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I tried many things today until one worked. I ended up taking 10% sized positions in the top rated stocks inside Stocklabs and hedged that with $SQQQ and $TZA and came out at SESSION FUCKING HIGHS. It was fun to play and even better to have won. The Gods answered by prayers and bestowed the gifts of the plenty unto me, and the wrath of vengeance on those betting against me.

I’ve revised my opinion for BLACKED FRIDAY to neutral — but maintain a terrible forecast for all of December. You might thing we’ll make it — but we won’t.

Today we cook and prepare for tomorrow’s feast. We will drink wine and celebrate the annihilation of the savagery from the Americas — the ascendency of Europeans — forging an empire out from the woods and the marshes. When I saw “we will drink” to these things, I mostly mean just me and to myself — since no one else in my family shares of my ideals.

DO NOT WORRY — it’s not all that serious and I concern myself with other things in much greater detail. I am a very serious internet person — but much more affable in person where my interests are wholly concerned with family and having a good laugh.

Speaking of which, I will be laughing all the way to the fucking bank when PAX AMERICANA crashes into 2024 and you’re all festooned with losses — crying in the comments section about how you were tricked and fooled, cajoled even, into believing in the bull.

Those days are interminably over and all we have now are whims, rumors and hope.

Happy thanksgiving to all and be sure to check into iBankCoin tomorrow, where I intend to convert one of my classic Thanksgiving posts into video.


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