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The Master Screen Inside Exodus Continues To Perform

I was away for most of the day dealing with real world issues, but I did manage to sneak away with some coin thanks to the almighty $BIOC. The penny stocks continue to give the best action and today was no different as covid names started to catch a bid once again.

It’s almost comical to me that the NASDAQ futures are trading back to 10,000. This market has the ultimate bid underneath but I still can get behind buying the indices or even leaders like $AAPL. For this reason, I will continue to look to the Exodus master screen for quick trades. $BIOC lands #1 in terms of volume on today’s screen and has been a constant name highlighted on this blog. $IBIO has been another name on this list as of late. We even got the oils popping back on, most notably, $OXY.

Again, for Exodus members this has has been my go-to screen to find trading ideas. Monday’s list is no different with a bunch of tickers worth watching. For a full look at today’s screen: CLICK HERE.

Exodus members make sure to bookmark screen HERE.

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Robinhood Traders Rejoice: Weekend Top 100 Has $XSPA Ranked #1

Here’s your weekly look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside our trading software, Exodus. This weekend screen searches for stocks that have a high combined technical & financial score, aka The Hybrid Score. The technical ranking will push the needle, hence why $XSPA is number #1 this week:

This screen changes daily and can can be viewed in realtime by Exodus subscribers HERE. Here are some charts worth noting from today’s scan:

For those interested in the full scan this week, CLICK HERE for charts. Let’s see if XSPA can continue to squeeze higher this week as it converts Spa’s to Covid testing centers.

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Food Delivery Back In Play

It’s no surprise to see the masterlist in Exodus loaded down with inverse ETFs after today’s drumming. It’s also nice to see the pandemic playbook still working to a T as the Food delivery plays catch a bid as the market falters. Checkout the ol’ $WTRH setting up once again:


Here is Thursday’s master screen which shows the day’s overall picture: Inverse ETFs, Food delivery Plays, and the almighty awesome and amazing $XSPA.


Exodus members make sure to bookmark the screen above HERE to get a view of what is working each day. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

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All Eyes On Bitcoin 10k

Bitcoin has that run-away look as price nears the all important 10k mark. The high back in early May was 9,999 I believe, so a move above the 10,000 mark should create an explosive move. Keep a close eye here as price gets up and elevated:


The above average screen inside Exodus lit up with bitcoin proxy plays on Wednesday, specifically $DPW, $MARA, $RIOT & $TEUM:


Not into Cryptocurrency? Gold & Silver are also on the move and threatening to break out to new highs. The momentum scan in Exodus picked up both $GLD & $SLV today:


I will be watching both Bitcoin and the gold miners for explosive moves as we close the week. It’s just about the only thing that makes sense here. See you guys at the open…

Long Bitcoin

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Oilmen Got Paid Today

I have a bunch of local stories of guys who got paid today, specifically oil men that aggressively bought dips in oil. One guy in particular, who took cash out of his house in order to go long $OXY when it was a young teenager.  Another young fellow who just opened a brokerage account put his entire net worth in $OAS when it was well under a buck.

Indeed, today was a good day for oil men. Just take a look at the gains from today’s Exodus screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Other than oil, I noticed cannabis trading well on the backs of Elon’s weekend tweet:

$ACB is worth watching here for a low float squeeze, and $TLRY found it’s way back on the master screen:


And for you penny lovers, $BIOC remains on my screen, as does the local fav $WTRH. The squeeze continues, until it doesn’t. Trade accordingly…

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Q Gives The Signal; COVID-19 Has Been A Stunning Success

I came into the week short the Qs, via $SQQQ, which has been a little painful this week. Yesterday, the NASDAQ made a fresh high, completely wiping out the Pandemic of Covid-19. Today, the Qs, made a fresh new high, before retreating back down. Can we sit here for a second and appreciate this move off the lows? (See chart below):


Anyone who has tried to short this market has had a difficult time as of late. I am guilty of a few cuts myself. The question now becomes, are buyers exhausted? or do we start to enter a euphoria phase, sending us much higher, dragging more dead short sellers along the way?

I can’t call it, but I do have a master screen in Exodus which shows me what people are buying. Apparently, the penny stocks continue to give the best action. Today was all about XSPA, and what a day it was. BIOC jumped on the screen midday, and the small oils populated the list throughout the day: CPE & RIG. The Airlines even jumped back on today’s screen.

So we got penny stocks and airlines. That doesn’t leave me feeling too bullish overall, but the dash for trash continues. Let’s see what these two can do for us tomorrow:

Note: Here is today’s full screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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