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Not Much On The Radar

It’s a week before Christmas and many are using the end of the year to use unused vacation time. It’s a time for friends, family, and corporate parties. I’m not expecting much this week, but will have my eye on the small caps to see if we can catch any big low-float runners. The momentum delta scan this week is uninspiring, but for those interested in the scan: CLICK HERE. 

$COST was the standout last week and is issuing a special dividend to shareholders on record as of December 28th, payable January 12th– it is on top of this week’s scan. I’m a believer that $COST should be in every long term portfolio. So the next time the market gives you a deep pullback, think $COST. China also saw some movement on the scans Friday with both $JD and $BABA making the scan. Maybe we see a multi-day bounce as we head into the China new year, maybe not.

There is not much else here on my end, make sure you join Stocklabs for more commentary from myself. Enjoy the holidays fellas!

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