Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Where shall I begin?

I fucking roasted the livers of my enemies today, like pigs in a vat of hot oil, charging ahead by more than 4.5%, effectively wiping out all of my losses from last week. I attribute such mastery of the markets to my “calculator brain” and “space alien magician” ways.

I booked absurd profits in [[RFMD]] and [[GNK]] today, while loading my vessels with lots of ugly shoes, [[CROX]]. I went long nearly defunct office supply stores, [[ODP]], while accumulating large blocks of bullshit networking companies, like [[ALU]] and [[CAVM]].

Let it be known, I closed out today’s session long of [[CECO]], [[ALU]], [[TER]], [[ODP]], [[CIEN]], [[AMKR]], [[LDK]], [[OVTI]], [[ASX]], [[CROX]], [[CRR]], [[STAR]] and a little [[MVIS]] for shits and giggles.

My short exposure includes, unfortunately, [[FAZ]], [[SRS]] and [[FXP]].

I hope you have learned your lessons, betting against the man in the plutonium powered time machine. Just when you thought Plutonium Petey was down for the count, BAM, he rolls on your face with his oversized go-cart.

So you know, the Godly folks at iBC have elected to allow you to access The PPT (one day pass), in order to vote for iBankCoin’s next tabbed blogger, for a menial fee of $2. Once there, you will bear witness to “The Fly’s” intra-day awesomeness and understand why The PPT is the best financial tool ever invented.


Who Will Die Next?

Pick the THREE candidates LEAST deserving of an iBC blog.


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  1. Cuervos Laugh

    And what day is that pass good for?

    Contestants (who aren’t in the PPT) would like to know.

  2. Eric

    Your trader(s) must be tiiiired.

  3. gappingandyapping

    Fly here is what caused your appendicitis:

    GOOG beat…

  4. Some Dude

    Sick re PPT

    Also *Thought on VOTING*

    Some of the dudes left post good shit but they rarely post. It would be lame if one of them wins and posts a 5 page thesis every 4 days…. Know what I mean!? PPL who don’t post a few times a day are fucking worthless as a tabbed blogger IMO.

  5. The Fly


    Full access to PPT. I am sure you will be “mathing” away once in.

  6. Bull Maggot

    So that $2 one day pass is for tomorrow?

  7. JakeGint

    Gaps —

    You read that article and you wonder how those two are taking being known as the stupidest people in America right now.


  8. In-dee-ood?

    Can you phonetically spell how you’re supposed to pronounce “Indeud?”

  9. Goldie

    In FAZ at 9.00, it closed at 9.32….

  10. Peon

    its a recurring pass until canceled– or at least that is how pay pal is billing it.

  11. The Fly

    “Indeed” but with your bottom teeth protruding outwards.

    $2 pass up now. The Final two vote will be up tomorrow morning on PPT.

  12. The Fly


    I didn’t want the $2 to recur. I will get with IT slave. However, just remember to cancel it, if we cannot adjust.

  13. Veritas5

    Just two things.

    1.I just turned in my Senior Thesis having not slept in about 36 hours, to conclude what has been one of the busiest weeks of my life. Voting to execute somebody after such an event may be considered cruel in some circles.
    2.Because of said Thesis, I was not able to write as much as I would have liked. However, I still cranked out five stories in five days, each of considerable length and researched. Were elected (and with my newfound freedom), I would be posting at least twice a day.
    Thank you.

  14. Aris

    the ibc ppt team fucking bootstomped the market this week.

  15. estydees

    I signed up for the ppt and payed the 2 dollars but whenever I try to login it forces me to select payment information and trys to make me pay again. Anyone else getting this problem? Am I missing something?

  16. toptick114


  17. xerxes

    Yes – I’ve now paid twice ($2)x $2 so FOUR Dollars and it keeps asking me to pay again. Please remedy this issue post haste or my Man Servant shall pay thee a visit

  18. j0sh1ngU

    google great buy @384, but i wouldn’t hold during market hours tomorrow

  19. estydees

    xerxes.. After like 30 min it finally clicked over and started to let me in.

  20. Aris

    if GOOG doesn’t sell off tomorrow, i will eat my hat!

