal aka “The O”, hater of the fossil fuel, savior of the planet, has done nothing but foster a healthy environment for big oil, while creating circumstances to fucking poleax and demolish anyone who dared to threaten them.

The beauty of this decapitation is the fact it has gone entirely unreported by the propagandist main stream media, who are too busy sucking his dick, than to take a step back to see what is going on.

Long live big oil.

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  1. razorsedge

    so by not opening up drilling here he has caused the price to stay high. he’s shuned all practical hope of getting off oil. he’s an evil genius!

  2. theBigRagu

    Money talks and bullshit walks.
    Their all the same.

  3. reef

    Hey bro. Try sorting them the other way (or either all the same way). I don’t approve of these tricks. Would have expect more from you.

    • yeah

      I agree, these are the biggest winners from oil and the biggest losers from all the alternative sectors, so it’s not a fair comparison. Finding the losers from both or the winners from both would be more fair. Although it’s true oil has outperformed the others.

      • The Fly

        I am comparing BIG oil to the rest, not independent drillers. Don’t you fuckers know how to read? Also, don’t you realize that BIG oil makes up the majority of production, while everyone else is grabbing for scraps?

  4. redman59

    Well the proof is in the numbers there. Nice revelation, politics at it’s finest. Need to forward to the White House subject line “WTF”

  5. chuck bennett

    @reef. You smoking the reef buddy? You can’t agrue with them pal. This is not about politics, unless ur making it that. However u you would be alone. Don’t be a dick sucker.



  6. Frog

    What is her name, that Perma-Bear young lady with the avatar of herself in a wedding dress? She explained to us one day the difference between Repubs and Dems. She said “One has a donkey and the other has an elephant, see?”

    But of course they are all owned by mostly the same campaign contributors, with only slight variations.

  7. Gent

    Umm You just figured this out, the list is huge like expanding war zones, drone strikes all over the place, guantanamo, ect.. Thats why he is Oblahblah and get ready for iran boys. 4 more years is whats coming down for you and a nice taaax increase.

  8. chuck bennett

    Again, u can’t argue with the #. U saying winners in solar? Find me 2. We are looking at the average, not the best not the worst. The normal so to speak. FTK went from 1 to 12, no one said anything about that. Oh, shit, I just did.



  9. chuck bennett

    Why pay money for FB when you can own that shit for free?

    How about, Yelp and twitter as well. Free I said.

    SVVC. Trades below cash. Buy it and shut up. 1-2 months, 15-25 percent. Get ready. I see a squeeze coming.



  10. 4fl3x

    Intriguing, thanks Master Fly.

    Btw, do you still think GMXR is a long term winner?

  11. Yabollox

    Obama doesn’t believe in things like “share price.” That is capitalist exploitation of the masses, like FB and MS bending over the IPO buyers.

  12. heaterman

    Just an observation. We are all completely in the shitter. All meaning the entire world economy……

    It just hasn’t flushed yet which gives the illusion of hope. That will last until Nov 6 when 0ilbama wins the election.

    There are those of course who prognosticate that hell will indeud break lose, the 0 man will declare martial law and cancel the aforementioned election, and ensconce himself as ruler of what used to be the free world.

    • Mad_Scientist

      ” the 0 man will declare martial law and cancel the aforementioned election, ”

      What kind of idiot thinks this?

  13. Dick Durban

    The crash in solar, wind and nuke stocks has been driven by natty production going through the roof and the price dropping from 10 to 2.5. Some would argue that’s a good thing. Not all energy stocks have crashed. Gas pipeline stocks have doubled in the past 5 years.

  14. vegastrader

    The O in OBama stands for Oil. I thought everyone knew.

  15. Dr Fly

    On the whole, oil is thriving more now than ever before.

    • fake amish

      the irony of the only job creators stocks crashing is epic. $CHK etc. is oil really thriving? seems like a race to the bottom. every supposedly bull story has a deadend reality.

    • This scam is rigged
      This scam is rigged

      & oil will continue to thrive – overall supply is not keeping pace with demand and alternatives cannot be ramped in time.

  16. Cheesefries

    Chant his name, it will take away your pain.

  17. Po Pimp

    Long live big oil.


  18. Asshole balls

    Phil Philips sucks balls

  19. DonkeyPunch

    OT – Sorry.

    Le Fluuuuoy, there are two possibilities for the immediate future.

