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Breaking SOUNd Barriers

Happy Monday all. I was unable to get my weekend watchlist up yesterday, but we sure had a good day with the #delta scanner inside Stocklabs. $SOUN finally paid today, after a week of digesting the NVDA investment. Crypto, and the BTC miners, had a phenomenal day. And, the Volume Delta scan caught two small runners: $OCEA to start the day and $SRTC to end the day.

Inside Stocklabs, I made a call in August of last year to buy crypto-currencies and moved a significant amount of capital into my crypto accounts. I track the investments inside the Stocklabs, and the $100k account has doubled inside of 6 months. Today the account was up a cool +724BPS alone. Indeed, it’s a great day to own Bitcoin.

Enough about prior gains, we want ideas to make money this week, so let’s get into some scans. This week is a heavy week for economic data, so expect the unexpected. The market closed on the lows, and now looks ready to fill some gaps to the downside. That said, even with the market closing on the lows, there was still good action in stocks. Indeed, we have a stock pickers market.

Now for my favorite scan to do homework, the momentum delta scan. On the other side of iBC, Stocklabs, members can save our this scan HERE. Non members can also view the scan, I have the tickers imported to finviz HERE.

From tonight’s scan, here are some tickers to watch this week: HOOD, SOFI, CHWY, XPEV, RIOT, IONQ, WULF, BTBT, RGTI, QBTS, & NNOX. QBTS has a similar pattern as SOUN, so keep that on your radar, as well as the other company Nvida invested in, NNOX. SOFI also looks ready to break higher. Those three are on top of my watchlist.

Good luck trading the week fellas. Monster day to start the week….

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