Sunday, December 4, 2016
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I will not bore you with false sympathy for crackheads who end up drowning themselves inside hotel bathtubs. In the first place, it isn’t sanitary to soak in a public bathtub, let alone die in one. Remember the basic tenant of what “The Fly” is all about, a despiser and lamenter of all people both alive and dead, and go away knowing that you are the better person. Yep.

Some of you choose to waste your days worshipping with child abusing dick-suckers. Others choose to live and behave like upright walking pigs, inside of homes removed from tasteful decor, opting for plebeian formica over basic granite.

Moving into next week, there will likely be a Greek deal and a sell on the news event, leading to the beginning of the margin liquidation process. This is all playing out for me, Matrix style, in slow motion, for the explicit purposes of gratuitous profit. I’m sorry to say that I have not compiled a watchlist of stocks to buy because I feel there is downside. If anything, a little TZA and VXX can be tossed onto the barbie. But the majority of my money will be held in SMA.

Finally, we have 1 spot left for the annual March Madness contest. The grand prize is $1,000. Second place prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you’re fucking banned from the site. The contest begins tomorrow, so hurry the fuck up else lose your chance. Cheap fuckers.

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  1. sspiff

    I think I’ve heard a saying about trusting Greeks bearing gifts somewhere.

  2. figesmalls

    How big is the sell, as last we week you pronounced no fear at all? I understand your mind can be changed at a whim, and am good with that..just asking for more clarity.

  3. flyaway18

    This was a pretty classless post.

  4. DragonSoros

    They should spend that Greek bailout money on a more worthy cause… like propping up my CPST position.

  5. rru2s

    “…into next week, there will likely be a Greek deal and a sell on the news event…”

    Thanks, oh-market-whambee the Omniscient One, that’s what I was looking for…wondering just what excuse will be good enough to allow me to ditch the sizable baggage of long positions I have been suckered into falling in love with over the last 6 weeks in a whirlwind of alpha-juiced emotion. Once the momo shifts, look out below.

  6. fake amish

    classic fly.

  7. Sikander


    Did you really mean SMA – Symmetry Medical or SMN – the double short basic materials?

  8. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    looks like we gap up 100 points tomorrow

    • TeahouseOnTheTracks

      you were warned …

      “The market should now rally, in Minute wave v, possibly up to SPX 1361/65. These levels are based on the characteristics of this uptrend during similar types of pullbacks over the past three months.”

      by the world’s 4th best Elliot Wave technician right here on this board for days.

      • The Fly


        How can so many wave people have so many different opinions?

        • TeahouseOnTheTracks

          Some are too opinionated trying to make the waves fit their expectations (Timmay) and others use different styles of reading the waves (Prechter).

          Tony uses “Objective” and doesn’t predict until he gets confirmation. He will even go back and retrace waves to see if a possible misread was made and if so will readjust.

          Tony has a team that checks, debates and confirms each others work to reach a consensus before declaring a wave started or completed. He posts tentative (green) waves on his charts and makes them established (black) when the trend is confirmed based on an established and rigid set of rules.

          If an established wave pattern is posted but inexplicably does something out of the ordinary he will recheck and revise his count as he did when he reversed from bear to bull this winter.

          His accuracy and ability to discern a CIT has been nothing short of amazing and gives me the confidence to stay fully invested when others are confused.

          I now have a road map that helps my swing and longer term trading rather than trading on a whim … it’s working for me just as your PPT works for you.

  9. GonzoT

    We finally might get to see public floggings of Greek Politicians. Greece could go Chernobyl…they are gonna burn the place to the ground.

    • fake amish

      they can’t. it all made of stone. those asshats haven’t built anything for thousands of years. also greektards think petrol is only for mopeds and greektard parties(riots) that end at dark or when every greektard needs a nap. do not fool yourself.

  10. Belly of the Beast
    Belly of the Beast

    Was that the girl from the Cosby Show that sung “I will always love yooooooUUUUUoooooo,” on the Grammy’s ?

    CIW, a message from Billy Possumcod, Part l:


    • whitneys' baftub

      i’m sellin shots of her baf water on e-bay.has just enough yeast for that that real whitney tase.

  11. Po Pimp

    Dear Greece,

    Get over yourselves. Your two years in the sun of holding world markets hostage are over. How disheartening it must be to burn down your cities and see stock market futures rally in celebration of your newfound status as Germany’s slaves.

    In sum, shut the fuck up and return to your normal state of irrelevance.

    The rest of the world

  12. Trading_Nymph

    Neo, Fly, I hope you are right…us Zionist have been waiting for such a long time for the Matrix to collapse on itself. I was looking at charts of the SPX tonight since the 1970’s and have never seen the SPX so far away from key ma’s I watch…even 2000 had better support.

    • Jewish Scientist

      What do you mean that you are a “zionist?”

      I’m a zionist (a Jewish one, the real zionists) and I’m locked and loaded, long and strong to the hilt baby. No incorrect discredited short theses for me. Apple to infinity!

      • IDF Sniper Who Takes Out Iranian Bomb Makers
        IDF Sniper Who Takes Out Iranian Bomb Makers

        I’m with you. Obama continues his war on people who have faith in religion. We need to stand with the Catholics now. We have always been in his sights as he divides and demonizes per Saul Alinsky. Every Jew a .22.

  13. DJMarcus

    fly – in another life you must have been a writer. i can’t get enough of your posts, pal.

    another thing — coal stocks definitely pulled back. Still no major consideration to buy something like WLT?

    • rru2s

      Holding WLT, BTU, CLF, YZC since late December. Coal and oil stocks are taking a breather from their explosive January moves (also for non-precious metal miners; e.g., VALE). I am not expecting another explosive ride up very soon, but over the course of 2012 I think coal will gradually make further gains, considering how the end of the world was being priced in during fall of 2011, as solid demand will continue. It’s not like we can whip up 12 made-to-order nuclear reactors or 40,000 windfarms in the next 12 months, and US coal usage should move up this year a bit.

  14. The Fly

    Thanks DJ

    In this life time, I am a writer.

    As a fact, I am a direct descendent of a world famous writer. It’s in the blood.

  15. Jeremy Lin

    Jeremy Lin 4 da WIN!