    EAT IT

  21. xerxes

    yes – it appears I was too quick to draw – consider the $2 a tip for Tax purposes

  22. lazy man

    New way to get rid of the next contestant:

    It’s worth sitting through the commercial…

  23. goog

    i am down already

  24. gappingandyapping

    Jake does this sound familiar?

    “Bharatendu Prakash, from the Organic Farming Association of India, told the Press Association: “Farmers’ suicides are increasing due to a vicious circle created by money lenders. They lure farmers to take money but when the crops fail, they are left with no option other than death.”

    Mr Prakash added that the government ought to take up the cause of the poor farmers just as they fight for a strong economy. “

    I gotta say I wish someone would “force” me to take money. Maybe they could “force” me to take some coke and gold chains and shit.

  25. JakeGint

    Indeud, Hendry on Hedge Funding (A Map for the PPT?):

    The Hedge Fund as Investment Laboratory

    The last two weeks, nothing has been fun, because all the portfolios, they all go the same way. There’s no product diversification, so one fund’s doing well another one’s not doing well. I don’t understand that word, supermarket, and the difficult thing right now is we have no confirmation for our ideas, we’re taking a pasting. Three weeks ago, we were 11 or 12 points ahead of the index and today, that’s probably now 3 or 4. At the same time, we were up 10-11 points in absolute terms in the hedge fund and that’s come down to 4. So everywhere I look now, my tail’s between my legs. But my message is the same: All my money’s in my hedge fund.

    The hedge fund, I believe, is as superior product, and if you’ve got that minimal market, those pounds, euros, and dollars, I, we’ve placed within the hedge fund; we use the hedge fund as a laboratory, a test pad. We incubate ideas and once they take root and they gain legitimacy, and once we start to make money on the blasted things, we can then take little transplants and put in to our long [term] holdings. Its a better way, I hope its harmonious and they can live together, one benefits from the other.


  26. JakeGint

    Gaps —

    You don’t understand, those poor fuckers were lured to borrow money.

    It’s all about the verbs.


  27. gappingandyapping

    I was lured by the crack rock, gold chains, foty ounces and riddin on donks!

    so i herd you liek mudkips: Everytime I see your name I can’t help but thinking of a Britney Spears show and tell session.

    Off to be lured by a fucking beef butcher.

  28. Braveflaps

    Nice piece on WFC fuckery (not that it helped my FAZ position…yet):

  29. JakeGint


    Herd, you did.

    So what’s it mean for tomorrow?


  30. omfgitsjd


    Hilarious story on the Domino’s jokers. The path to hell is paved with unintended consequences.

    The consequences for the India farmers may not be so unintended though. Take the money or die, or take the money and die. Is there a word that describes a double edged sword?

  31. Gwar

    Dpeezy was my first choice. Unfortunate for the Chelski.

    Im in for Gint or Veritas


  32. crude_oil

    fly, no energy stocks?

  33. mustard seeds

    Where’s my dog? I missed my call for Fuckery @ 1500L…I was out with my wife for her birthday…just back to rest before rippin er up tonight.. My 868.8 Tomorrow still stands as the GOLD/SP cross.

  34. Vijay

    Stepped off the sidelines with my cashpile (didn’t get caught shorting this rally) to short GS and go long SRS. The end is nigh FLY. Indude

  35. so i herd you liek mudkips
    so i herd you liek mudkips

    Jake: i don’t like commenting when I have no fucking clue, and i have no idea what will happen tomorrow. i read a lot on GOOG/technology-companies (and more importantly understand how their actions indicate their mindset), not so confident on what it means for GOOG price action tomorrow (yeah i know useless, right?). i suspect tomorrow’s closing price of GOOG will be driven by macro moves (by the C/GE earnings comments/conference-call), as people will forget about GOOG’s earnings by tomorrow morning.

    if my positions are any guide, today i’m in all cash, with the exception of some Citigroup call option lotto tickets.

    Vijay: mighty ballsy, SRS is too dangerous for me until the TALF CRE terms are hammered out

  36. DPeezy

    Thanks. (I also have a feeling that Chelsea will soon follow my lead and falter before the finals…)


    There’s no doubt that Jake would have the most readers/comments out of all the candidates, provided he’d blog as regularly as he comments.

    He’s quite possibly the ideal ‘blogger’ – highly opinionated, believes steadfastly in his position(s) and view(s), and has a unique way to express them with his flowery language.

