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Google Launches Clip on Camera for $249; GoPro Shares Hit On The News

So apparently Google is getting into the wearable market with a clip on camera for $249. The latest AI will be behind the lens. Details can be found below, $GPRO is off 4% on the news:

Google debuted a product that basically no one saw coming at its big hardware event today: A camera called Clips. It’s not your typical camera, however – it’s designed essentially for passive use, as a way to help capture moments that you’d miss with a dedicated camera or your smartphone.

Clips grabs “motion photos,” the new picture format that Google created that includes some brief movement around the frame, like a Live Photo from Apple. It doesn’t grab audio, but it does have smart recognition features on board. It also doesn’t use any kind of network connection, so it’s not broadcasting the stuff it captures anywhere. You can connect to your phone to check what you’ve got. READ MORE

Let’s see if Google’s live event is enough to move the needle here. The stock is consolidating at highs, watch for a breakout:

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I Am Not Selling TESLA, and I’ve Added Some $AMD For Good Measure

The action in $TSLA is impressive given all the new events circulating the company. For the third trading day in a row, the company has rejected lows and managed to find its way back above $340. Given the action, I will continue to hold my long position.

Also, I’ve decided to join the chip party, and pick up a little $AMD. I’m long from the low 13s as it was pinned on today’s runner screen inside Exodus:


What are you guys trading here?

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$TSLA Tesla Model 3 Runs Into “Production Bottleneck”

Well, we now know why we had persistent weakness in Tesla’s stock. Here’s the latest on production numbers from the model 3:

The electric-car maker said Monday that it produced 260 Model 3 sedans and delivered 220 of the cars in the third quarter, after holding a launch event for the car at the end of July that included the delivery of the first few cars to employees. Chief Executive Elon Musk has said that he expected Tesla to produce 100 Model 3 cars in August and ramp up to 1,500 in September, with plans to produce 5,000 Model 3 cars a week by the end of the year.

“Model 3 production was less than anticipated due to production bottlenecks,” the company said in its announcement Monday. “Although the vast majority of manufacturing subsystems at both our California car plant and our Nevada Gigafactory are able to operate at high rate, a handful have taken longer to activate than expected.” READ MORE

On the “Production Bottleneck” news, the stock is down 1.62% in the after-hours session, basically right back down to today’s low. $335.51, to be exact, was today’s low and we may slice right through it tomorrow judging by the late action. The stock likely has a date with the 200 day moving average at this point. See below:


Godspeed $TSLA longs.

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A Weekly Look At The US Stock Market

The bulls did a good job on Friday dressing windows to end the third quarter. Both, Technology & Healthcare, lead the way higher on Friday, all while utilities sold off. The bulls need the current leaders, Healthcare & Tech, higher to continue this historic run. Let’s see if they continue as we begin Q4.


On a weekly basis, your industry leaders are found below. It’s hard to get bearish when the semiconductor chips are leading, it’s always a good sign for the bulls. Also, look at the 3D stocks finding their way back on our weekly hybrid screen:


And, for review this weekend, the following names have had the largest move in Hybrid score inside our trading software, Exodus. For those of you confused as to what the hybrid score is CLICK HERE.

Into next week, let’s keep an eye on SOHU, TTD, BABA, WDAY, WYNN, & RENN:

I’ll be back later with some top ranked stocks within our system. Have a good weekend all!

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$TSLA Tesla Wants To Take You Anywhere On Earth In Under An Hour

Elon Musk doesn’t just want to take humans to Mars, he wants to use his next spaceship to take them from New York to Los Angeles, in 25 minutes.

Traveling at roughly 18,000 miles an hour at its peak, voyagers could cut trips that take several hours by airline—Los Angeles to Honolulu, Hong Kong to Singapore, New York to Paris—in less time than it takes to get your first drink on a normal flight.

Roughly a half hour from New York to Paris, for the cost of a full-fare economy seat, he says. READ MORE


$TSLA is gapping higher this morning, with a lot of fresh shorts in the name. Keep it on your radar today.

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