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QE Infinity Is Here

So the bulls were able to string together two green days on the backs of this unprecedented corona virus recovery package, a package estimated to be upwards of 10 trillion dollars. Clearly, this has to be bullish for stocks as history has taught us not to fight the FED. And, if you missed it The Federal Reserve is now ALL IN, buying IT ALL. Unlimited fire power.

Peter Schiff was sure to bless us with an emergency podcast incase you missed it:


I’ve never cared much for the macro doom and gloom pitch (seen in the video above), as there is always something to trade in the short term. And, right now the Exodus algos are pointing to oil & energy, specifically oil refining. Have a look at top hybrid movers on the day:


Also, here are the current top 10 stocks within the Exodus system, note that the rankings change daily. The oil patch owned the top 10 today:


Let’s see if the bulls can string together another green day tomorrow. Let’s also continue to look to oil for clues on economic recovery. There will be some good trades in this beat up industry if oil can get up and rally here. For now, all we can do is take it one candle at a time.

See you guys at the open…

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I Put Together A New Swing Set

After peak news flow over the weekend, along with the state of Louisiana shutting down, I decided to take the day off and build a swing set for my two little girls. This was my first build of any sort of playground set and I was a little terrified going into the project. I heard horror stories of grown men putting together these contraptions, and promised myself I would always pay labor for that task.

Being that we are in unprecedented times, with the state shutting down and the government mandate to shut down my small businesses, I said, “What the hell, I’m going to build a swing set as if was a giant outdoor puzzle and take my precious time with it.”

And, that’s exactly what I did. I took my 4×4 Ford to Academy, put the swing-set box in my truck like superman, and drove back to my residence before the whole state shut down.

Upon arriving, my girls were excited. I one-armed the swing set box (I’m 6’4 225lbs) out of my truck and threw it in the garage. Then, I opened the box and realized what a grave mistake I just made. This was worse than a 10,000 piece puzzle. I remained calm.

Long story short, this was just the therapy I needed to get away from the news flow. I sashayed in and out my backyard to office, taking my time with each wood board while buying every dip in $AAPL.

The news flow was too negative. I was damn near attacked on Twitter for even the thought of buying shares in $AAPL. This gave me big confidence in the trade, so much confidence that I went back outside and built my girl’s playground like I was Bob fucking Vila.

Here are some pictures from the project. Don’t believe the hype, with time and a clear head, these things can be a lot of fun to put together with your family. Just as investing can be.


The swingset is complete and so is my new swing long in $AAPL.

The end result to my day: PRICELESS. Go build something.

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Welcome To The March Madness Finale

What an ugly close to finish a week full of hope for the bulls. $AAPL cratered into the closed, which looked a little like forced selling. This does not bode well for the all electronic market come Monday. At any rate, our March madness tournament is still on and the brackets have been updated. Sadly, it appears $AAPL did not make it to the final four in our 13th annual March Madness Tournament after the final update. Take a look at this week’s final results:


As for stocks, The Fly has us in $FAZ for the great Covid-19 collapse. He also nailed a great trade in $NOVN for cash flow. I have the Exodus room in $AMRX, because HYDROXYCHOROQUINE.

Try to have a good weekend….

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Other than trading, I own several small businesses, some of the being Fitness centers. Last night, Louisiana issued a mandate, in it was the closure of all gyms. Upon rising this morning, I told myself, “Fuck that shit, I’m not closing my gyms.” A few hours later, I was literally shut down by law enforcement, the police. Fun times.

This isn’t about me though, I know what you guys want. You want stock picks. So while, I get my shit together over here in Louisiana, you guys can focus on the best of the best companies in the world.

Sorted by cash flow and debt to equity scores, here are the best of the best in Technology & Basic Materials (which have been destroyed):


See you guys at the open….And, here’s an update on our 13th annual March Madness tournament:

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So March Madness is canceled. They didn’t say suspended, they straight up canceled the most exciting sports tournament of the year. RIP to sport bettors, and $PENN for buying Barstools when we have no sports. You can’t make this shit up.

I said I wanted to buy $DIS when they closed the parks. Well, that is happening, and I still don’t feel like buying. They own ESPN too, what highlights are we going to watch? Old Kobe reruns? I’ll buy Disney at $65.

THE ONLY MARCH MADNESS YOU GET THE YEAR IS THE 13th ANNUAL MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT FROM iBC. I can tell people are sleeping on this tournament, but this is all you get, so pay attention. Exodus member, Mint Dragon, has been the favorite through this whole tournament with his squad $ZM. Zoom has held up the best and only down -5%, while the rest are down double digits, with the exception of $TWOU & $TME. What a mess this year! See below:


The full bracket can be found HERE.

My March Madness pick was $TWTR, and sadly I was eliminated the first week. I did however, add to my position today. So far it has been a losing proposition.

Sleep well my friends. Black Monday is upon us. First we got to get through Friday the 13th. Exciting times.

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Build The Base; Here Are Your Momentum Tickers

The bulls did a good job defending Monday’s lows giving us some levels to trade off of and manage risk. Just about every chart looks the same and I decided to keep thing simple on Tuesday and buy the QQQs Via $TQQQ. But, for those looking for some tickers to trade as the market comes off the lows, here is Tuesday’s momentum screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Some of my favorites include:

Today was a step in the right direction with bases starting to build. Let see what the market gives us tomorrow….

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