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Nintendo Shares Continue to Fall After The Company Announces $299.99 Price For New Gaming Console


Nintendo shares are getting hit once again as new details emerge on its new gaming console, The Switch. A live event for the new system is currently in progress, you can view Bloomberg’s live feed HERE.

With Super Mario run still number #1 in the app store, and the population underestimating this new console from Nintendo, I’m not backing away from my position in the name. I’ve picked it as my stock of the year for 2017, and I’m standing by that call. Here’s an update on our contest after two weeks: CLICK HERE


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Today’s Top Hybrid Movers, Sponsored By $BAC


As we head into the final hour of trade, here are today’s top hybrid movers courtesy of Exodus: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

I will be out of pocket for most of the day on Wednesday, but make sure to watch the following from today’s screen:

bac jd clf dal ccj uec tdw ua__

Note: I took profits today in my 3D play $SSYS, my $TSLA position, and locked in a nice a gain in $CLVS & $CTRP. All which can be found inside the Exodus chat with real time alerts.


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Is It Time To Buy 3D Printing Stocks?


$DDD & SSYS are both back on the runner screen inside Exodus. This is not the first time this year as the two 3D printing stocks popped up a few times last week. Will we finally see some momentum in the space? I decided to take a position in SSYS near the opening bell, let’s see if we can get off the bottom here. Stop under 17.60s low:



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As we wrap up the first week of 2017, let’s go ahead and look at the top ranked stocks inside Exodus. The following 50 tickers are the best of the best in terms of a combined technical and fundamental score, we call this the hybrid score. We also eliminate companies that do not produce free cash flow in this screen. We only want the best.

As we begin the year: HERE ARE YOUR LEADERS 

Charts to watch into next week include:

aapl csx ms googl celg

Have A Good Weekend all!

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Stocks To Watch For Friday


Here’s a look at today’s hybrid screen inside Exodus, which produced a bunch of great looking charts for us. For those that feel like doing a little chart surfing tonight: CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE SCREEN.

My favorites setups can be found below. I’m eyeing the recent iPO darling, $LN for a trade, as well as an old friend $KNDI. Make sure to drop by the Exodus chat as we look to trade a few of these names:

jd teck amzn jnj zto apcyy ln kndi mtl

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Would You Like Some Gold?


$JNUG $NUGT $JDST $DUST are all trending over at stocktwits this morning as the underlying metal, gold, continues to find its footing in 2017– up another 1.6% today. Conversely, The almighty bitcoin has been smashed back below $1000.

Below you will find the current price action in gold over the past few months? Will the rally in gold continue in 2017 as Trump takes office? Vote below:

Will Gold Continue To Rise in 2017?

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