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Things continue to build in a positive direction for stocks, at least in the short term. China once again had a strong move, with your father, $BABA, having another nice day. The S&P500 continues to flag out right underneath the 50 day EMA, a break above should set us up for at least a short term push higher.


RIG bros got a nice move yesterday and now is testing $5, things get a little thin there if we can push back over recent highs, 5.50s. Also, from yesterday’s scan, $LABU finally made the move off the lows and is following through nicely this morning. In today’s scan, I see my favorite ticker, $RBLX, hitting the tape. Even up 8% this morning, I still like it as a swing trade:


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The Momentum Flows Through Black Gold

Oil is back near $120 again, and at this point looking to break above early 2022 highs. What stops this freight train from hitting $200 this year? Definitely not the warm gulf waters as hurricane season looms, just take a look at how we are setting up into the summer:


As for your movers today, oil & gas names are stealing the show once again, with a hint of Biotechnology.


On my scans I’m seeing lower-tier oils litter the list, names like $IMPP & $HUSA hitting the tape. I also see $LABU fighting its was back on scan. I still hold some $RIG & $REI for my oil needs & tempted to try another LABU trade. Let’s see if we get a big momentum shift back into the oils as the rest of the market struggles to find its way. Developing…

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Solar, Semis, & Chinese burritos

Could this be the beginning of a new leg higher? or is there more pain to come in the back half of 2022? Your guess is a good as mine here, as I have struggled durning the first half of the year. My performance has been lackluster, pretty much in-line with the indices and nothing to be proud of.

In the midst of QE tightening, could we finally be carving out a short term bottom? The semiconductor names showing up to the party is a good sign. It’s also good to see China bouncing (BABA +$100), and bitcoin shooting back above 30K. But, in my opinion, i just cant see how we bottom here. Regardless of views, here are some names on my radar today based of scans:

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March Madness Is Here; Enter You Pick In the Comment Section

The 15th annual “2021 March Madness Stock Tournament” is here. Registration is now open! To enter this tournament, the rules are very simple:

  • Place your stock pick in the comment section
  • No duplicate picks (time stamp in comment section wins out).
  • NO ETFs
  • And, stocks must be over $10
  • The stock tournament will run for six weeks: contestants will go head to head with a new opponent each week, with the winner advancing to the next round. Scores reset each week to keep a level playing field.

I’ll keep things simple this year and go with $TWTR as my pick. Good luck all, you may now enter your pick in the comment section below:


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Oil Lights Up The Scans As We Begin February

Oil stocks have been the clear outperformer in 2022, and start the month of February in similar fashion. The momentum scan inside Stocklabs is one again heating up, with over 200+ names to sort through. For those that feel like doing a little chart surfing tonight, you may access the scan here. My favorites, if oil continues to ramp here, can be found below:

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Back In SOFI For The SuperBowl

What another epic weekend of playoff football the past two weekends. I must admit, I did not watch much NFL football during the regular season, but the Playoffs have been a treat to watch. LSU represented hard for both wining teams, the Bangles (Joe Burrow) & the Rams (OBJ). And, now $SOFI finds itself at center stage with the rams hosting the Superbowl in SoFi stadium.

I wrote about this in the past, and now with the market selloff, now is as good as any time to load up on shares of SOFI (personally speaking). Oh, we also got the bank charter news, which the market brushed off due to overall risk off market environment. Here are some names lighting up on my volume scan to start the week:


Let’s see if the momentum can shift this week. Good luck all & long $SOFI into the Superbowl…

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