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Giants Win; Market Set To Rip

“The Fly” had an unbelievable night—at a surreal Super Bowl party.

More on this later.

Just know, the traders on the floor will run the market higher tomorrow, as the “feel good” attitude spills into market sentiment.

UPDATE: Get your Super Bowl winning “The Fly is Watching You” organic tee’s now—before they’re entirely sold out!

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Pre-SuperBowl Thought

The only reason why railroad stocks are running is because of “coal rage,” not a booming economy.

Go Giants.

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BREAKING NEWS:Moody’s Upgrades “The Fly”

Credit rating boosted to AAA, thanks to a cash infusion of 2 billion goat dollars— from the King of Romania.


UPDATE: S&P and Fitch are expected to upgrade “The Fly” to AAA, within hours.

Still Developing…

UPDATE II: “The Fly” may need a bailout, now that he has acquired AAA rating.

Still Developing, pt 2…

UPDATE III: “The Fly” will now begin insuring mortgage backed securities, providing he can get a bailout. Why wouldn’t he get a bailout? He’s AAA rated.


UPDATE IV: “The Fly” is too big to fail.


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Bear Stew

This week, the bears got their faces punched off, as the banks and homies danced on their own graves. In a odd twist of fate, “The Fly” played this recent run 100% wrong, following his genius early year calls.

Essentially, this week, Mother Market beat me senseless, with ricockulous losses in [[SKF]], [[EFU]], [[SMN]] and [[REW]]. Oh, let’s not forget the psycho move in [[LEH]] too.

I’ve never seen the banks run like this, ever. These fuckers are moving up with a vengeance, out for bear blood.

Trust me when I tell you, short sellers are being depleted entirely of walking around money—similar to what the bulls felt two weeks ago.

If you’re not careful, the market will bankrupt you, then drive you to the front door of your local mental institution.

Finally, it’s worth noting, “The Fly” is confident his fortunes will increase next week. The year is young. We’re just getting started.

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Fly Sell: LEH

I sold short 3,000 [[LEH]] @ $65.47.

Disclaimer: If you sell short LEH because of this post, MSFT will buyout MBI and ABK too. And, you may lose money.

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Fly Buy: SKF

I bought 1,000 [[SKF]] @ $93.80

Disclaimer: If you buy SKF because of this post, your computer will electrocute you. And, you may lose money.

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Quick Alert: Eating Oatmeal

Due to egregiously bad market calls, regarding banks, “The Fly” has decided to eat a bowl of “unsugared” oatmeal, then catch a flight to Romania for dinner.


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Bulls vs. ABK Bears

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6IvbeVGLQs 450 300]

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