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$DRYS Resurrected From The Dead

$DRYS DryShips made it to the hybrid screen today as the stock saw a sweet little short squeeze after hitting fresh 52 week lows yesterday.  The action was strong across the industry even into the close, have a look: SHIPPERS

Other strong stocks on the day include: NFLX, SQ, Z, MON, & MRVL, all of which come from today’s hybrid screen. The screen in its entirety can be found HERE.

Let’s see if the shippers have more juice tomorrow. I’ll see you guys bright and early inside the Exodus chat.


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Well, we got the rate hike today so let’s take a look at the top performers on the day. Let’s start with the losers first, since we bathed in a sea of red (see below). Gold and silver were dismantled once again to the tune of 5%, leading the way lower on this extra special FED day. Oil & gas saw a nice pullback as did the REITs. As far as the shipping industry, there are dead bodies everywhere as $DRYS made fresh new lows on the year today. Have a look:


As for the winners on the day, well… there’s not much to talk about other than maybe Airlines (see below)? No thank you.


As for today’s hybrid movers inside Exodus, you may view the full screen HERE. My favorites from our daily screen include: JD, DISH, & UAA. Keep an extra eye on $JD here, if she can hold $27, a breakout will be on the horizon. I’m currently long a few shares.

See you guys at the open…

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Today’s Top Stocks Inside EXODUS

Here are a few stocks worth watching here, all of which come straight from the “Hybrid Screen” inside Exodus. To make it to this very screen, the individual equity must have a change in its overall Hybrid Score greater than 25%+. Our daily hybrid screen produced 90+ results today, the full screen in its entirety can be viewed HERE. Charts of high priority include:

tsla agn amzn slw mnst lvlt prgo gst

I got long the TSLA today, and eyeing LVLT for a trade tomorrow. Come join us inside the Exodus chat as we look to take a few of these setups.

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$TSLA Back In Play

$TSLA is back on the runner screen this morning, as the bulls managed to reclaim the 50 day moving average. I’m currently looking for a spot to add to my long term account, so long as the 50 day can hold here. Here’s a look at the daily chart:

Other names on today’s runner screen can be found HERE. Let’s go TSLA.

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Eight Stocks To Watch This Week

It’s time to sort out Monday’s hybrid screen, which can be found inside Exodus, and produce a watchlist for the upcoming week. I’ve imported today’s screen to finviz for your viewing pleasure, you may review the results HERE.

From today’s screen, here are eight names I will be watching this week:

fcx swn nke dis ggp himx meet clvs

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Netflix Can Now Be Watched Without Wi-Fi

Netflix finally releases a download option, and the internet rejoices:

Netflix continues to expand its dominance over the average person’s TV and movie consumption. It has now announced a major new feature, which will likely result in more bingeing and less productivity. Bring it on. The company revealed today that some of its most popular content is now available to download. That means one can watch Netflix on the train, in a plane, or walking down a busy street. The downloadable shows and movies can be watched anywhere and anywhere, no Wi-Fi necessary. The update comes at no extra cost to subscribers, either.

The download feature was announced in a statement written by Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation Eddy Wu:

While many members enjoy watching Netflix at home, we’ve often heard they also want to continue their “Stranger Things” binge while on airplanes and other places where Internet is expensive or limited. Just click the download button on the details page for a film or TV series and you can watch it later without an Internet connection.

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