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iBankCoin With MadStocks!

Hey guys,

Let me do a proper introduction: My name is Ragin’ Cajun, and I come from the bayou state of Louisiana. I am originally from New Orleans, but moved out to Lafayette a few years back to study business at UL, home of the Ragin’ Cajuns.

I recently graduated in May 2007, with a Bachelor degree in Finance. After school, I decided to help some family start a business in the Lafayette area.

I spend all my free time researching stocks, trying to find the next BIDU like move. I focus on momentum stocks (ie. MadStocks), and sometimes will be in and out of a trade in hours. I consider myself a swing trader rather than a day trader, meaning I hold a stock for a few days/weeks instead of minutes/seconds.

My job here will be to supply you with meaningful links across the financial blogosphere. I will also try to help the average Joe bank a little coin via high beta stocks. You can follow along with me, as I will be posting my trades in real time.

I will try to stick to a schedule with my blog. Look for (updates/news) in the morning, (live trades/breakouts) intraday, and (analysis/charts) in the evening. Note: Intraday posts will be light the next few weeks due to prior obligations.

To access my new tab, type madstocks.com in the address bar.

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