    His uncanny ability to bring out heated ‘discussion’ will no doubt serve him well, even though I have a feeling I’d leave his tab in disagreement more often than not…

  37. gappingandyapping

    SRS will be at or very near zero soon, write it down. SRS is now the old FAS ($1.xx).

    Isn’t it some shit when we are at fucking low lows and a double short ETF is also at extreme lows?

    I think this chart here should scare anyone away from fucking around with homo inverse ETFs.;range=2y;compare=srs;indicator=split+volume+stochasticslow;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

    Faggotry indeed.

  38. omfgitsjd

    In order for SRS to go up 100% to $56 from $28, then then the Commercial Real Estate world needs to get a 50% hammering past the extraordinary lows they are already at. With all the bailouts and interest cuts, sometimes I wonder if SRS will ever get up that high again before it disappears slowly into nothingness.

    Who knows though, it’s an unpredictable world, but in my mind this ETF is a day trader’s tool for huge gambling moves. That’s about it.

    My earlier thesis, long on the large financials back when JPM was at 16 turned out to be a winning strategy, I should have rode them longer than I did.

    I’m beginning to wonder how long oil can hold these low levels though. Any thoughts?

  39. TheArtist

    omfgitsjd ;

    oil will hold at 50 until one of 2 things happen.
    1) the car manufacturing business and transporataion in general has got to get way better, until then the indication is jobs, and or peoples ability to buy a new car will stagnate and so will oil.
    2) supply has to be cut dramatically, which is two fold. The OPEC nations NEED money from the oil, they would rather sell as much oil as they can at 50.00 than to try to cut too much for the purpose of causing a shortage, which would jack the price up, but also could majorly backfire. Their answer is to leave well enough alone, which brings us back to number 1).

    carry on.

  40. dave

    Icahn wants MGM to declare bankruptcy.

    MGM will probably double on the news.

  41. j0sh1ngU

    person above me not true.

    take for example IYR drops 20% a day

    30 to 24 to 19.2 to 15.36. That’s roughly a 50% drop in IYR

    Now for ease SRS is $25 and goes up 40% a day since IYR down 20%. As you can see these leverage etfs depend on how fast the move happens and never is reversed.

    25 to 35 to 49. Get’s 100% in 2 trading days, while IYR down 50% takes 3 trading days

  42. Cash-N-Guns

    Fly if i may be so bold…your current selection of BS skank tech stocks-smacks or repo-man..u better dump this shit quick..the black swan is about to shit on all you gay bulls..maybe u have 1 more day…u are holding the turds.

  43. Woodshedder

    omfgitsjd, you are a little off. SRS only seeks to match 2x the DAILY performance of the underlying. After each day, it resets. Depending on the volatility, it could take a long, or short time to double, and it may double when the underlying doesn’t get halved.

  44. 0sh1ngU Says:

    person above me not true.

    take for example IYR drops 20% a day

    30 to 24 to 19.2 to 15.36. That’s roughly a 50% drop in IYR

    Now for ease SRS is $25 and goes up 40% a day since IYR down 20%. As you can see these leverage etfs depend on how fast the move happens and never is reversed.

    25 to 35 to 49. Get’s 100% in 2 trading days, while IYR down 50% takes 3 trading days

    “Now for ease SRS is blah blah. What the fuck does THAT mean??

    You write like I shit. Crappy and stinky.

  45. Goldie

    The murderhole is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow followed by funneltime all next week. Times may slip 1 or 2 trading days to ensure maximum bulltard participation in said funnel. That is all.

  46. Cash-N-Guns

    assface bulls please continue to buy- especially financials…soon GS will be the king with no clothes…it will be Tooooooooooo funny…Quants blowing up..big money fleeing stocks…but all is well..the Black Satan president said so…Your fucked bulls…bye bye

  47. Cuervos Laugh


    The UUP says otherwise. Still some life left in this bull run.

  48. mustard seeds

    So here we all are..should be bearish, but yet up it goes.

    The path of least resistance now is up…give some NEW news of what horrors lie ahead. CRE..everyone knows, some one is gonna get fucked (General Growth) or more..but others have dodged the knife for now…critial emphasis for now.

    Nobody is shopping, no one is buying cars, no one is getting loans..okay…next.

