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Seven Stocks To Watch This Week


It’s time to sort out Monday’s hybrid screen, which can be found inside Exodus, and produce a watchlist for the upcoming week. I’ve imported today’s screen to finviz for your viewing pleasure, you may review the results HERE.

From the screen above, here are seven names worth watching this week. Gold took over the list this week:

ko abx auy gg nly bidu ctic

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With the market hitting fresh new highs once again, there’s literally nothing else to do here except kill every last short seller in the market.

To do this, here is a classic screen, which can be found inside Exodus, called “kill the shorts”. The screen searches for heavily shorted stocks along with high technical scores. I’ve imported tonight’s results for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

My favorite squeeze candidates include: SQ, CLR, DDD, SLCA, SA, TPX, PRLB, & XONE

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Make Oil Great Again #MOGA


Oil is running today as we get news that Russia is ready to freeze oil output at current levels. On the news, oil stocks are running with reckless abandon and litter today’s runner screen inside Exodus.

If oil decides to run for the holiday week, here are some names within the industry flagged by our very own runner screen: SWN, RRC, CIE, ATW, BTE, WTI, NOG, & SGY.

Note: Today’s full screen can be found HERE. #MOGA

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The Very Best Stocks

(iStockphoto) ICpic_032916_iStock

Here’s your weekly look at the top 50 stocks inside Exodus. The following 50 tickers are the best of the best in terms of a combined technical and fundamental score, aka the “hybrid score.” We also screen for stocks with positive free cash flow and omit those without it. We only want the best of the best.

I’ve imported this week’s top 50 tickers to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VERY BEST STOCKS THIS WEEK. Charts in focus include:

qcom exel dfs crus iac


Key takeaways from this week’s list: Financials still remain strong and dominated once again. The semiconductor stocks also had a very strong showing, which is exactly what you want to see in a raging bull market.

Try to ignore the media here, stocks want higher…until they don’t.

Have a good weekend all.

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Stocks To Watch Today


Here’s a look at today’s runner screen, courtesy of Exodus. From today’s screen, tickers in focus inside our chat room include: NE, CF, BTE, CMG, & RENN

Today’s full screen can be found HERE. I myself took down positions in $YELP & $LN. What are you trading today?

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