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$TWTR Twitter Catches An Upgrade

I don’t know how I feel about a $TWTR upgrade right before earnings, but I’ll take it, even if it from a fake firm like BTIG.

The analysts over at BTIG said their upgrade was based on the belief that Twitter’s daily active user user growth is accelerating as twitter has taken center stage following the U.S. presidential election.

The analysts does say that Twitter still has to overcome the user growth issues in 2015 and 2016.

The stock is up over 2% in premarket.

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Is It Time To Get Defensive?

Looking over today’s top movers, inside Exodus, it’s clear that investors were looking for lower beta (less risk), and high dividend paying names. Take a look at some of today’s top results:

pg wmt cl__

On the flip side of things, an area investors continue to flock to is China. Here are a few Chinese burritos that made today’s screen:

sohu bita cmcm wuba zto__

We’ll see if the bulls have what it takes to continue this epic march higher, or if we collapse from here. Mixed signals continue throughout, and gold (believe it or not) is holding its own. Less continues to be more until one side takes a stand.

See you guys at the open…

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5 Stocks To Watch This Week

As we begin the week, it’s time to sort through our hybrid screen, inside Exodus, and produce a watchlist for the upcoming week. Today’s list came up a little short from past week’s results, which is no surprise given how slow it was out there today.

For those interested in today’s full Exodus screen, it can be found HERE. Charts in focus this week include:

bas bidu now sina taho

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The Trump Trade Is Still Intact

As we head into the final hour of trade, here are today’s top performing hybrid movers inside Exodus. Today’s list highlights the usual suspects, aka the “Trump” trades: steel, pipelines & coal. Here are my favorites from today’s screen:

x swn clf kmi kmb rs ln

For those interested in today’s full screen: CLICK HERE

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Trade Ideas For Wednesday

Here’s a look at today’s hybrid screen inside Exodus, which produced a bunch of great looking charts within biotech as well as the metals & miners. For those that feel like doing a little chart surfing tonight: CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE SCREEN.

My favorites setups can be found below. Make sure to drop by the Exodus chat as we look to trade a few of these names:

auy gild vips ego ag o exk

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Stocks To Watch Today

Biotech stocks lead the way this morning and litter today’s runner screen inside Exodus. Gold and silver are also putting in a solid performance, here’s a look at your leaders this morning:


Stocks to watch today from today’s runner screen include:

feye srpt syrg ntnx cmcm

Today’s full screen can be found HERE. It looks like they are running the $DRYS again.

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