    The amount of money infused to the banks, with promises of more allows the system….the system to keep working. On an individual level its the fucking dildo of death, but the system will be intact as this all resolves itself.

    Wal Mart/Target/Dollar Store….we see 2 of the three do okay, so the consumer is out there. We now think its okay, the consumer..the consumer. Guess what the consumer is chasing down the items of life to the lowest money changer.

    The consumer is still buying basic shit, and on whifs and puffs some bigger shit like a lawn chair.

    Unemployment will continue to rise.. the underemployment rate will get to 19-20%..just like it did in Johnstown PA in the late 70’s.

    Population growth demands certain products, life products used to be sold at stores like Glosser Bros/ Masons and Jamesway…they are gone now.

    Gee, life went on..but the “system” never collapsed. Its not about you or the fucking unemployed guy or your brother, sister, father, mother, daughter, son,or fucking friend…the “system” is intact.

    As long as the system works, there will be casulties, be clear some of the things you know will be fucking eviserated like little yellow men in napalm off my F4… but the system is no longer in danger of imploding.

    Like the fuck said in 1977 as U S Steel’s president on the steps of their corporate office..U S Steels job is not to make steel but a profit for the share holders…as he laid off 15,000 people in the factories or associated industries.

    The companies worth living will remake themselves, the rules of banking and mortgages will be forever in our lives changed, the can do people will survive and thrive , the clingers on and specialty fucking worms who take the paychecks but are not the ones who put the money out for them will be brought down another notch.

    We will emerge a lot more different than we went in..but this has happened other places in different times in more resrtcicted geographies. The SYSTEM survived.

    Don’t be so fucking arrogant that you know what should be. No one is buying, the layoffs, the lack of demand..the system lived..if it didn’t you wouldn’t have electricty to read this.

    The path of least resistance in this market is up, it makes no sense, but what does is that the SYSTEM is intact.

    Welcome to the SUCK…get over it…..YGBSM

    Kaiser, where the fuck are you…get me a beer.

  49. Just For Fun

    So, 2 bucks to vote for somebody I have probably already read, and am wanting to find new blood, or, save 2 bucks on a system the inventor is fading? I guess I will stay with the democratic way where one doesn’t pay to vote (lmao at self after reading it due to economic situations). At this point the correct 3 aren’t really on the list anymore. I think from what I see that the “free” portion of this site is on its way out the door. I do not come here to find guidance in my trading, but I do come here for all the homework done by the rest of the bloggers. I always find a tidbit or two from links that are posted, that I, as a lone individual, don’t always have time to track down. What you should be in search of to assist traders, is somebody that can blog about options, or other strategies and teaching that can share with others. Information via “Fly Buys” can be found just as easily in U-Stream rooms with other traders that share through live chat during the trading day. I am sorry Fly, but just as I was about to join the PPT, you started fading your system. That doesn’t make me want to spend money I could use buying many of these penny stocks. I have to say, when I see some of these astronomical buys, I wonder if your first name is really Tim. I will come back when the site proves the same growth as your trades. Yes, I think you are an excellent trader, but there is more to consider when building a financial site.

  50. Juice

    The man who called the bottom within days:

    Doug Kass
    Buckle Up, Goose — We’re Going Short
    4/16/2009 4:39 PM EDT
    In light of the fact that the S&P 500 has met my variant view expressed five weeks ago, Maverick is now engaging on the short side. I would caution getting too carried away with the market’s strength — which appears now to be the case.

    Upon closer examination of the quarter, I have re-engaged on the Google short. I have also shorted the Spyders and PowerShares QQQ after the close.

    It is time for another variant view.

    Position: Short SPY QQQQ GOOG

  51. Goldie

    Kass is spot on. He is talking my book!! Long is wrong over this weekend.

  52. The Fly

    You have no idea what the system is about. You should reserve comments to yourself. It’s not some rinky dinky, bullshit, buy/sell system. It’s a lot more than that.

    I am buying garbage stocks. Of course the ratings will be weak. How I derive those winners from the trash heap is another story, all from PPT.

    Good riddance.

