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Right On Cue

Check out the title of my last post. Twitter & FireEye trending higher? For anyone trading in 2015-16, you know the agony associated with the two names. That headline deserved to trigger a market sell-off, no?

Things are not all that bad though. Indeed, the Chinese lotto is still in full swing with today’s winner being $CYOU. That daily chart is a thing of beauty. Or, how about my stock of the year, $NTDOY? Bulletproof.

Then there’s the Trump tickers, like letter $X. I’m underwater in my recent position from $21, but I can’t help but think this is a buy sub $20. Same goes for $CLF, I’m tempted. It was all good just a day ago, no? This too shall pass.

Summary: It’s not all that scary out there; just peak insanity from Washington DC.

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Twitter & FireEye Trending Higher?

What is the world coming to when both $TWTR and $FEYE break higher in the same day? Both appear to be breaking out of downtrends (finally), and both made it on top of today’s hybrid screen inside Exodus.

Speaking of today’s hybrid screen, today’s screen produced well over 200+ tickers indicating that the bull is still alive and well. For those interested in the screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Tickers on watch as we head into the week include:


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Oil is trading to a three-week high after The House of Saudi and Russia said they were extending supply cuts into 2018. Here’s a look at the pre-market action, up nearly 3%:


The 30 Minute chart shows resistance around $49, current levels:


Over the last year we have been basically range bound, with $55 being the lid. We are now right smack dab in the middle again near $50/brl:


Here’s the latest news from Reuters:

Energy ministers from the two countries said on Monday that supply cuts should be prolonged for nine months, until March 2018. That is longer than the optional six-month extension specified in the deal.

Brent crude, the global benchmark, had risen $1.54 to $52.38 a barrel by 1005 GMT (6.05 a.m. ET) and traded intraday at $52.52, the highest since April 24. U.S. crude was up $1.48 at $49.32 a barrel.

Oil traders were surprised by the strong wording of the announcement, although it remained to be seen whether all countries participating in the deal would agree with the Saudi-Russian stance.

Some analysts doubted producers would stick to a prolonged curb.

“Extending the cuts until March 2018 would take account of the fact that demand in the first quarter of a year is lowest for seasonal reasons,” said Carsten Fritsch, analyst at Commerzbank.

“That said, we are skeptical about Russia’s willingness to actively participate in any extended cuts.”

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The Top 100 Ranked Stocks

Here’s your weekly look at the top ranked stocks inside Exodus. To make it to this elite list, stocks must have a high technical & financial score within our system, and maintain positive free cash flow. Adding in the cash flow metric leaves us with the cream of the crop.

I’ve imported this week’s screen for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TOP 100. My favorites for the upcoming week include:

Note: The results are sorted by average daily volume, NOT the actual ranking. To view the actual rankings, members can view and save screen HERE.

Have A Good Weekend All.

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What Is The Better Investment? Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat

Since everyone has an opinion when it comes to social media stocks, let’s hold a quick poll tonight. Even after the drubbing $SNAP took today, down 21% on it’s very first public quarterly report, the company still trades at a market cap of…….Drumroll…….. $21 Billion. 21 billion is what it would take to buy out SNAP here at $18 per share.

Facebook trades at a market capitalization of  $424 Billion, absurd right? But, Zukerberg owns the world so it is what it is.

Twitter trades at a valuation of 13.5 Billion here, also at $18 per share. It will be interesting to see if the company can gain some momentum from Mark Cuban’s comments on the move into AI, as well as Mr. Gundlach moving in to expel fake news. Twitter is in an interesting spot.

Gun to the head here, which one do you buy here for the remainder of 2017? We will review these results at year’s end. Please vote below:

What Is The Better Investment For The Rest Of 2017?

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As we head into the final hour of trade, here’s a look at the top hybrid movers inside Exodus. It’s been a while since we’ve had nearly 200 tickers from this screen, could this be the breakout we’ve been waiting for?

On thing is for certain, the following names from today’s screen all look good for further upside: NE, COP, CVX, AG, TJX, PENN, SHOO

$NVDA, which topped today’s screen, is helping the bull case leading the semiconductor stocks higher. Oil and Gold names also litter today’s screen, let’s see if this is more than a one day bounce. Today’s full screen can be found HERE .

What are you guys trading here?

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