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Volatility Or Momentum? LIT JESUS SAVES

I missed the trading day on Friday as I was out surveying hurricane damage from Ida. My parents live in Metairie just west of New Orleans, and just east of ground zero for Hurricane Ida. They made out okay considering the damage done in neighboring towns: most lost roofs, shingles, and electricity for 11 days.

We had to rip out one ceiling in the the second story of my parents home, which was the worst of the damage. The wind was whipping so good that rain came in sideways through a top air vent in the home. Luckily, my parents just had a new roof installed, and it held up like a boss. The ceiling should be fixed this week and all should be good, just in time for the next hurricane. They are getting too old for this….

It’s been one distraction after the next from me, but I promise I am trying to get back to mother market. Looking at Friday’s momentum screen it was a mixed bag. I’ve imported the screen from Stocklabs to finviz for the public’s viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS.

From Friday’s scan, we had volatility products being bought up along with some usual suspects. I have my eye on: SOS, AFRM, TIGR, ABUS, PTON, & BMBL. If all else fails, I will look to $TZA or $VXX.

As for NFTs, I have not made any meaningful buys since labor day. I did mint a Jesus piece, but it was free due to some complications with the development team. The team did not want to slow the momentum down so they rolled out their first Genesis collection for free. My mint has laser eyes and a combover, and I dig the art. Some say it’s sacrilegious, I have no idea. I will say this though, I am a believer in Christ, but not the most religious man. I pray that my kids, one day, have a relationship with God and maybe they do. They are oh so very young, and life can be oh so very hard. Talking to them about God can be even harder. I pray God can keep them focused and find a way into their life, bigly.

A simple prayer can get the process rolling and their name reserved in the book of life forever. To my young girls, I will continue to tell you to pray, “Lord forgive me for my sins, I ask you to come into my life. I believe in you, I believe that you died for me, and washed my sins away. You rose again, I am cleansed from my sins, and I can’t wait to meet you in heaven.”


If you said that prayer I believed you have been saved.

To my two daughters: Heaven will be LIT!

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Labor Day Is Over; Back To Work

In the month of August 2021, I decided to venture off into NFTs in lieu of Stocks. I wanted to “Ape-in” to get a feel for the market, how it works, how to send crypto back and forth to different wallets. I wanted a crash course into the future of digital art, and boy did I get it.

I quickly turned 5k into a big pile of ETH on the Ethereum blockchain, which all started with buying a few penguins. The “World of Woman” trade worked perfect as the Art was shooting just as the minting process was happening for a “Board Ape Yacht Club Mutant”. This is my favorite grab through the process:

I was flipping NFTs having a grand time until I went to the Solana Ecosystem.

The first trade worked well there. I invested 5K of SOL into a bunch of DegenerateApes. I was loading the boat sub 10 SOL on apes, and selling them in the 40’s 50s’. I missed this extended move to $100, but kept my Ski Jacket Ape for the moon. From there I minted a Thugbird, which has become one my favorite NFTs (I don’t see the momentum slowing here). My bird likes Outkast and so do I, so it’s an easy hold. Where I messed up was falling into the hype of just about every new mint after on the SOL chain. Let’s just say the SOL ecosystem still has some bugs to work out.

In summary:

I had a great time ignoring stocks in the month of August. ETH reigns supreme for NFTs, and $SOL is better to be staking in your blockfollio wallet. I’ve met some cool people along the way, one of which is the creator of Bitbones. He said I looked better with a bitbones NFT as my profile picture, I strongly agreed. He said, I know you are partial to penguins, so I drew your original NFT purchase.

Some creators are just built different and Bitbones is one of them. Check out this beauty below:



I’ll still dabble in NFTs going forward. But, the supply is crazy right now. If I buy anything else on the SOL chain, it will be an SMB monkey. Maybe a SOL snek, IDK. And, maybe one day I’ll trade my penguins and mutant for an Ether Rock.

Bitcoin & Ethereum look poised for a dominate move. We are just getting started…

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RUGGED BY SOLbears? Or Will They Help NOLA? Developing…..