  53. omfgitsjd

    I understood the daily reset on SRS. My point was whether everyone really expects commercial real estate to have that significant of a drop going forward to increase the odds. The up and down cycling with progressive moves upward in URE are slaughtering SRS. I’m wondering how long that will continue. Or if URE will just zig zag SRS into oblivion over time. That brings me back to my original thought on SRS. If you think URE will take a dive, go for it. Me? I’m not convinced yet. URE doesn’t look like it’s going to make any more significant moves down. I don’t think the market wants it to happen.

    Thanks for the input on Oil Artist. Sounds like it might see some sideways motion for awhile, but the whole economy runs on the stuff. I might start accumulating.

  54. ^^^^^^^

    Imagine feeling your prose & presence so important to the group here that you compose a three paragraph heartfelt “sayanora soliloquy” like the above?

    Lol. I guess we’ll just do our best to try to muddle through w/out you,


  55. Just For Fun

    “It’s not some rinky dinky, bullshit, buy/sell system. It’s a lot more than that.”

    I don’t think this resembles my point at all. If it were that type of system and was successful we could all burn our charts. You just stated they are garbage, that’s enough for me. I was just offering a little constructive criticism for guidance. I doubt I would have considered the PPT if I wasn’t starting to see a little faith in it.

    “Good riddance.”

    In response to that, your lack of professionalism and salesmanship sucks.

  56. penicillin

    i was thinking 4 or 7 minutes ago that this wonderful internet invention that has turned the whole wide world into a ‘global village’ has since entered a new stage. we’ve forgone the global village conceptual reality and have entered (or twittered) into a global orgy that you never wanted to participate in to begin with, involving all races, sexes, species, retards, and douche bags alike.

  57. carson

    You can look at things any way you want to…
    But we are at a bottom and the future looks bright!

  58. carson

    ps-fly thanks for crox imade some cash on it.

  59. KaiserTheDog

    Master Mustard- No, YOU get me a beer. I may be man’s best friend but I am no slave.
    By the way, Fi Fi is going to the vet tomorrow to see if I will be having little Kaisers.
    I would stay away from SteveTheNeighbor for a few days. He is still mad about his poodle and me having a romantic interlude.

  60. Spaniard

    Just for Fun,

    After seeing your comments at 8:53, which, quite frankly, pissed me off, I had written a scathing, three paragraph defense of the PPT, full of words like “fucktarded” leveled at certain critics who do not understand what it is. This was an hour ago. But, out of Distinguished Gentlemanliness, I deleted the whole thing, and did not post it.

    I won’t post it now, but I will sum it up with this. You’re missing out. That’s it. Enjoy your weekend.

    Oh, and to call The Fly a “salesman,” even a bad salesman, is downright uncalled for and fairly insulting.

  61. The Fly

    Just for fun:

    A. I don’t give a fuck about any of you; therefore professionalism will be non-existent, at all times.

    B. I am not an internet huckster. Fuck the salemanship. If you want that crap, go visit Tim Sykes. He’s a great salesman.

    Fuck off, pal. How’s that for professionalism?

  62. RosettaStone

    Yo tengo much dinero.
    Gracias suckers.

  63. pancho vee yuh

    “Fuck off, pal. How’s that for professionalism?”

    to hell with professionalism, that’s pure sales genious. seriously.

    akin to a bookie saying, ‘if i wanted your money pal, i’d just fucking take it.’

    and i know what i’m talkng about. i used to work for a cement company.

  64. Just For Fun

    LOL! I wasn’t trying to start a shit storm. And just for the record it took me about 3 seconds to click out of SykeTheDyke’s (Sic) site. That being said, I will try it for a month first. If it’s what I see and read about, I will join once more and be known as:


    For the record, I obviously cannot know everything about the PPT, but have looked at every single link in regards to it that has been made available. The garbage buys were bothering me, yet were basically scalps from what I have witnessed. The main reason for my original post was to give an idea or two to help with growth nothing more, nothing less. As far as the rest goes, I am too old and respectful for trash talk. I just thought to make this the biggest and the best, some simple salesmanship could be shown.

  65. JakeGint

    If you really want to be old and respectable, you’ll stop using the passive voice so much.


  66. raj

    i paid for the the username/pwd in the email…but when i tried to login its forcing me to pay again…Do i have to wait for a while ?

  67. MOOBER

    I paid, no password. Just emailed Jeremy. Looking forward to the elections!

  68. mustard seeds

    Tell Mr. Steve Fi Fi’s gonna be have big Kaisers