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Top 100 Ranked Stocks

With the market selling off to start the week, our Exodus algorithm is spitting out its first oversold signal of the year.

With that signal hit, I want to see what people have been buying, while others were selling. Here are the top ranked stocks within our software: CLICK HERE FOR THE TOP 100 RANKED STOCKS

Tickers in focus as we begin a new week include:

csco abx glw teva stld hon cavm cake jbht

See you guys at the open.

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$DRYS Active In After-hours Trade

Dryships, symbol $DRYS, is up a quick buck in after hours on news that a big investor, Kalani Investments, picked up 22.5M shares at $3.08/share.

The stock remains a sell, I expect this thing to be red tomorrow. Avoid.

I’ll be back in a few minutes with some charts to watch this week. Also, Exodus gave us an oversold signal today.

Carry on.

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Fitbit Set To Cut Workforce On Weak Q4 Sales

Apparently, no one is buying Fitbit, but myself. Shares are down over 10% this morning as the company slashes outlook. Here are a few notes from this morning’s press release:

  • Fitbit sees preliminary Q4 revenue $572-$580M vs. prior guidance of $725-$750.
  • Fitbit sees Q4 EPS -$(0.5) – $(0.51) vs prior guidance of 0.14 -$0.18.
  • Fitbit Set to cut workforce 5-10%

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A Weekly Look At The US Stock Market

We finally did it. The first week with Trump in office and we finally broke through Dow 20,000. It was a choppy ride over the last few weeks, but the bull managed to pull it out.

The S&P 500 finished higher once again on the week, and managed to close above this range we have been trading in dating back to December, a pretty clean break. The Slow Stochastics are still overbought, but the bulls are still firmly in control:



Semis, Drugs, Banks, & Basic materials continue to see some of the biggest gains week over week, judging by our Exodus weekly hybrid change:



As for individual stocks, the following tickers saw the greatest jump in hybrid score this week and worth reviewing over the weekend:


I’ll be back later this weekend with some more charts setups, have a good weekend all.

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Trade Ideas For Friday

Here are a few tickers to watch for Friday, all of which landed on today’s hybrid mover screen inside Exodus.

I pulled the following tickers from our trading software and imported the results to finviz for your viewing pleasure, for those that would like to view the screen in full, CLICK HERE.

Charts of interest headed into Friday primarily include setups within the oil & gas space. If we see continued strength in the underlying commodity, watch for significant breakouts within the industry. Here are a few of my favorites from tonight’s screen:

oas wpx cpe apa cof hlx WTI awk aeri__

See you guys at the open..

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Stocks To Watch Today

As the market continues to go in uncharted territory, here’s a look at your daily runner screen which can be found inside Exodus. This particular screen searches for stocks that are trending higher on the day with a large relative short percentage.

I’ve imported the tickers from today’s screen for your viewing pleasure:CLICK HERE FOR TODAY’S RESULTS

Tickers of interest today include:  $CHK, $OREX, $FEYE, $TWLO, $ONVO, $BCEI, $NTNX, $KBH, & $BBG

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