To my stock readers, skip this post. It’s for NFT collectors and the Developers of SOLbears)


I refused to believe that I was involved in a rugpull by the SOLbears while minting their NFT in a hurricane. I had an epic post T’D UP about massive winship in the NFT space until tonight. I’m rolling 30 deep in my home helping family and friends shelter due to massive damage from hurricane IDA, I DON’T NEED THIS SHIT FROM SOLbears.

For those unaware just what I’m talking about, let me bring you up to speed. I invested in some art over at Solbears.com because I “liked the art”. I had my eye on the project two weeks prior to mint, and was excited to own a bear. And, not just any bear, but a SOLbear– some of the first collections on-chain for the Solana ecosystem. I got news that they were pushing up the mint a day sooner as everyone was pushing their date back. This was not good news, as I was dealing with the catastrophic damage from Hurricane Ida. I tweeted to the project manager “Tied up right now with a hurricane, save me a bear”. They tweeted back, “Legends mint in hurricanes”. I tweeted back, “BET”

Long story short, I was able to mint a bear during Hurricane Ida, and I’m a fucking legend for that. The bad news is, I may have been rug-pulled, see definition HERE.

Look it’s 2:30AM in the morning when i started this post and I have stocks to trade at 3AM CT, so I’ll try to make this brief.

The company had a very successful launch of their SOLbears NFT, over subscribed and sold out within minutes, if not seconds. Within a day of launch, after raking in tons of dollars in initials sales and commission, the company announces another project SOLcats. It’s another 10,000 collection from the company at 10 SOL this time, and THE MARKET LOSES IT’S MIND. Not only does the market lose it’s mind, and SOLbears are tankking in the secondary market, the project gets pulled from Solanart.io.

From that news, the floor goes to 1 SOL, from a floor high of maybe 25 SOL the previous night. DILUTION! I thought I was safe from offerings in NFTs? Guess not. The company claims they needed the damn cats to go along with the bears for SOLtopia. The market wasn’t buying it. Discord members called them greedy slimy punks, and proceeded to dump bears all over the floor, and made their exit from discord. It was a horror scene.

From the listing removal, the developers go on sleep mode in discord, and the server goes fucking wild. This shit was intense.

With the developers in sleep mode, I decided to take requests. “How can we make this community better? Because, I’m not fucking leaving”. The discord room cheered like a scene from Wolf of Wall Street. One guy replied, “IMAGINE NOT OWNING A SOLbear”. (this is when SOLbears floor price is at 1 SOL)


Their response:


Let’s see if they come thru….

My Bear squad:

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The Metaverse Is About To Breakout, $RBLX Will Guide You

The NFT space is buzzing once again thanks to Visa entering the ring and buying a crypto punk, jPEG, for $150,000. This comes days after Arizona Iced Tea buys and joins the Boared Ape Yacht Club. See their official tweets below:


Indeed, we are only getting started in the Metaverse, and this form of marketing, digital art, is not only genius but could pan out to be a very savvy investment. My kids are being trained as I type, collecting rare items in the $RBLX metaverse. Now I do the same in real life with my rare jpegs in Opensea. One day these two worlds will collide, it’s actually happening now. It would be a shame if you did not find yourself with a rare art piece from 2021.

I understand some will never buy an expensive jpeg, aka an NFT. For those that won’t, you can always participate in the upcoming metaverse phenomenon via Roblox. This is your metaverse leader with kids, and is on the cusp of a major breakout:


I went long $RBLX on Monday as it hit scan and started to flip some key levels.

Momentum appears to be back in the market with the indices breaking to fresh highs once again. Here are some notable movers to watch for the upcoming week: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

  • $RBLX target $120.
  • World of Women Jpeg floor target 100ETH

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So You Want To Buy NFTs?

