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Some Good Charts This Afternoon

The indices are clawing back after Cohn’s departure. My go-to screen in Exodus is lighting up with some good looking charts this afternoon.The steel plays are back with $X & $AKS finding buyers. $SQ continues to be unstoppable, and is $ANF back? Some lotto plays today include $ZSAN & $TRVG. Here’s a look at today’s charts:

For today’s full screen: CLICK HERE 

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China Out In Front Today

$FXI is out in front today, which means they are buying up China names this morning. $EEM, emerging markets, is also out in front, along with $GDX, gold miners. $BZUN had a powerful gap on earnings this morning helping China stocks get off the mat.

Our runner screen is also loaded down with Chi-coms with BABA leading the pack. WUBI, BITA, & ZTO are also on today’s screen. Keep any eye on the group here.

Today’s full list can be found HERE.

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Stocks To Watch As New Week Begins

Indeed, the bears are in the vice grips this morning as the indices run green. Yes, even $GE, the stock with HIV, is green today.

Let’s go ahead a take a look at our runner screen once again as we start the week. Today’s list is concentrated heavily in oil once again, so that’s where you need to be focused. I’ve already noted that my pick there is $RIG, and I still like it sub $10.

Here are today’s watchlist candidates, we have 100+ to sort through: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Tickers in focus here include: SQ, CHK, OAS, CF, WLL, SM, FSLR, TRVG, & NXTD 

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Can We Bottom On A Friday? [Vote In Poll]

How are you guys feeling into the weekend here? Bullish? Bearish? Do we need a further correction, or is it time to buy the dip?

Do We Buy The Dip

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Looking at the $SPY, which tracks the S&P 500, you can’t rule out a further decline down to 260. It’s a tough spot for the market technically, but I’m sure the dip buyers will be rewarded. Now hit the poll, if you have yet to do so.

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Here Are Some Stocks To Watch To Start Your Day

The runner screen is lighting up with steel names this morning as the letter $X & $AKS take the number 1 & 2 spot in our Exodus runner screen, see below:


$ZTO is another name I like from this morning’s screen, but I’m a little hesitant to put on any trades after the nice little reversal we are seeing here at the open. That was a nasty headfake.

Should the market pick back up in strength, here are some names working to start the day: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Good luck today traders!


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The Fly Takes An Early Lead In Our 11th Annual March Madness Tournament

It’s no surprise to see The Fly out in front to start our 11th annual March Madness tournament. After all, he did win the very first Tournament in 2008, which involves a great deal of luck given the rules of this tournament. Indeed, it was only right.

For those 64 people lucky enough to get inside the bracket, welcome to the greatest March Madness tournament on the interwebs. Emotions get high during this contest, so prepare yourself to wish death upon your opponent’s stock as you advance each round. It truly is a fun tournament every year, and I thank you all for joining!

Here is an update on the brackets: CLICK HERE

As for the market, it’s percolating. Better setups are coming. I just want $CTL higher or $XON lower. See you guys at the open.

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