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Turnaround Tuesday Didn’t Happen

Everyone was looking for the face ripping rally today, especially with it being Tuesday, but we didn’t get it. And, being that we didn’t get it, the market becomes a little more venerable as we hang around important moving averages.

Take a look at the small cap index, the $RUT, sitting on the 200 Day Moving Average:

And, the S&P 500 index sits right on 50 Day Moving Average:


I, myself. am looking for a dip to buy, and I have a bunch of  statistics inside Exodus to help with the decision making process. Take a look at this screen below, which flags stocks that are being oversold:


I will be watching $GOOGL tomorrow for a possible option trade. I also like the idea of buying any and all weakness in $ROKU. And, $SNAP under $7, you have to be long for a $SNAP back.

Exodus members save the oversold screen HERE, and stay tuned for an option trade setting up here in $GOOGL:


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SnapChat CEO, Even Spiegel, Unloads Profitability Report In The Face Of Negative Downgrades

Thank You Mr. Spiegel, for putting two very bright analysts in their place today with your profitability update. I had to fend off short sellers all day today, thanks to another downgrade from Citigroup this morning. I’ve heard many outlandish statements over the past few days from the $SNAP bearshitters, some even mentioning bankruptcy for the company. I swear Mr. Elon Musk is right, these bears are “unreasonably maligned”.

You see $SNAP is an epidemic, just like Fortnite, to these kids– and now adults. This isn’t your next $GPRO. There is a reason why Mr. Spiegel has turned down multiple billion dollar buyouts. Here are some notes from $SNAP, now trading back over $8 in after-hours:

Snap Inc. (SNAP) shares rose in the extended session Thursday after a memo from the chief executive that set a goal of profitability for the full year of 2019. According to an email published by Cheddar (https://cheddar.com/videos/snap- ceo-evan-spiegel-company-memo-on-2019-strategic-goals-and-profitability), CEO Evan Spiegel said that Snapchat’s parent company was “executing toward our stretch goal” of a break-even final quarter of 2018, and had set full-year profitability for 2019 as an objective. In the long email celebrating the 7th anniversary of the launch of Snapchat, Spiegel acknowledged a difficult experience in redesigning the app in 2018, and established a priority on messaging for the company moving forward.

See you short sellers tomorrow. Good day.

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Midweek Momentum

Here’s a look at over 100+ stocks closing near the highs of the day today, all of which come straight from our momentum screen inside our Exodus platform. I’ve imported today’s results for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Charts in focus here include:


Members make sure to save and bookmark screen HERE.

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Late Night Poll: Do You Believe Brett Kavanaugh Is A Rapist?

That title was just to get you to click on this post, but while we are at it, let’s vote:

Do You Believe Brett Kavanaugh Is A Rapist?

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Forget politics. What I really want to know is how you guys are feeling on the current market environment as we close 2018. Bullish or bearish? Vote below:

Are you Bullish On The Market As We Close 2018? Or Bearish?

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Here are today’s top hybrid movers as we start out the new week/month. The bulls were out in full force on the opening bell, buying names like: $GE, $ROKU, $TSLA, $GM, $CHK & $SLCA. Oil saw a powerful move, and looks poised to break away higher here. Get ready for $5 gas. Today’s full Exodus hybrid scan has been imported for your viewing pleasure and can be found HERE.

Charts to watch for the upcoming week include:

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You Down With OPP? The Meaning of OPP

If you’re under the age of 47.5, then you probably heard Naughty by Nature’s song O.P.P. I’ve heard this song on multiple occasions in my life, but never question the meaning of OPP. What does it mean to be down with OPP?

Well, after seeing Musk tweet about it around 4:20AM, I had to Google it.

After my Google query, apparently being down with OPP means you are willing to cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend. The meaning for Guys, ” Other People’s Pussy”. For women, “Other people’s penis”. At the end of the song they keep it clean and mention “other people’s property”.

Man, you got to love hip hop and pop culture. So what was Musk implying? LOL. He even gave us the wink emoji


You got to love it, and it looks like I missed my chance to enter $TSLA on Friday. Feel free to discuss in the comment section while I finish my scans.

Watchlist for the week developing….

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