I took a deep dive into NFTs the last few weeks and completely alienated my stock market audience. I’m sure I pushed away some readers, but also gained some new ones. The NFT space is a funny one, one most cannot understand. Most people simply can not get over the fact that you can right click an image and save it to your computer, so why would you ever spend hundreds or dollars, if not thousands of dollars, for a single jpeg file? Also, most people who enter the space will lose money, so it is good to be a skeptic.

So what is an NFT? We are not going to get down to definitions or the basics as I like to think the readers here at iBankCoin are a little more sophisticated. Instead, I will show you simply what I did during my two week deep dive into NFTs, which should give you a better understanding on how you can actually make money in the space.

The very first NFT I bought was a pack of NBA top shot cards, this was actually a few months ago, but it birthed my curiosity in the space. I bought a $14 dollar pack of cards, with 3 collectable NBA digital cards. I turned that $14 into $800, after immediately selling what I bought, and was like “Woah”– shout out Bullzilla. I used some of those profits to buy more TopShots, but the resale kept going lower and lower, so I lost interest. Overall, I made money on that endeavor, but there was just not enough hype/money to keep me interested.

Fast forward a few months, and I bought my first official NFT on the Ethereum blockchain– THE PUDGY PENGUIN.

You could say I got lucky on my first NFT purchase, as my original buy of this fine jpeg at $700, quickly rose to $14,000 in a matter of days, literally days. You can see why from here, I couldn’t quit the NFT space (Which I’m sure was by design).

So what made me buy this NFT? How did I know the Pudgy penguin would pop? MOMENTUM on twitter was a clue, a few key crypto guys started to change their profile picture to a penguin, and once I saw Vince, aka Raul, from the website change his profile picture, I knew I wanted to be a penguin as well. Honestly, I had no idea the penguin would rocket the way they did, but I liked the Art. I guess you can say, “I LIKE PENGUINS”.

Sometimes that’s all you need in the NFT space, just a spark of momentum, luck, and a little curiosity to make some money.

So what did I do next? Upon purchasing my penguin, my inbox started filling up with offers for this cute penguin. I was like, “what is this? and, why do they want it so bad?” So what did I do? I did what any degenerate would do, and bought another penguin: ENTER ME (my twitter profile picture):

Woah, so you mean to tell me you have two penguins from $700 that just went 30X, and now worth over $20,000 in days? Yup, I pretty much got super lucky for scratching my curiosity’s itch, no J Cole. The NFT space has a very similar feel to bitcoin in its infancy, no one could understand it, some even ridiculed me for buying, yet my jpegs continue to fuck.

So what did I do next? And how the hell do you buy these jpegs? First, I will say that most people will lose a lot of money trying to buy NFTs, which may even include myself. You have to set a certain amount of money you want to buy digital Art with and stick to it, otherwise this somewhat addicting space can steal all of your hard earned crypto coins. Do you really want to lose your $ETH and $SOL for worthless Art?

opensea.io is your connection to NFTs, or should I say the go-to currently, for the Ethereum blockchain. You will need a wallet to connect to Opensea in order to purchase, I use metamask.

Solanart.io is your connection to NFTs using the $SOL ecosystem. We will get into this in a minute, but it’s one of the reasons why I am super bullish on $SOL, and may be the most profound thing I learned from the NFT deep dive.

Before we get into $SOL, let’s check out more Art from the Ethereum block chain, in opensea.

After hitting two penguins back to back, I got my wife involved, we were having a good time at this point printing thousands of dollars a minute with some damn penguins, we need another hit, at least I did. She liked the moondog art, and asked me what I thought? I said it’s a damn moondog, how can this thing not go? So we decided we would each buy a dog under .10 ETH:


Again, shortly thereafter the moondog purchase, due to the crazy momentum in the NFT space, the floor on the dogs quickly rose to .40 ETH, so we did another. This time I got Raul back involved, and shot him a quick text after seeing him absolutely destroy this penguin trade. I asked him what his next purchase would be, he told me he likes: Fluffy Women with nice Bones. I was like, “Cool”

That was code for:


World of Women


I noticed JRNY crypto, a pioneer in the game, was on the Fluf trade too– and he absolutely crushed the Board Ape trade. So I wanted in. The Fluf NFTs look a step above everything else, the digital video, the audio that came with it, it was pretty sick. The price was running however at 1.5 ETH, so I decided to pass until I got a dip. I clicked on World of Women, same thing– trading at 1.5 ETH, I needed a dip.

