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Stocks Trade Higher On September 11th; Here Are Some Stocks To Watch This Week

The bulls are off to a positive start this week as all of the major indices are green and remain back above all major moving averages. The $VIX was once again crushed and they sold off bonds, via $TLT. Indeed, risk is back on.

Our Exodus hybrid screen is littered with tickers to watch this week, producing 300+ tickers today. Here are some of my favorite to watch for the upcoming week:

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$FIT Fitbit Squeezes Short Sellers On Diabetes-Monitoring Partnership

Fitbit is up over 13% today on news that the company has formed a partnership with Dexcom to allow diabetics to monitor blood sugar through Fitbit’s new smart watch.

Do you realize how huge this is? Do you realize the growing number of diabetics in the world? I’m talking epidemic numbers. Well, it no wonder $FIT lands near the top spot on our Exodus screener:


Fitbit says they plan to make data from Dexcom available in its new watch, The Ionic. Fitbit states this feature will be available by early 2018. You can see the latest smartwatch line below:

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Apple Has iPhone Production Problems

It appears that the iPhone8, AKA the ugliest iPhone Apple has ever created (also the most expensive), now has production problems. Here’s the latest from CNBC & The Journal:

  • According to the Journal, the new $1,000 iPhone, set for release on Tuesday, could suffer shipping delays due to complications.
  • Several Wall Street analysts have predicted delays for the iPhones, including top analyst Ming Chi Kuo.

Apple share dipped back into the red on the news, but still holds that all important $160 level for the bulls. Things can get fast if we see a move below $160. Developing….

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Do Not Rely On The Weatherman

For he is often wrong.

I keep watching the track for Irma shift further west and can’t help but to think about the early projected path for Hurricane Katrina. Take a look at the video below, days before Katrina hit New Orleans. Louisiana was clean out of the picture, until it was too late.


There’s some eerie similarities here between the video above and the current forecast for Irma. If you live along the gulf coast, the time is now to prepare. Developing….

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Stocks To Get Familiar With Over The Labor Day Holiday

It’s like Christmas morning today for many adult men across the USA as college football kicks off the long Labor Day weekend. I’ve got my black pots out and plenty of cold beer in the fridge for tonight’s game against BYU.

While I let things simmer on the stove, I’d figure I’d start my homework for the upcoming week searching Exodus for the top ranked stocks across our system. Here are a few tickers I will be watching this week:

For those interested in the top ranked stocks currently within our system, here’s a look at this week’s top 50: CLICK HERE

Enjoy the long weekend all!

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Tropical Storm Irma Jumps to Category 2 Hurricane

As if the Gulf coast does not have enough to worry about. It appears there is another hurricane, now category 2 in strength, that is potentially headed to the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s the latest forecast:


As for oil, the commodity is jumping, up over 2% on the day. I know it’s an unpopular trade right now, but I loaded up on some energy this morning via $ERX. I’m even tempted to go long Natural gas here via UGAZ.

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