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A Weekly Look At The US Stock Market

It was a week full of digital currency, fresh new highs for the banking sector, and a week ending surge in the VIX. Oil remains hot, and had the biggest jump in score week over week:


As far as individual names, the following names saw the biggest jump in hybrid score week over week. It would be wise to go over the list below this weekend:__

Looking at the weekly chart of the S&P 500, I would say thing are getting a little euphoric. The market continues to defy gravity despite all the noise around. Let’s see if Santa Claus does indeed have more gifts for us. Have a good weekend all!

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Checking In On My Bitcoins (Revisited)

I’ve been glued to my monitor all day watching the price action of Bitcoin. At this point in time, I do not own a single coin and quite blown away by the whole move as of late. You see, I was buying these coins back when they were $60. I sold the majority of my coins when they got around $500, and the final few around 2K.

Yes, I could have been retired. It hurts to look at the prices now, but it also hurts thinking I owned a bunch of $NFLX at $8. That’s life.

Here was my post from 2015, See HERE

I don’t own any coins, and have no desire to buy one at $10,000. That said, congrats to all the longs, today was a day for the record books.

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Bitcoin Stocks Are All The Rage, But Here Are Some Other Stocks To Watch This Week

We had a good day inside the Exodus chat room taking Bitcoin as stocks like $DPW, $TEUM, & $GROW  exploded to the upside. The Fly put up a good post earlier explaining the insanity as well as providing you with a good basket full of bitcoin related stocks, see post HERE.

Other than Bitcoin, which is all you are probably reading tonight, here are a few other names to watch from Monday’s hybrid screen. The $FSLR is especially interesting to me above today’s high. Here are some tickers to watch this week:

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Stocks To Watch This Week

It’s Monday once again, and it’s time to go through our hybrid movers inside Exodus. Last week’s list we were on the hunt for China names, specifically $MOMO, $JMEI, & $JD. I took a position in $JMEI, but was hit in the face with a false breakout.

$MOMO is back on the list this week, along with $BZUN, which I believe reports tomorrow. Shippers are are also starting to pop back on the list, suggesting maybe we get another holiday run.

Here are some tickers to watch this week:

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Weekend Rankings: iBC Top 50

Here’s your weekly look at the top 50 ranked stocks inside iBC’s trading software, Exodus. The following names lead the way in terms of their overall hybrid score, meaning their combined financial & technical score. Also, every name on this list maintains positive free cash flow, meaning these companies actually make money.

I’ve imported the top 50 names for your viewing pleasure, they can be found HERE. My favorites from this week’s list includes:

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New Tesla Roadster Unveiled by Elon Musk

Take a look at this beauty from Elon Musk below, The Roadster:

This thing can go 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, and will only take 4.2 seconds to get to 100 MPH. The Roadster will have a top speed over 250MPH, and will last over 600 miles on a single charge. Expect to see this super car in 2020.

Oh yeah, and there was also a Semi-truck event tonight. The Roadster was definitely a pleasant surprise, as was the news of 500 miles on a single charge for the Truck. Expect short sellers to get lit ablaze tomorrow.

Continue to buy dips in TSLA.

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