Then, I clicked on Bitbones and fell in love. This pixel art was a step above everything else on twitter, yes even the beloved crypto punks. They say Art can speak to you, well bitbones did, and I did a market buy for .45 ETH for this amazing piece below:

I will never sell it. It is perfection.

After a few days came to pass, the dips came, and I got my Fluf in a swamp. The audio it comes with makes this purchase worth wild, and the reason I paid .69ETH for the NFT– I just hope I don’t get $WISH’D:


Then, the dips came for bitbones, and I bought more for my collection. These are simply amazing, and I’m here for the ART. I also get to look forward to an airdop coming this week for more Art, so if you are a owner of a bitbone, you have a chance to get some art from the artist in the form of an airdrop. Yes, these are more than just JPEGs, NFTs can come with continued gifts like dividends. And, I like Bitbones.


My collection is building and I’m thinking what’s next? Enter Legend “Fintech Frank“. Frank says he just received a pixel avatar from an artist and posted it as his profile picture. I thought his new profile picture was dope, so click on the artist and found some very cool MMA punks. I reached out to the artist and said, “hey bud, you really need a Ragin Cajun Rare NFT in your collection, because Lafayette, Louisiana deserves that. Dustin Poirier & Daniel Cormier MMA CHAMPIONS from Cajun Country, need I say more?

I told him I like what he did with Fintech Frank and I need my very own NFT. He was very hesitant to put me in the collection, he said he only envisioned his collection being MMA fighters, but he reached out later and said he would do it (he must know I can fight). NOW I HAVE MY VERY OWN NFT (VERY RARE):


After having my very first NFT made, I thought to myself, “Man, I’m really winning this NFT game. Let’s do another!”

From there I reached out to an old Friend from Minnesota, he told me he thought it was going to be a $SOL summer, but it ended up being a NFT summer. He then proceeded to tell me about a project on the $SOL blockchain, degenapes. I told him that my $SOL bag was very big and I was down to connect to solanart.io to mint a degenerate Ape. I mean I did just go full degenerate on NFTs, why stop? I was lucky enough to get a mint as the project sold out in 8 minutes. Here was my grab in all it’s glory:

The $SOL transaction was a thing of beauty, it was so fast I was in disbelief, the gas fee was so cheap, I was in disbelief. Indeed, it is a $SOL summer.


Two weeks on a deep dive into NFTs, and that was my experience. I don’t really care if I make money on these jpegs or not, I like art, and I like my collection. This will be an interesting space going forward as everything is time-stamped on the blockchain. So imagine someone buying your penguin from you, then you proceed to see it go up 1000X and the new buyer says, “HFSP

Yes, NFT is the ultimate flex. It is here to stay, and most people will lose money. The wife says she likes moondogs, and she has never led me wrong on investment decisions, so we bought two more on the dip, for our kids.

Have a good night all, and don’t forget to buy $SOL on every single dip.



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Summer Trading Grind

You got to love summer trading. A few steps forward, and a few steps back– all summer long. That is how my trading has been, and today was one of those day when I took a step back. There is nothing more demoralizing than to make money, then proceed the lose it the following day, then repeat the process. Indeed, I’m ready for this summer grind to end.

But, maybe it doesn’t end, maybe it gets worse. Is the action in China related equities telling us something bigger is going on behind the scenes? Every morning China names gap lower, then proceed to do it the following day. China needs to bounce here. I tried to help the cause, and bought some $BABA this afternoon as it filled it’s volume void. The stock saw a good reaction off the lows, and needs to hold for the sake of the whole damn market. If China continues to bleed, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will spill over to the mighty USA.

Long $BABA, until I’m not:


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