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Today’s Top Hybrid Movers Inside EXODUS

Despite Tech stocks getting absolutely crushed today, the S&P 500 nearly closed green for the day. We also had 100+ movers on our Exodus hybrid screen– meaning there was a little buying beneath the surface.

As we do on Monday’s, let’s take a look at that very list: The Hybrid Screen

$RIG takes the top spot when sorting by volume from the screen above. I can appreciate this move as I am long the $RIG, and have been pounding the table as it traded in the single digits. My oil stocks were the only thing that kept me alive today, because $OLED & $FSLR surely didn’t do it for me.

Other tickers from Monday’s screen that I find interesting include: WFT, KMI, AUY, EGO, FIT, CRZO, SODA, & DECK

I’ll be watching closely tomorrow for inflection points. Opportunity is abound.

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The Top 100 Ranked Stocks

Here is your weekly look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside Exodus: CLICK HERE FOR THE TOP 100. I’ve narrowed this week’s list down to my favorite setups. Here’s what I will be watching this upcoming week:

NOTEExodus Members can view the actual rankings HERE$MGA takes the number #1 spot this week.

See you guys bright and early inside The Pelican Room. Let’s see if we get some continuation from $FSLR.

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$TAN Hits A New 52 Week High; Solar Stock Still Hot In 2017

The ETF that tracks the solar industry, symbol $TAN, just pushed to a new 52 week high. Is this the beginning of a new leg higher? Or do we get the failed breakout move sending these stocks lower?


$FSLR, the leader when it comes to solar, is off to a good start this morning after days and days of consolidation. Maybe $50 oil will be the catalyst to get this stock back to $50. Take a look at this beauty:


$SPWR is another one I like here, which has popped up on our squeezer screen as of late, as did $JKS. Keep an eye on the group today:

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Are Oil Stocks Back In Favor?

Oil stocks are running over just about anyone betting against them today, producing large size gains throughout the industry. $OAS, a popular name on our squeeze screen once again lands in pole position. Have a look at today’s screener inside Exodus, it’s littered with names within the oil & gas industry:


Natural gas is also having a great day. Our position in $UGAZ is flirting with $13, and looks to make a run to $15. What is your favorite energy stock here?

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Apple Is Now The Largest Watchmaker In The World, Passing Rolex

One of the first new gadgets in Apple’s live event is the iWatch Series 3. The company boasts the watch grew 50% year over year, and now has become the largest watchmaker in the world passing up Rolex.

The new series 3 iWatch will have cellular capabilities and will be able to make calls without your iPhone. The company boast having 40M songs on your wrist with the combination of Apple Music. A game changer. $AAPL stock is squeezing higher as I type.

The company has also announced a new 4K TV, and is currently going over the specs for the iPhone8. You may view the live event at Apple.com.

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Stocks Trade Higher On September 11th; Here Are Some Stocks To Watch This Week

The bulls are off to a positive start this week as all of the major indices are green and remain back above all major moving averages. The $VIX was once again crushed and they sold off bonds, via $TLT. Indeed, risk is back on.

Our Exodus hybrid screen is littered with tickers to watch this week, producing 300+ tickers today. Here are some of my favorite to watch for the upcoming week:

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