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Stock of The Year Contest

Welcome to the 3rd annual MadStocks ‘Stock of the year contest’. Started in 2007, the contest had winners across the board with Zillionaire wining the Crown in ’07 with his pick in APOL. However, he failed to claim his prize. What ever happened to him?

This year produced a bunch of losers as many did not anticipate a financial meltdown. However, it looks like Market Monk, a great friend of mine, got it right, and will win the title for 2008 with his short in ABK. Here are the top 5 leaders:

The 2009 contest starts this weekend and will remain open for the remainder of 2008. The rules are the same: no duplicate entries & stocks must be above $10. To enter, you must be a regular around iBC, wallstreak, stocktwits, or run a financial blog, simply leave a comment with your stock pick. Let the games begin!

Note: Your cost basis is determined by the closing price on December 31st.

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