    1) The same psychotic slingshot wielding Calvins that did not care about the entire banking system in Europe almost imploding, pre-LTRO, last October somehow grew consciences, got in physical shape, reflected on their lives, and are now concerned and afraid of the rather unlikely proposition of Greece committing a murder-suicide on the global stage, throwing the entire universe into a the vortex of financial death that can be avoided through legal or other means and stocks continue to sell off until we find out that whatever party is voted into office is PRO EURO and people buy anything not nailed down because armmegedon will have to wait until the last fortress, the US, cracks.

    2) or… People wake up to the impossibility of Greece leaving because that really would be a Mayan 2012 type event (and I don’t see Liv Tyler anywhere) and we double bottom hard and rally until the next disaster which will either be the Fed forgoing an easing opportunity next month or the fiscal cliff at the end of the year which is real and horrible.

    Either way, we are guaranteed easing sometime this year, possibly on a global scale and possibly next month.

    So, words of encouragement from the biggest bearshitter to ever visit your site. I don’t know about social media though. I prefer commodities for such plays.

  20. Frog

    Talking about politics is talking about puppets. It’s always the same people pulling the strings, no matter which politician you elect. “I am the great and terrible Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

    • fake amish

      beware of that thinking. socialism kills markets. the 0 will give it the real go if elected again. do not think this first 3 years of bullshit means anything. 0care starts jan 1 2013. the tax cuts will expire. be very aware. the greatest lie being told right now is that both parties are the same. they are not.

  21. Frog

    Yeah, right, Obama decided to spend 3 years covering up who he really is, and is about to magically change into someone different. Most political decisions are made by Congress anyway, and a lot of them are made by the Supreme Court.

    • fake amish

      the 0 spent three years passing 0care and not giving a fuck about anything else. it is what it is. believe what you want.

  22. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    It’s not about 0 or Bush. Mid-East foreign policy dictates our energy policy. It’s win-win for the US.
    1. Pumping crude in Texas thousands of trucks full of crude have to drive to the refineries in Houston. It’s much cheaper to dock a Saudi tanker in Houston.
    2. We eventually deplete all recoverable middle-eastern oil reserves leaving the US’s reserves intact.
    3. The US gives the Saudi’s money and keeps them happy with F-18A’s, Patriot Missle Batteries and recruits fresh out of Westpoint which keeps the Russians and China away.

    Big Oil figured this out in the 50’s. Why fuck with a good thing?

    • heaterman

      I have long thought that #2 was very plausible.

      • heaterman

        But I have to say though, that logic gives an awful lot of credit to our politicians….difficult to imagine that level of intelligence in what passes for congress these days.

    • Po Pimp

      #3 worked for awhile with Iran as well. But how did that turn out in the end?

  23. figesmalls

    Nice Observation…

    Two points:

    1. Could ANYONE have seen this coming?
    2. Notice how the Main Man always wants to tax the hell out of big oil and can never seem to do it.

    • Po Pimp

      Care to compare tax rates for “big oil” vs. “high tech”? Big oil pays more than its fair share.

  24. thistimeitsdifferent

    Since his first deep bow, the Commie in Chief has been a puppet of the Saudis. He will hit Iran next not for Israel for Saudis. In one shot they get rid of Iran threat, blame it on Israel and drive up the price of oil to astronomical levels (which make Saudis happy and also plays into his plans to make Green energy attractive. Oh, you say it will crash the economy? Since when has he cared? A commie wants millions of destitute people beholden to the state. He is the master manipulator of the masses. The hit will go down in August just prior to the elections so he can say America should not switch leaders in time of war. Its all been planed from the start. Wake the fuck up people!

  25. heaterman

    The issue I can’t figure out is why the dorks, nerds and retards (DNR)in our legislature don’t authorize funding for natural gas pipelines to everywhere. Every two bit town should have natural gas piped to it. The infrastructure to support natural gas powered vehicles should be on the “fast track” to say the least. That alone would get the US off the MidEast oil teat and leave Iran, AlQueerda and the like virtually non existent on the world stage. Dry up their source of $$ and things would quiet down immediately for the rest of the world. Put them back in their box and let them get back to killing each other as they have for centuries.

  26. Full Retard

    One sector you forget to mention that has been hit by homo hammers more than any other; wind. Have you seen $BWEN lately? Jeez, I remember when it hit $30 in 2008.

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