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Happy 4th Of July; Here Are Your Top Rated Stocks As We Head Into The Second Half Of 2017

Here is your weekly look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside Exodus. Again, I did not use any volume filters or free cash flow metrics, giving you a pure look at The Top 100 inside Exodus. I’ve narrowed this week’s list of names down to seven of my favorite setups. Here’s what I will be watching this week:

For those interested in the full screen, with all 100 charts, it can be found HERE. Also, please note that the full list is sorted by volume not the actual ranking. Exodus Members can view the actual rankings HERE.

$SORL takes the number #1 spot again this week. We need to watch that one.

Happy 4th all!

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The First Half Is In The Books

Now that the first half of 2017 is in the books, here’s a look at the leaderboard for our 2017 Stock of the Year contest:


Indeud, it’s been all about the bitcoin in the first half of 2017 so it’s no surprise to see $GBTC on top, but how is Weight Watchers is #2? They haven’t died yet? I guess Oprah really is that powerful.

Now take a look at The Cajun with his pick in NTDOY, up a cool 60% in the first half of the year. The difference between me and everyone on this list, is that my pick is the largest position in my portfolio, and has been since coming into the year.

And yes, Nintendo ($NTDOY) still goes higher. I’m calling for $60 by year end. Here is the full contest link: CLICK HERE

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The Financials Hit Their Head & The VIX Soars

All things pointed higher at the open with some beautiful breakouts in the financials. Similar to March, once the financial sector fund ($XLF) touched $25, things failed and went the other way fast. At one point today the VIX was up nearly 50% for the day, which helped me unload my shares in UVXY.

For some reason the $XLF does not like $25, see below:


The Qs also had everyone talking as prices started to break below some significant support levels, paving way for some nasty declines in Tech. Here’s a daily look at the Qs closing below the 50 day moving average, but above prior support levels:


As for today’s hybrid movers, there are only a few to note: SWN, NOV, RRC, HAL, CMG, & URRE. (Full Screen)

Let’s see if today was a one day event or if it turns into something a little more flashy. What say you? Over the next month (July), do you see stocks higher or lower?

Vote below:

How are you feeling about the market heading into July?

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Bears Greeted With A Fresh Serving Of Trumpus

All is good in the neighborhood today as many bears were greeted with pie in the face this morning. Yesterday’s close was troubling, but today is a different story with the Trump trade well underway:


As for some runners to watch for today? Our Exodus algorithm is calling for squeezes in the following names:


So far on the day I took a trade in $SNAP. I will use yesterday’s low to manage the trade. Make sure you drop by our trading room for more actionable trading ideas, click HERE for more info.

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Trump Trade Back On?

The Trump trade appears to be alive and well today with $X, $AKS, $CLF toping today’s runner screen. Also, can we get a hand clap for VRX & $CARA? (See post here). $CARA continues to land on my runner screen.

Here’s a look at my favorite charts from today’s screen inside Exodus:

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Six Stocks To Watch This Week

Despite a lackluster day, Monday’s hybrid screen inside Exodus produced 200+ tickers to review tonight. For those interested in a little chart surfing on this fine summer evening, the full screen can be found HERE.

My favorite six names heading into the week include:


Let’s watch for a breakout in $GM & $F, the charts are ripe and are both flagged by our Hybrid Algorithm. On strong oil, let’s see if $SM & $KMI can squeeze. As always, come join us inside the Chatroom (HERE), as we look to trade a few of these setups.

Off to finish watching the College World Series (Go Tigers)!

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